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Hello everyone! Hope this finds you doing well. First off is to announce the winner of the silver giveaway!! Congratulations goes to


Andrea says:

Your pictures are gorgeous! I love the ways you display all your beautiful silver and other items on the tables.
My favorite are the mint juleps. Can be used in so many ways.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful table settings!

Please email us at [email protected] to claim your prize!


Summer is flying by, now that July 4th is over, the days seem to be whizzing by a little too fast. I mean we are already talking about plans in August and that signifies that summer’s end, is not so far away. On the Enchanted Home front, we are very busy with our holiday planning. We have so many beautiful things heading this way….cannot wait to share as they happen.

We have had a nice weekend, went out with my son and his girlfriend, saw friends, were supposed to go to a  winery (but it poured) and today will be (hopefully) be a day of relaxation. We will hope to play pickle ball today as well. My knee has for the most part healed and I am taking it slow, but it really is a fun game, however be careful if you play. Don’t know if you saw this article about the cost of pickle ball related injuries this year but its staggering and enough to make me not go for those hard to reach balls (click here to read article).

Anyway, enough about me, onto my post this weekend……


1 NEW HOLIDAY ITEMS SNEAK PEEK!  You are always the first to see what’s new and upcoming.These are just some of the new things coming in for fall and the holidays, that we will be introducing this year, love each and every one.

Have some fabulous new ornaments that I am over the moon about.We will in addition, restock our best selling ginger jar ornaments as well!


And feast your eyes on some of our. new pumpkins styles!! We have added 3 new styles and a new color collection, rusty red. So in love, fall cannot come soon enough:) We are also introducing this incredible 24″ pumpkin, perfect for front doors, foyers, etc…..will have it available in several styles/colors! We will offer our first presale on these in August so stay tuned:)


Say hello to our jumbo 24″ pumpkin! I can see a pair now in our lattice planters flanking our front door:)

I see two of these bad boys resting on our lattice planters flanking my front door in the fall!


2  AN AMAZING NEW HOUSE THAT FEELS OLD I love this house, have seen this video several times before. The homeowners had such a vision to create and build a new home that looked historic and old. It is light and bright yet retains that classical architecture that gives it that old world feel. I think this was beautifully done. I might have added a drop more color but overall think its really special.



3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Never at a loss of beautiful instagrams to share, some weeks, its so hard to narrow them down! I had to start with some exceptional ones from July 4th that were worth sharing….

4 A NEW TRAY I am so in love with this new scalloped high gloss tray which we will offer in 2 square sizes and one large rectangular. I am going to start with three colors.

White and navy are a no brainer to me. I would love your take as to the third color. Though the orange is fabulous, it is not necessarily a color that can fit into most homes, this is just a sample…..but it keeps nagging at me, because its gorgeous! Thoughts?

Love them for serving, display and the fact that it has handles makes it super practical too.


5 A VERY SPECIAL SNEAK PEEK AT MY NEWEST COLLABORATION WITH CAROLYNE ROEHM Do you know how hard it was to keep this under wraps? When its this beautiful…its hard!I could not contain my excitement over our newest porcelain dinnerware in Collab with Carolyne. Our Lily of the Valley was a huge hit (still is) and we are so excited to introduce our newest pattern, Blue Tulips. I mean, could it be any prettier!! Love the play on shapes, blue and white,pierceing, everything we love!

We will hold a presale on this this week, these are on the way and will be here in 4 weeks. Cannot come in a moment too soon.

6 THE ELEGANCE OF WIMBLEDON I used to be an avid tennis player, was obsessed with it for a number of years.  Rarely missed attending a US Open, but never made it to Wimbledon. It was not necessarily on my list of places to go but that might have changed since I have recently seen the beauty, pomp and circumstance that abounds.A friend just came back and said I would love it.Of course it was a very smart decision to have Raph Lauren sponsor the event, two class acts united.

She said its an event that most get dressed up, dresses, men in sports jackets….not even going to say how many dress for the US Open! Everything from the bar to the old fashioned men serving drinks on their porcable trays, what’s not to love! I think our country needs a little more of this.


7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY So many things have happened recently that made me immediately think “need to add this to my Sunday survey”! Here is one such example.

So lets say you are in store (a higher end store) where you see someone who maybe would not be considered to be their typical customer being mistreated. I witnessed this and was mortified. I watched a salesperson all but imply this person could not afford the item she was asking to see. There were actually two of us witnessing this and our non verbal exchanges implied that we did not like what we were seeing. Within about a minute of this happening, a very kind and astute fellow salesman who was witnessing this also,  asked to see the rude lady to step “into the back”.

Sure enough he emerges as we are all kind of standing there awkwardly waiting to see what happens,  comes out with a smile and tells the customer he will be taking over and is happy to help.I was so relieved. What happened to the original salesperson? Good question, maybe she was fired. If so she deserved it.

But when I left, I questioned myself, what if he had not come to her rescue? Would I have had the courage to speak up? Generally speaking I am that kind of person, who will do so politely but its always a gamble. And I do think I would have felt the push to do or say something, either to the salesperson or possibly would have gone to find a manager (this man may have been the manager) How about you?

PS Happy to report from what I saw, said customer got what she wanted and went happily on her way:)



Don’t forget there are two ongoing sales. Our silver is 30% off (*ongoing) and today and tomorrow, all wastepaper baskets and tissues are 25% off, our collection is extensive!


Today and tomorrow all waster-are baskets and tissues are 25% off and our collection is possibly one of the best out there!

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We introduced our “it” bag yesterday, and it is now online. It is fabulous…one of my all time favorites!

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Thanks for stopping in. Always nice to share my Sunday mornings with you. Hopefully will play a little pickleball if the rain does not thwart our plans and have a nice relaxing day spent at home. I need at least one day a week with nothing on the agenda, just to do as I please. Wishing everyone a relaxing and happy Sunday. Until next time……

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In reference to your story about the rude salesperson (reminding me of “Pretty Woman”), salespersons are in a terrible position these days with shoplifting being so rampant and being put in difficult positions of trying to stop it, sometimes getting fired for it. In a way, they’re profiling, but I have to say that when I see a long line at the Gucci store, I wonder how some of these customers are able to afford their wares. I’m not trying to justify what happened, just trying to understand her possible motivation.

Where to begin? LOVE the pumpkins and the beautiful new ornaments. You have outdone yourself.

The dishes with Caroyln Roehm, are exquisite. Cannot wait to purchase!

Everything you are coming out with is just amazing. I love that these are not things you see everywhere and big yes to that yummy lacquer tray. I vote navy, white and red.

As far as the lady in the store, I probably would have gone in search of a manager to deescalate the situation. What a horrible way to treat someone. Glad someone in the store had common sense. No one deserves to be talked down to. Thank you for bringing attention to this kind of situation.

Enjoy your pickleball Sunday Tina!

Hi Tina,
Regarding the rude sales person, we’ve all heard the saying that “ you can’t judge a book by it’s cover”. I would have spoken to both, especially the customer.l
My daughter experienced a similar shunning at a high end jewelry store. She was completely ignored by a salesclerk and ultimately bought a beautiful ring from another clerk. I walked into witness the “snarly” salesclerk’s jaw drop while they wrapped up her purchase in a pretty blue box!

In case you didn’t know, many department stores, have what they call secret shoppers, who monitor the behavior of the stores staff
A black female friend of mine has that job and she tells me that 95% of the time everyone is very polite to her

I was raised in a rural, farming community. I learned early that often the flashier people were, the smaller their bank accounts. I believe that today with the “Kardashian” effect on our society, we’re just judged by our nails, hair, label bags and cars. Too bad.

absolutely love the orange square tray!! Please consider-orange looks great with blue and lime and even pink. I am a decorator and love to use orange.😋

There is a color I absolutely love but rarely see. It is a combination of orange and golden yellow – much like a kumquat. It is much easier to use than orange because it has so much yellow in it but is much complex. I would love to see this color used more as it is great in the late summer, fall and even over the Holidays. Because it has so many gold overtones, it really accents deeper colors like cobalt blue and Holiday red. It would be a great color for your new lacquered tray.

Sometimes the people you least expect have the “most” money! I love the Nutcracker ornaments and the tulip dishware. Beautiful!

The ornaments are incredible! I love the new bag too, ordering it in white.
As far as the trays- love orange, navy, white and red. They are all lovely choices and what a great tray.

My favorite thing though are the dishes..WOW! Those took my breath away. Great job Tina and Carolyne, my two favorite tastemakers.

Lastly regarding the lady in the store, the man was so correct in removing her from the situation. You can never tell any more who has money, but no matter, that is not the salesperson’s business or position to decide who can and cannot afford to shop there. If she got fired, it was warranted.

Hope you enjoy a great Sunday.

Beautiful lacquered tray! A true red, please! Christmas, Valentines, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, etc.!

What a beautiful post. LOVE the new collaboration with Carolyne Roehm. Can’t wait to order!
Love the trays! Have you thought about a beautiful, soft blush pink? I think that color would be a hit!

Ok, as for the rude salesperson, do I have a story. Years ago, before I retired, I worked as a travel consultant. One day, a customer came into the agency. She said she was interested in a family trip to Disneyland. Well, the manager came over to me, and asked me to take care of her, as she doesn’t book Disney trips.

I booked a lovely trip to Disneyland for the family of four. About six months later, she came back into the agency. She sat down at my desk, told me how wonderful the trip I booked had been.
She then asked me to book a month long trip to Europe. Five star hotels, including the Orient Express!
She became a good client of mine.
Just goes to show that you shouldn’t turn your nose up at anyone.

I have been on both sides of being judged. When in La Jolla, dressed in a casual sundress I had made myself, I was rudely stared at because I was not one of “the beautiful people” with designer clothes and hair styles, shoes and accessories. I just wanted to run and hide in my car and disappear. When I worked in an upscale dress shop my fellow salespeople would ignore a customer that they felt could not afford the merchandise where I would always wait on them happily. Everyone deserves respect and kindness. Who are we to judge anyone?

I say yes to the tray. It’s a proper pop of color, in a classic Hermes orange kind of way. I also love the new collaboration with Carolyne Roehm. Her original artwork makes it all the better. Passions on a plate!

People with money never flaunt it, and by the way, they never talk about it. That salesperson needs a course on how to treat others with respect. Big or small. Also, you never know who might save your life someday. Money or no money! Be kind.

Let us not constantly sit in judgment of others, lest He find US lacking.

Who knows what was going on in the first salesperson’s life. Give her a break.

You have a wonderful clientele of customers I assume. May I recommend to you and others that you take time to see Sound of Freedom in the theaters!

When I was reading this post and saw your view on Wimbeldon I thought what’s needed is respect and kindness, not outside apperance of it all looking lovely. Read further and think my initial thoughts were justfied. The salesperson needs a good speaking to, there is never any excuse (as some of the comments imply) to treat someone in a store with disrespect. Yes I have had this happen to me, and then when they realize that I am purchasing the goods they fall over themselves to serve…

Re today’s survey, I know one thing for sure: do not judge a book by its cover.

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