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Hello and happy Sunday! First want to announce the giveaway winner of the new plates done in collaboration with Carolyne Roehm. Congratulations goes to-


I just could not resist. I have so many dishes and am at the age I should be giving away, but fell in love with the pierced salad plates and had to have this set…tulips are also my favorite flower….really excited to get these beautiful plates….I see many dinner parties in my future that are full of tulips!

Please email us at [email protected] to claim your prize so these can be on the way!


Crazy how July is flying by isn’t it? We have had some really hot days around here and honestly I am kind of dreading August. I really cannot stand it past 80 and preferably zero humidity! I am astounded though  seeing some of the other areas of our country dealing with recored breaking temps in the 100’s….from California to Florida and all over Europe. Not for the faint of heart:)  My husband wants to reschedule the party we were due to have end of June for August but I am negotiating to put it off until Sept, when hopefully it will be slightly cooler!

We have had a busy weekend, a few get togethers, attended a lovely shower,  today picklelball is supposed to be on tap but think the rain will interfere with our plans (not so bad as we desperately need it) and hopefully a relaxing “nothing on the agenda” afternoon which I need desperately. Onward we go…


1 OUR HIGH GLOSS TRAYS So many of you loved these, (as did I) and I am happy to announce they are coming out of production and will be here in a matter of weeks! I love that these are scalloped and high gloss and thrilled to announce we will be doing them in 5 scrumptious colors! Here is a sneak peek, we will do these in, white, red, mossy green, navy and orange. Two square sizes and one rectangular! Presale going up soon.

Cannot wait, the combination of scallops and lacquer is so pretty:)


Both the green and navy above have since been tweaked, more of a mossy green and a true navy (see below) orange and white as is

Look at that gloss!

The beautiful Chinese lacquer red

The new color navy tray…love it


2 A FAVORITE SUMMER SALAD Don’t discount this simple salad, what is  in simplicity is more than made up for by the amazing flavors, so good! This is a traditional Greek salad, called Maroulosalata. It is easy to make but packs in the flavor thanks to the dill, feta and lemon in the dressing. I will sometime make a huge bowl and call it lunch, as well as occasionally add shrimp or chicken. It always makes a great side salad with virtually any meal. Very flavorful (found at Hungry Happens)


  • 2 hearts romaine lettuce
  • 4-5 scallions, diced
  • 1 bunch fresh dill, chopped (I go heaven the dill)
  • 4 oz feta cheese, crumbled
  • 1/2 cup olive oil
  • 1 large lemon, juiced
  • 1/4 tsp salt


  • Rinse your lettuce clean then THINLY SLICE. Dry well in your salad spinner.
  • Whisk together the oil, lemon juice and salt until smooth and thick.
  • Place the first 4 ingredients in a large bowl.  Pour the dressing over the salad.  Toss all together and massage/scrunch the greens with your hands to infuse with the rest of the ingredients and break down its rough characteristics.


3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Such a pretty summer round up! Its been hot, muggy and super humid but there is no denying the beauty of summer.

4 NEW HYDRANGEAS FOR MY GARDEN I love hydrangeas for their staying power, beauty color variation and the way they can instantly create the prettiest arrangements. We were lucky that the previous owners here were devout garden lovers and planted even inch of this property with purpose and care. So we have a beautiful formal garden to one side of our home (off sunroom/living room).

What I love most is that it was planted with something blooming all seasons. I saw it for the summer, being a little fuller with hydrangeas so I went to work to find some really large hydrangeas in the whites. We already have many pink, blue and purple. White is like a punctuation mark, it’s a real standout and adds some great balance when in bloom.

The Endless Summer variation I purchased are white but can turn a very pale blushy pink towards the end of the blooming season.I also bought 6 large limelight which are super hardy and very eye catching in a garden. So excited to welcome these!!

Purchased two types the limelight and Endless Summer, Blushing Bride

Here they are tied up but these are huge, about 4 feet tall and maybe 4 feet wide, really beautiful!

Some girls want jewelry, for me hydrangeas and flowers are what does it for me:)

Planted, watered and ready for their first night sleep in their new home….I really cannot wait until next summer to see them in full bloom

5 ONE STYLISH POOL-HOUSE. This caught my eye, with all its green lusciousness! Found over at Flower Magazine, love the styling and elegant but inviting summer vibe. Click here to read all about it and stylish entertaining tips from.



5 ARE YOU A COFFEE DRINKER? I am and have always been a coffee lover. I am loyal to two brands, Starbucks and Peets.  I used  to drink 3-4 cups a day no problem. Then I went down to 1 cup in the morning ( a very large cup) several years ago but now that I started drinking Starbuck’s Dark Roast cold brew, I now need it morning and afternoon. It is soooo good and incredibly refreshing. For those who prefer a lighter coffee, they make a blonde roast which is quite a bit lighter but I am telling you, if you haven’t tried this you are missing out! I am addicted to this, especially in the summer!

7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY So about this time of summer I start dreaming about fall, yes really. I LOVE fall. We have had some stifling hot days but its been mostly the (to me) unbearable humidity. If we could fast forward and skip over August think I would do that. How about you?


Here is our deal of the day , our beautiful chinoiserie ivory/gold scalloped tray. Beautiful for serving, and even display. A real stunner! 

Click here

no code necessary, discount comes off at checkout!

And that is a wrap for this Sunday’s post. Hope you enjoyed it. Anything resonate with you today? Hope everyone has a fabulous and relaxing Sunday, and stay cool out there! Until next time…..

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I need some advice! I inherited some hydrangeas with my house and I can never get them to bloom abundantly! Any hints???

So very beautiful & the variety…it is POURING outdoors…best time to sit in my “indoor” swing & look out…& read “Seven on Sunday!!” franki


oh how I love those trays. I can think of several areas in my home where I could use them – love the colors and the high gloss is amazing.

That salad has me hungry. I may even try it today. you can never have too many hydrangeas and the ones you purchased are lovely. I cannot wait to see them start blooming.

Rain here today tomorrow and the next day, though our landscaping desperately needs it, so I’m not complaining. It has been a very strange summer in terms of weather, so like you, I’m kind of looking forward to an early fall.

Do you have a recommendation on olive oil for the salad dressing? Flavors are so different amongst brands.

The trays are beautiful, colors lovely. And I’m with you on the coffee…Starbucks and Peets for sure, and i love my dark roast starbucks iced coffee daily! (I need it for sure this week in Los Angeles…100 plus degrees!

Just tried the Blushing Brides this summer and they have done fantastic! Even the heavy rains don’t beat them down!!

I love hydrangeas too and each year add a few. This year I added the limelight’s. I saw them in a friends garden and they really do give a punch to the garden. I’m okay with the heat; I love the summer longer days. As I get older I’m learning to love each season— tho Winter is my hardest to get thru.
Love to try new salads; thank you for sharing your recipe. Enjoy!

I am trying to like coffee….It’s a work in progress.
Question…what do you put in your coffee?

I absolutely love hydrangeas – but the deer do too, so unless we fence them in, they don’t stand a chance! I love the scalloped trays – just charming!

I love hydrangeas as well. I can’t seem to get mine to bloom. We live in Northern Indiana. Do you have any secret tips to get them to bloom?

This Sunday edition you touched on pretty much everything me.
First, we retired and down sized, but not so much in dishes 🤪. I LOVE dishes. I did give some to family and friends, but must admit, I’ve snuck back in more than I gave away. Whoops!
We retired to the desert. Wooo it’s hot now…and must admit most what I miss from the beach is my hydrangeas. I had huge gardens full. I don’t miss the damp foggy and humid air, but I do miss my hydrangeas.
I love all things scalloped, so your new lacquer trays are beautiful. The new Navy is Much better! Good call.
I can’t start my morning without my coffee. But never got into the cold coffee, as I drink it black and it’s just too much during the day. It also tends to dehydrate me, so not too good for desert days.
The salad is calling me.
Thanks for the great pist today!

We here have some climbing hydrangeas that were planted thirty years ago. It’s amazing that the arbor can hold the weight.
If you can imagine myself in the winter after a heavy wet snow decked out with a very large broom sweeping the snow off of these shrubs. I find it very funny.
Love dishes myself and wish I had a real butlers pantry to display them all. Though it is time worth spent I just swap out one set for another in the glass shelves in the kitchen. However, let’s not rush the seasons.
Trays are very handy. I usually elevate them. Might be on my Christmas list this year.

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