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Hi and happy Friday and Easter weekend! To anyone who has been coming to my blog for a while,  knows my insatiable love of flowers, both fresh and faux. I have worked hard to create a very lifelike faux flower collection and use them all the time. I do practice what I preach and am a huge believer in mixing in good faux with fresh to maximize arrangements.

 I almost always have some variation of fresh flowers in my house but often times I will mix them with the faux as they die and I do, in addition,  have a number of arrangements that are strictly faux for areas that I would normally only use fresh flowers if I was having a party to some kind of gathering.

Today is the last day to save 25% off our entire collection but though it would be fun to travel back to some of my favorite faux arrangements….



Love our lily of the valley in our new style large tulipieres, they are staying like this!

How darling are these small kalanchoe plants in clay pots, they come as a group of 6 and are perfect to put on each place setting or bunched together in a planter

Love our lemon topiary trees, they are very lifelike (shown here in our floral cylinder planter)

Our faux delphiniums

Love our purple lilacs

Here I had a few fresh flower stems left but mixed in with our hyacinth and lily of the valley

Adore our lily of the valley bunched together like this, these are the 17″ stems (4 stems in each is what is shown here)

Lily of the valley mixed in with hyacinth

White tulips with white hyacinths is always a winning combination

Close up!

Love this arrangement so much, our purple and white hyacinth mixed in with the lily of the valley in our huge village scene bowl

Our lifelike white lilac with lily of the valley made into a huge spray in our wicker urn and pedestal

Another arrangement on its way out so I filled in with lily of the valley

How fresh and pretty it this, white hyacinth with white lily of the valley in our French wire basket

Fresh out of the box!

Our white kalanchoe on left, our faux peonies with hydrant on right


White hyacinth and tulips in blue and white is always a winning combination

And last but certainly not least are our incredibly lifelike drop in orchids, they come with foliage, moss patches on the bamboo stem in their root ball which you just
“drop into” your favorite planter!

Best part-no water required


If this has you suddenly wanting to play around with flowers, today is a perfect day to start! Our entire collection is 25% off!

Use code- flower

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Thanks for stopping in, wishing everyone a fabulous day! Until next time…………


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