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Good evening, sometimes its good to change things up just in case you are surprised to hear from me in the evening. Hope your week has gone smoother than mine. Mine has been hectic with a capital H and when that happens I look to throw my energies to things that make me happy. Like flowers, and unpacking new arrivals and tinkering outside in my garden, etc…those things bring peace and joy!

OK onward to my post……



Did a fun photo shoot for product photography…haven’t done one in so long, forgot how much fun (but exhausting they are) Snapped this during the cleanup, even the falling cherry blossom petals added something

LOVE our new wicker chairs!! Two styles and three seat cushion options…could not love these more. Many have asked about them, we will hold an arrival sale next Tues.

More fun product photography with some of my favorites that just came back into stock

The takedown!

FINALLY got back in our pale pink, pale blue and blue/white Staffordshire dogs

Guess what this is! Lily of the Valley starting to sprout, a sweet friend sent me these seeds, so excited!

Cut some cherry blossoms from my tree and bought them inside unfortunately they don’t last long but enjoyed them for a few days until petals were everywhere

Bring the flowers outside at night for their beauty rest

Here is a white wicker tulipiere sample that I put to good use,  have these on order

Cherry blossoms in full bloom

I love these Mondial double petal tulips, bought the bulbs last fall from Tulip World

Spent a day in the city last week, loved the colors of these buildings

Went to Roman’s and Williams Guild, love this space and restaurant, Le Mercier

Such a welcoming entrance

The Frick, a beautiful jewel of a museum

So in love with all our new glasses which happen to double as the best little bud vases. When my arrangements fade, I cut down whatever’s left and make small arrangements out of them

Got more square wire French baskets and these amazing scalloped storage stools/end tables are just coming back into stock this week!

Love these wire baskets for potted flowers

Can you get over this wisteria!





Don’t forget now taking your entires for our Spring Love Contest!! Anything having to do with spring, 1-2 pictures per person. Email them to [email protected] and write contest on subject line. Until next time…..


And that’s the good and pretty around here lately. Trust me, it was not all tulips and ginger jars…far from it but I need to find pockets of things that make me feel joyful and bring me peace when I am having a rough week. Hope you enjoyed this post. Nighty night! Until next time….

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So I’ve love with the wicker! Looking forward to its arrival. Would you mind sharing the source of the upholstered chairs in your sunroom. Love the soothing color! Love the sunroom!😉🌷

Love the wicker side tables! I could definitely use a few of those. Great photos-flowers make me happy!

How is Duke? Are you still riding? He looks like a great horse! I know that being in the great outdoors with my horse helps my feelings.🙂❤️🐎

Loved your nightly post! Beautiful florals!
Maybe you could do a post soon on your favorite household/makeup/nail items!
Because of your recommendations, I love using Essie Gelcouture and the puffy eye Seamantika treatment works wonders! Great recommendations! Many thanks for sharing those posts!
Hope you have a better week!

everything is so incredibly beautiful. In addition to your many talents, you were also an excellent photographer. Your flowers, table, settings, and home just made my day.
cannot wait to see more of your elegant beautiful new home. I loved your old one, but this one has knocked me off my feet.!

Your sharing of your musings (especially during evening hours) are ALWAYS a Joy for the Soul…

Thank you, Tina, for this article. I got so many great ideas for decorating my home with flowers for book club tea next month!

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