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Hi friends. You will need to sit down for this one and take 15 (at least). SO many amazing deals here today. We are midway through the deepest cleanup of our huge warehouse to date and with that cleanup, has revealed so many things for this warehouse sale. Many are items we either have a few left of, are slighltly imperfect (slight damages, as things that are really damaged get thrown out) or items that are discontinued. Something for everyone! And with Mother’s Day around the corner, it is safe to say you will find some great ideas here as well as something for yourself:)


Please read over all rules prior to placing your order-

  • There are two ways to order- call or email
  • If calling, call 800-804-9565 (between 9:30-5 EST) OR email [email protected]
  • Please use item numbers to order (and color or style if applicable)
  • If we are invoicing you, all invoices are due within 12 hours  and only a paid invoice is a confirmed order
  • Items that are considered “seconds” will have flaws, which is why they are greatly discounted
  • Limited quantities, so subject to availability
  • Final sale
  • Shipping is extra
  • Some things can ship international, email orders@enchantedhome. com if you need an international quote
  • These are ready to ship and will be to you by Christmas!
  • Any order over $400 gets an additional 10% off
  • Questions? Simply email or call
  • Sale ends on Saturday


Ready for the fun part?


ITEM 1 We have one left of this beautiful ginger jar chair pillow which is 100% hand needle pointed with a velvet backing.

Measures 12″ x 16″



ITEM 2 Love silver? Then this ones for you! If you are willing to put in some serious elbow grease, then these silver items are calling your name. Some were used for photography and just need a really good clean up and others are discontinued and we only have a few left. We love Wright’s silver polish FYI.

2A This fabulous oval ornate dish has it all, etching, pierced detailing and beautiful engraving. Rests on 4 small dainty feet. Ideal for serving berries, candies, etc….all it needs is a good polish!

Measures 14″ long



2B This beautiful midsized intricately pierced tray is ideal for a bar or vanity. Has two handles on four little feet. Just needs a good polish!

Measures 16″ x 7.5″


Here it is all polished up!

2C This pretty scalloped, pierced tray is another great size, ideal for a vanity or bar!



2D Have a handful of planters in desperate need of a good polish up but they are a deal if you don’t mind a little elbow grease! This one is a stunenr as a planter filled iwth your favorite flowers or a plant. This planter/beverage tub is multi functional!

Measures 17″ x 1 2″


2E Same deal, needs a really good scrubbing with a good silver cream! Beautiful wine bucket or planter, gorgeous etching.

Measures 9″ x 7″


2F Last one is this round engraved planter with dainty feet and pretty engraving.

Measures 12″ x 9″ x 5″


2G This tall elegant water picture features a beautiful bow/garland design, just needs a super good polish!

Measures 10.5 x 8.5″


ITEM 3 Last of these ENORMOUS high quality gift wrap reams. 204 FEET LONG! This might just last a lifetime:) We have a handful left of our incredibly well priced reams. Our paper is SUPER high quality and sure to get you all kinds of praise for your gift wrapping! If you know what these go for in stores, they are normally 250-400.

Each ream measure 30″ x 204′

Reversible ream $80.00

Single sided ream $70.00

3A Stunning green chinoiserie single sided

3B Pink/gold chinoiserie single sided

3C Holiday ginger jar and trellis reversible


3D Ivory/gold chinoiserie


3E Pink Staffordshire dogs with trellis reversible


3FDon’t have this photographed but its a stunning single sided pink/blue bamboo…so chic!

ITEM 4 We have a few porcelains that are either missing lids or might be a discontinued item. A steal if you know the prices of high quality porcelains!


4A Our best selling riased soft blue cherry blossom 18″ jar is without a lid and one of the lion heads in back is missing. Situated the right away filled with blossoms, you would never know!

18″ tall


4B These popular footed planters come in a soft green, we got one small batch where they came in as a soft celadon/gray color. Nothing wrong with them but they do not match what we currently sell so we are offering them at almost half price!

Measures 10″ x 8.5″


4C One of my favorite jars is without a lid, there are two available. Other than that they are perfe3ct and look so striking with blossoms, branches, flowers, etc…

Measures 17.5″ tall



4D One left of this incredible pheasant vase with butterfly handles. The perfect vase for fresh flowers, cherry blossom, branches, etc…

Measures 17.5″ tall



4E Our best selling dragon chunky ginger jar is without a lid but in perfect condition. Super versatile piece and ideal for blossoms, branches, flowers, etc…

Measures 17.5″




ITEM 5 We have a huge assortment of pagodas which are one of our best sellers. At first glance, these are perfect, but are either missing a bell or two or the glass. Sold as its, nearly 70% off their usual retail price

Small measures 9″ x 6″ x 6″ $25.00

Medium measures 11″ x 6″ x 6″ $30.0o

Large measures 13″ x 8″ x 9″ $40.00

5A One large and one medium


5B One white/navy medium and one small

5C Green medium chinoieserie green/white

5D Bunnies medium light blue/white two available

5E Mossy green/gold, 1 large and 1 medium

5F Light blue/white 2 large

5G Citron yellow/gold 1 large

5H White with pink 2 large

5I Coral with white 1 large

5J Blush pink floral 1 medium

5K Navy/white 1 small

5L Pale pink chinoiserie 1 large



ITEM 6 Much to our surprise found a handful of our exquisite smaller hand painted chinoiserie murals!! These are about half of their normal selling price. All in perfect condition. A fabulous way to finish a wall space or add to an existing vignette.

Measures 18″ x 15″

$65.00 each

Buy 2 or more $60.00 each

6A We have 6 of these in soft green in assorted variations of branches, flowers with a beautiful trellis frame. Hand painted on wood. (7 available)



6B Have one of them in ivory/blue…stunning! (one)


6C We found two of these incredible pale blue chinoiserie with wood fretwork frame murals. So stunning, with a soft powder blue background

Measures 16″ x 16″ x 2″

$85.00 each (2 available)

Buy the pair $160.00




ITEM 7 We are discontinuing our beautiful wicker breakfast trays. Hate seeing htem go as we did well with them but the manufacturer we were wrking with is closing so we will down the road look for another source. In the meantime, these are a fabulous deal! Includes removable tray for easy serving and two side holders for magazines, remote, etc…

Offered in soft green, cornflower blue, pink and white

Measures-28″ length 16’5″ wide and height 11″ (opening in center measures 18″)


ITEM 8 We have 5 of these incredible etched tall domes that have slight defects that you really have to look for. Might be a minor scratch or micro chip. Again not visible when you look at these, they are so beautiful on a ktichen counter. We also have a handful fo the scalloped footed plates.

Dome alone $65.00

Scalloped footed plate $55.00

ITEM 9 Our beautiful painted chinoiserie boxes were an instant hit. Unfortunately though many came in damaged which was very disappointing. Some we had to throw away but some only had broken off pagoda bottoms which is fixable with a dab of crazy glue. These are amazing for side tables, nightstands to hold all your odds and ends, remotes, glasses, medicine, water bottle, etc….


Offered in pink, light blue, white/light blue or green



ITEM 10 Last of these incredible solid wood chinoiserie brackets. They each have a small defect, most can be touched with a paint pen in gold or a gold touch up putty. These are VERY substantial looking.

Measures 14.5″w x 10.5″h x 7″d 

$65.00 each

Rusty red (2) Black (3)

ITEM 11 Love wicker? Then you will love these bargains!

11A Have one left of our very popular wicker scalloped wastepaper basket. In one area it is unattached, chignon a little crazy glue cannot fix.

Measures 12″



11B This beautiful navy wicker box planter in 8″ is so pretty, great for a fern, topiary or fresh flowers. One finial has a small chip on the paint, easily fixable with a navy blue touch up paint pen.

Measures 8″ x 8″



11C And how about this beautiful rosy pink wicker box planter. Also perfect for topiaries ferns, small plants, fresh flowers, etc….

Measures 6″ x 6″



11D We are discontinuing the colors in our incredible 20″x  20″ wicker box planters. We will keep the natural. These are amazing for a big palm, fig tree, giant fern, etc…

Measures 20 x 20

Offered in soft pink, white or natural



ITEM 12 Lampshades galore, these are discontinued or came in the wrong dye lot. These are a steal if you know the prices of pleated lampshades!!

12A One left of this beautiful blue/green floral pattern

All measure 17″

$50.00 any style!

12B And how about this beautiful buttery yellow floral! 2 available


12C This red came in as more of a cherry red than a darker brick red, the scalloped is a beautiful touch!

12D And we have the same popular red dot in a straight bottom


ITEM 13 We found three of our darling dog stockings! Never too soon to start thinking about Christmas is it! Only have one of each


Golden Doodle 21.5″ long $35.00


King Charles Cavalier  measures 17″ $28.00

White poodle measures 22″ $35.00


ITEM 14 We have three incredible floral arrangements which are part of our amazing lifelike custom florals. These were extras that we had done for a large job. An amazing deal considering their normal selling price, never any water required!

14A This amazing four stem white orchid arrangement in our best selling ivory quatrefoil planter is a showstopper. You will have everyone jealous of your green thumb! All leaves and flowers are pliable to bend to your liking.

Measures approx 22″ x 19″



14B Never too soon to start thinking about beautiful white amaryllis for the holidays! This best seller is featured in our beautiful scalloped ivory/blue chinoiserie pierced planter. Such an elegant arrangement with lifelike amaryllis.

Measures 22″ tall




ITEM 15 We have a few dozen left of these spectacular pink magnolia lifelike blossoms. I love these so much that they fill two huge jars in my foyer! Thse are now sold out.

Each stem measures 45″

$70 for half a dozen

$130 for a dozen


ITEM 16 If you are big fan of our etched glass line, then you don’t want to miss out on these. These are considered “seconds: because they have either a few small scratches or a microchip You would need to look closely to find them!

Large 18″ $70.00

Small 12″ $55.00

16A Large Greek key 18″

16B Large swag and garland 18″


16C Small Greek key 12″



ITEM 17 We have one left of this urn and pedestal. This one came in a little lighter, we only have one set left. There are a few areas where the wicker came loose which can easily be “tucked in”. Almost half the price of what they normally sell for!

Pedestal measures 11″ x 34″$275.00

Urn measures 14″ x 19″ urn only

Urn and pedestal measures 52″h

Urn and pedestal $295.00 HALF PRICE!



ITEM 18 Have a bevy of beautiful handblcoked linens, these are all new in packaging just discoutinued. Limited numbers of each

18A This beautiful blue/green floral hand blocked tablecloth is a stunner.

Round 70 $50

Rectangular 70′ x 110″ $65.00

18B Gorgeous rich green all over floral hand blocked napkins and place mats

2 sets of napkins (4 20″ napkins) $30.00

1 set of place mats (4 place mats) $30.00



18C One left of this gorgeous round blue/floral hand blocked tablecloth. Stunning blue/white floral with elegant green border.

Measures 90″ round $70.00


18D One set left of these beautiful blue/white 20″ dinner napkins.

Set of four (20″ each)

Set of four $25.00



18E Two darling aprons left, both are hand blocked cotton, includes a tie and two generous pockets.

Pink/green pagoda print

Blue floral

$28.00 either apron (one of each)


18F One set of four of these gorgeous spring toned floral napkins, these could easily mix and match with other patterns/colors/

Set of 4 (20″)


18G Two sets of these beautiful blue/white hand blocked place mats.

Set of 4 $30.00


18H And two sets left of these beautiful blue/white hand blocked place mats. Very pretty!

Set of four $30.00 (2 sets)

ITEM 19 We have a few left of these navy and light blue bamboo planters, perfect sizes 6″ and 8″. Great for topiaries, plants, flowers, etc…

6″ navy $38.00 (5 available)

8″ light blue $45.00 (4 available)


ITEM 20 These are a steal! Part of our exclusive etched glass line. This brass footed hurricanes make a most beautiful statemnt. They have very minor flaws taht you will need to look for. There fore being sold as a second, and less than half price! Beautiful as as apri on a dining table, console, side chest, and more.

Measures 16″ x 6″

$70.o0 each

Choose reeeded or Greek key


Greek key-



ITEM 21 We have a handful of our super popular Provence planters left. Mostly one or two of the styles listed. These go fast! They have four drainage holes and four removable finials….really spectacular!Phenomnal deals on these beautiful planters.


1 black medium 20″ x 20″ $370.00

6 large ivory 22″ x 22″ $390.00





1 ivory medium 20″ x 20″ $375.00

1 ivory large 22″ x 22″ $390.00


21C Floral with trellis

2 small black 20″ x 20″ $340.00

2 ivory medium 22″ x 22″ $375.00


ITEM 22 We have one left of this blue/white floral wastepaper basket and issue. Such  beautiful set, there is a tiny bit of paint off the inside so its heavily discounted.

Both pieces $65.00


ITEM 23 Have a handful left of these basket weave etched hurricanes, really beautiful and can double as a flower vase!

Measures 15″ tall

$65.00 each


ITEM 24 This beautiful rusty red scalloped tole container/planter features a pretty gold trellis design and is unfortunately discontinued. We have about 6 left. These are perfect for orchids, topiaries, fresh flowers, etc…

Measures 10″ x 8″ x 7″



WOW! I told you this was good! So many steals and deals. Feel free to email or call your order in ….


[email protected]



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