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Good morning, hope everyone is well. It’s been quite a week, a touch of poison ivy which put me on steroids (hate the side effects), took a very hard fall playing pickle ball and even got a touch of food poisoning. Three strikes and I hope my bad luck is behind me!

Feeling better overall though and went to a lovely party last night at a home that was like a chinoiserie museum. I wish I could have taken all kinds of pictures as it was worth sharing….did manage to get a few of the amazing powder room. We were due to be in Palmetto Bluff this weekend but my not feeling great put those plans off for a week or two. So we will hopefully get there soon as we are finally approaching the finish line!

We have gone from 92 degrees to 65 in a 24 hour span…..such odd weather! But I am loving the 65-70 degrees as that is my sweet spot, anything over 80, I start to wilt.

Anywho as I do every Sat here is a recent word from my dad…this series will be put on hold for a while as he is doing a lot of traveling and my content well is running dry:) He is terribly flattered by how much so many of you have enjoyed hearing what he has to say so thank you.

The first one is a long read but really worth it. So interesting and of course the ending cannot surprise you:)


And witnessing acts of kindness are always an inspiring way to start the day and maybe will even prompt us all to do something kind too……


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And that is a wrap for this Saturday. Wishing everyone a great day and a nice, relaxing weekend. Hard to believe Memorial Day is behind us and it’s onward to July 4th! Thanks for stopping by, until next time….

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The random acts of kindness was beautiful. You never know what other people are going through. Sometimes, just a smile will make someone’s day. God Bless your Dad.

Thank you for the post regarding the random acts of kindness.
I have tears in my eyes as this reminds us – we can all make a difference! There is such negativity currently in the news and this is a bright ray of sunshine – thank you , thank you. You have truly made my day !

I love all the posts form your dad and look forward to reading each new one …………..would you ever consider putting them in a book ????

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