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Hi there, realized I have not done one of these house posts since May. To be honest, not a lot has happened as we are at a standstill waiting for our hearing for a variance to be approved, then its finalizing the construction drawings and with luck, we can begin in the fall. If it turns out that this process takes longer and delays things we will have to wait until early spring. We don’t want to begin in the winter!

So with each post, I share a room or space in the house. Today I am sharing our living room. We have not done anything in here except add some furniture, rug, accessories. The room is a beautiful old world feeling space which ironically is the same size as our old living room but a foot wider. Not as many windows/doors as the orientation is vertical vs a horizontal space like last home. Gorgeous moldings, a beautiful fireplace, great herringbone floors, all the bones are there.

What I see doing is minimal for our renovation- will touch up floors, add new wallpaper, this paper has been here for many many years, and though its lovely, the yellow/gold is not my color and in several areas, it has frayed. We will add sconces to this room and possibly a chandelier. Then it’s all about furniture, lighting, a rug and accessories.

Other than that, there really is not much that needs to be done. We will do a very similar seating arrangement, 3 conversation areas. I will do a very large custom sisal rug and the room will be done in soft blues and creams with a little green thrown in.

I haven’t thought too much about the specific furnishings as this phase seems like its way down the pike, but if all goes according to plan, in 2024 I will start planning out this room!

So let me show you around…….



This is walking into the room from the foyer, straight ahead is the sun room and we have 2 conversation areas to the left, one to the right

If you look to the right, this is what you will see, this seating arrangement, the windows here look out to the water

Yes, those are really my Christmas ornaments in the bowl, don’t judge. I told you we have really done next to nothing in there:)

Moldings galore!

How delicate is the rosette detailing on the window casing

How pretty are these window casings! I see cream silk panels here

Floors are beautiful, a few spots need a little TLC but for the most part they are in excellent condition, love a classic Herringbone floor

These double mahogany doors lead to the foyer and then beyond that, the dining room,  so great flow

Sunroom peek from the living room

And with the doors closed

Walking into the living room, on the left,  there is a fireplace  flanked by two chairs

Then there is this middle conversation area, with a sofa and 2 chairs and at the end, another sofa with a single chair

Love this beautiful Venetian mirror on the far left wall (this will stay)

And of course have a pair of our large tulipieres in each corner:)

Walking out of the living room into the foyer


Hope you enjoyed my little tour. It will be fun to share things as we move along in our renovation process. We are hoping to get permits in hand by Sept and start soon after that. If for whatever reason, we get the permit much later we will likely being in early spring, as we don’t want to start construction in the winter. The one silver lining in that case would be getting to have Christmas here:) So hoping for Sept but we will see how things play out.

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Thanks for stopping by. Wishing everyone a wonderful day. Until next time………


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Absolutely glorious!! It will be a challenge to improve it because it already is so lovely, but I’m sure you’re up to the task!

Your new home is lovely! My eye was drawn to the oil painting to the right (and left) of that gorgeous Venetian mirror. I have one identical in style and subject matter and colours used by artist and even has the same frame!
Curious if you know anything about the artist (can’t make out his name)
Or anything at all really.

This room looks peaceful and lovely. What a living room should be; the water views are a huge bonus!
I glitched a bit at the sisal rug plan. Been there, did that. They shed. Constantly. I assume you know that and wonder
if you found some work around. If so I’d love to know, because I too love the look!

You’re right; the bones are there! The moldings are fabulous, and your floor is beautiful. I think it’s perfection now but am excited to see what your home looks like after the renovation. Thanks for sharing!!

This room and it’s architectural details and floors are incredibly beautiful. Love everything but I know your style and ideas will be a fabulous enhancement.

I think the Christmas ornaments look fabulous in the bowl, all year round! What a beautiful home, before , during and after!

Beautiful home! Will your new wallpaper be similar in design but a different color wave?Love all the Moulding details…. great project.

Such a beautiful space and I really love the wallpaper. I can’t wait to see your touches on this space. Thanks for sharing photos of your beautiful home with us all!

If I recall correctly, I thought you said the people who purchased your house, bought the furniture too. May I ask if you purchased these furnishings too? Or are they new and will they stay after renovation? Thanks

The room is beautiful! It actually looks cozy for being a large room. It will be gorgeous at the holidays! I’m looking for a change with my living room and dining rugs, can you recommend a source? There’s a shortage of “brick & mortar” stores now and it’s sometimes difficult to decide on a good quality rug online. Your living room is just beautiful!

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