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Hi there and Happy Memorial Day weekend! Hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend so far, the sun is shining and we are due to have some wonderful weather so no complaints here. I am looking forward to some much needed down time, along with a few get togethers but making sure I have a nice stretch to just pause and relax this weekend which I have been anticipating the entire week.

As I do every Saturday here are a few great shares from my dear dad….


This is simply amazing and just a sweet uplifting story…..


And love this new word, and to me personally, it can be applied to both parties!!



Short and sweet, thanks Dad 🙂  Wishing everyone a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend. Until next time…….

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Love your father’s wit & wisdom! Miss mine terribly, that generation who fought during WWII and those that followed knew the value of personal sacrifice and hard work. Sadly, this ‘ineptocracy’ describes what Canada has become: those foreign workers with skills and education are not given the path to immigration/work Visas, but if you’re a goat herder, come on in!

Brilliant new word. Just added it to my vocabulary. Thanks for all your creativity, over the years I have used many of your ideas to enhance my home and life.

Great new word “ineptocracy”. Great definition too. Found it here first. Will definitely use it. Thanks!

The “new” word unfortunately says it all! So sad to say I all too often overhear individuals stating that they can”t watch too much of the news. It is all too depressing ,ergo thank heavens for dogs. Another great Saturday entry.

Loved the dog video what a clever dog (and owner!)

And yes to the newest word in my vocabulary….love your posts Tina!

Have a happy Memorial Day weekend.😊

Every month I send my grandchildren a new ‘word’. It’s funny, but both of them just love my ‘words’! I write an old-fashioned letter and mail it to them. Enriching your vocabulary is very important. Your Father’s wisdom is very much appreciated. My Father fought on Utah Beach (second wave). He was only 19 years old at the time. Those very brave young men were in a class all their own…
I am clearing out my cabinets and adding my ‘blue and white’ goodies because of your fabulous taste. For many years I did not want to see anything blue and white – missing my Mother too much, Have a wonderful weekend!

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