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Hi there, we finally got down to PB for one quick 24 hour visit. One of the few places, I am rarely ready to leave to go home from…definitely a happy place. Plus it was so great seeing major progress and knowing we are just a few weeks away from the finish line. Certainly took so much longer than expected but worth the wait. No narration necessary here just a major photo dump of all that is new and exciting over there.

If you have questions, feel free to ask them in the comment section and I will answer them there as well. Not always able to get to them via email, this way everyone can see the replies too. And here we go….


How things are looking outdoors, landscaping just starting…..


And moving indoors……


And now that I have your attention would love to know your vote for which fixture to choose for my island (last lighting decision to be made)! Thank goodness:)

 I am torn between going safe and classic vs something a little more fun/coastal. Your turn to weigh in!

Mind you, these were photoshopped in, just to give you the concept, the size is not exact nor is the height at which they would hang, just to give you an idea!









A special thank you to  (click on green to visit their websites) Incidentally all of these we used for our old home as well-


Element Builders who are building our home and doing a fabulous job 


Court Atkins, our very talented architect who we used for the second time (why change a good thing!)


Dan Keefer of Witmore.Jones.Keefer, our fantastic and talented landscape architect


Hilton Head Landscaping, our talented landscaping crew



And that, my friends is a wrap. Really thrilled with the progress and so excited to button it up! Thanks for weighing in.

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Thanks for stopping in, until next time…..



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Very pretty! Would you consider posting the fabric and wallpaper manufactures selected for the items shown? Thank you for considering.

What is the porch material? It looks like pebbled concrete but I can’t tell how much texture there really is. It’s a beautiful look especially with the brick edging. I’m looking forward to seeing the exterior with all the landscaping!

Hi Tina! Absolutely stunning home and setting, as always! I’d love to know the wall and cabinet paint color(s). It’s a perfect soft white. Thank you so much! Jen

I have been a designer for over 45 years. Your home is going to be beautiful. As you can imagine I have many things that bother me in Interior Design. One of the things is not going large enough in interior & exterior lighting. Love what you have chosen!

Thank you! I agree when in doubt go a little bigger than smaller, adds such impact to a space!

It is such a treat to see your stunning home in progress! Would you please share your interior wall paint color?

Thank you, I also love the way it came out. We did it in our old house…why change a good thing.

Looks so pretty! Cannot wait to see your finished design touches. You have amazing taste! I do hope you will share the names and maker of your wallpaper and fabric choices. Just a peaceful lovely choice of colors. Also, where do you get so much energy? If you do a certain protein shake, please share that with us too!!! I sure could use whatever you are taking lol. Thank you for sharing your life’s journey with all of us. Warm Georgia greetings, Sandy

Thanks so much. All wallpapers shown are from talented Danika Hendrick, you can find her line on spoonflower or go to her site. The fabrics are from here too, her line is amazing.
Energy? Have my high energy days and those that are lacking:) I tend to start out very strong (thanks to Starbucks) but slow down later afternoon. I have also found eating healthier staying away from heavy carbs and sugar has increased my energy somewhat.

Beautiful! Love the wraparound balcony and everything else! Can I ask where you sourced your powder room vanity? Love it 🙂

I do not remember the site but do know it was from a company called Helena. I would have to do some digging as its been a while. If you really need the info just email [email protected].

Creamy tone is called wool skein and the trim was custom matched to match our windows.

ABSOLUTELY LOVE the chandeliers in view #3 – so different, so beachy and would look perfect with all of your other bamboo items from TEH. You are always on the “cutting edge” and this would be above and beyond!

I love watching your dream house develop!
Please post the progress more often. Love what you have chosen. !

Love the progress on the house and the finished project will be simply gorgeous. I vote for picture #1 for island lighting. Something fun an different, but all of the choices are pretty spectacular. Hope you and your family will spend many weeks relaxing and enjoying your new home, making new memories.

I love #3! Such a great Coastal look & nothing says it better than rattan! Would you share where you found this light fixture??

I love the blue and white basketweave tile! Is it thassos and blue celeste? Would you mind sharing if it is honed or polished, the grout color, and if it is 1″ x 2″ or a different size? I look forward to seeing more of your lovely home and hopefully more pictures of this bathroom with the basketweave tile.

It is polished with honed dots. Yes celeste blue with thassos. grout color don’t know but its a crisp white to match tile. its 2″.

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