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Hi there, hope everyone is having a great weekend. We were supposed to be in Palmetto Bluff but in the course of one week, I managed to get either food poisoning or some kind of a bug, an injury playing pickleball and poison ivy (managed to get it under control fast with steroids as I am highly allergic) so the trip did not happen.

I was so disappointed as we are approaching the finish line and within weeks of completion. We hope to get down there in the next week or so, as we are very excited to button that up so we can start enjoying going there again. Ended up having a nice weekend, went to a lovely party then had a dinner on Saturday, today the pickle ball gang that gathers every Sunday will be here and I will be watching from the sidelines and cheering them on.

Funny my son had friends and cousins over yesterday to play, and I had gone out to do a few errands. Upon coming home seeing the 7 or so cars in my driveway made me so happy. Sounds silly but I am the happiest when I see my kids doing things at the house with friends/family,those are the things that give me joy. OK onward to my post this weekend…….



1 MY CORAL AND SHELL COLLECTION IS GROWING I am so happy I have decided to continue collecting coral and shells. I had started in the old house but no room felt quite right to display the collection. I did put pieces in my library but I really wanted to make a statement with them. Our new house is perfect, since it’s on the water, feels coastal and the color scheme I will be going with is a perfect pairing for the coral and shells.

Though we will have to pack up again in a matter of months, I am still indulging and purchasing them where I find them. I will, as I have mentioned before do a high gloss blue/gray in the library and plan on filling the shelves with lots or coral, shells and of course blue and white:)


2 A FANTASTIC RECOMMENDATION FOR ALL GARDEN LOVERS!  With my pickle ball injury I have been nursing my knee and found some great TV watching in the meantime. If you love flowers and gardening, you will LOVE this series. I binge watched the entire thing. She is living my dream!! A farm of flowers, sign me up, cannot impinge how incredible it must be to wake up to acres and acres of spectacular flowers!

Click here to find out. more about Floret Farms.

I love this too, a day in the life of a flower farm-

3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Such a bevy of beauties this weekend…

4 MY DAVID AUSTIN ROSES ARE BLOOMING!! As the peony season winds down, my roses are in full bloom. I think these are the Wildeve. They are spectacular! They look like a cross between a rose, ranunculus and a peony. Absolutely stunning with delicate layers and the most aromatic scent. Of course, could not resist cutting some and probably will cut more today, they make the prettiest bouquets.

5 A FUN HOUSE TOUR This beautiful home was fun to step into. It is a must see for those who favor a more neutral palette, took away some good ideas here!


6 SNEAK PEEK AT PART OF OUR FALL PUMPKIN COLLECTION Our tole pumpkins were a huge hit when we introduced them last year (late) so this year we are doubling up on them and introducing them much earlier (first shipment will be here by late summer). So excited over this collection, we are bringing back our best sellers and introducing four new patterns,  also adding a new color way, a beautiful rusty red!

We are also considering adding  a fabulous huge 24″ pumpkin (think along the lines of our giant Easter eggs but pumpkins) for front doors, etc…..Stay tuned for a presale in the next few months:)

Would love your take on the best time to introduce them, how many patterns, favorite colors and thoughts on the 24″?



7  SUNDAY’S SURVEY  We are considering adding a curated introductory collection of rugs and I would love to get your opinion as you are the best focus group I could ask for. I am focusing on a more casual, coastal but sophisticated vibe so think sisal, jute and raffia, with patterns, etc…I had touched on this last year and the response seemed to be an overwhelming yes, here are some of what we are considering introducing. Would love your take!

Be sure to check in as we will soon be having a 3 day outdoor rug popup sale which has so many amazing offerings for summer:)









And that is a wrap for this Sunday. Happy you stopped by, wishing everyone a wonderful and relaxing Sunday. Until next time…

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Such a good post! Way better than any magazine I have bought recently:-) LOVE your roses and coral collection, you have my mind spinning about starting one of my own.

Yes to those rugs, they are beautiful! I also love the pumpkins and so happy you have the rusty reds coming, which fits in so well to my color scheme. I think the extra pumpkins sound like a great idea.

PS Do you have any tips on how to get roses to bloom as yours have? We have a small garden and I planted David Austin roses last year but the blooms are far and few between. Any tips greatly appreciated.

Was wondering if you collect your seashells etc or purchase? If purchase would you provide the source. You’re one of my favorites blogs to follow. Love your style.

This was one of my favorite posts of yours. I am going to look at it over and over. So wonderful Tina!!

Lemon dish soap is great for cutting the Poison Ivy (or Oak, Grapevine or even Yew) oil. I keep some on hand just for this purpose. I’m not highly allergic, but it’s so nasty and leaves traces of its oil wherever it climbs that you can get it on your skin without even having direct contact with the leaves. Be sure to toss any clothing in the washer immediately – oil from your clothing can transfer to other items until they are washed.
It’s also a good idea to use a diaper-wipe type of cleanser on your dog if they’ve been in the woods in case they’ve brushed their fur against PI or run through a patch. If you pet their fur and then touch your face or rub your eye, you could be in for a nasty surprise.
Your roses are lovely, how lucky are you that you have a ready-made cutting garden!
I found some coral on the Horchow site – John-Richard Collection faux coral ‘on sale’ at $682! Think I may start keeping an eye out when hitting my local Estate Sales and Consignment Shops!

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