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Hi friends, hope you are having a good week. REALLY hectic on this end but I always look for those silver linings:) Here is a look at the last week or so, only the good and pretty of course. Cannot believe it’s Memorial Day weekend this week, 2023 is flying by so fast. We are already working on pumpkins (and they are so good). But, sometimes I wish there was a giant pause button in life! OK onward to the last week or so…..



Finally took down my Easter eggs and bunnies and did a spring inspired mantle on my dining room!


First lobster roll of the season….wish I could say it was amazing but just the symbolism made up for it, plus the Pina colada:)

Continuing to add to my coral and shell collection! When I am all said and done hope to do a big display of them in the library (once Reno is complete) but collecting them when I find them in the meantime

Adding them here and there though all this will need to be packed up in a matter of months, at least temporarily they are making me happy:)

LOVE our new scalloped coffee table!

Love our etched glass hurricanes and use them any chance I get. We will restock our glass collection later June (click here to see current offerings)

Peony season is here and in full swing!

Picked up some hydrangeas, tulips and roses and couldn’t resist making this beautiful arrangement with the peonies

One of my prouder moments when I was doing design was this fabulous lacquered library in NYC, such a fun project and LOVE this room so much:)

AMAZING book if you have not ordered it, I highly suggest you do…it is incredible from front to back

Went out to my yard and cut some snowball viburnum and put them in one of our wicker hurricanes as a centerpiece for this pretty table


And that my friends is a wrap on all the pretty things of the last week. Hope you are enjoying a wonderful week and finding the beauty out there, always need to look for those silver linings that sometimes call in small and seemingly insignificant packages!

We are kicking off Memorial Day weekend with deals of the day every day starting today! This one today is a winner…they go fast! Click here to see


Thanks for stopping by, wishing everyone a beautiful day! Until next time…….


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That lacquered room is stunning!
If I recall the last time I was on their website, the Evolution Store (.com) in NYC has some lovely larger specimen shells, smaller shells in wonderful colors, no longer carry coral (thank goodness).

Beautiful mantel decor—are the pagodas from your shop? They are wonderful! Looking forward to the weekend. Have a good day.

So many beautiful pictures, they took my breath away. Your flowers are always so very beautiful and that blue library is to die for!
Lovely….all of it!

I remember the blue lacquered library. It’s as beautiful today as it was then!💙💙💙

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