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Hi there. It was so hard to keep this under wraps. Though we are not doing much of anything inside as will soon (hopefully) embark on a renovation, outside we finally got our Brown Jordan patio furniture and I could not love it more! I have been chomping at the bit to do some decorating, sprucing up so this project was very timely. This is the Caclutta collection and it was just meant for this house. Exactly what I had in mind when I started my search for the prefect outdoor furniture and when I found it, it was love at first sight!!

It was so much fun to see it delivered and to find its forever home. It was/is a perfect match for our home.  I have been sprucing it up with pillows and accessories so was waiting until it was nearly all together before taking pictures and I am still not totally done, but done enough to share. After all, summer is going by really fast all of a sudden. We also got beautiful chaise lounges for the pool but I am not done with that area so will show you when its a bit more together. We are really enjoying our new furniture as it gives this very large patio new life and now I want to show you around……


Here is our beautiful new furniture with a pale blue fabric with white piping (and all Enchanted Home accessories)

(The navy umbrellas we have had a white but swapping them out for white)

The sofas are very comfy, love all the lattice detailing!

We put two coffee tables together to create one large square which is a better size for this seating area

A dining table to the left of the back entrance for four

The columns flank our back door and are smack in the. middle of this cry long patio so its a nice divider, we have a dining and seating area, one to the left and one to the right

The fountain above sits right in the middle of the patio

The beautiful pillows from our recent outdoor pillow popup were a perfect match

This is on the other end (far right) where we have another seating area and a dining table for 6 for now (buying a bigger table and will have 10 chairs)

Table for six, which I love but we need a larger table so we will are on the lookout for a large table that can seat 10+

Love the styling and of course the lattice table

So fresh and crisp

Such amazing and beautiful quality

The backs and sides are as pretty as the fronts on this furniture

Our village scene ginger jars are prefect with this set

Backs are as pretty as the front!

My large trellis planters work perfectly with the entire setup

And of course our beautiful village scene garden seats have found several spots on this patio where they fit right in

Everything looks pretty on this lattice coffee table including our new tulip plates, our new collab w/ Carolyne Roehm (click here)

Click here to see the collection on Brown Jordan’s website.



And there is our beautiful new furniture reveal from Brown Jordan! We are really enjoying it and even if I am having a bad day, just walking out there feels like a little oasis and is an instant mood lifter. These summer days are going by awfully quick, considering its August 1st today so we are going to try and squeeze out every hour of summer goodness that we can (especially since the weather has finally improved).


Many of you asked about the outdoor pillows we had offered, so for three days we are bringing back  our pillow popup back as a 3 day pillow encore sale!

Click here for the sale.

Thanks for stopping by. Wishing everyone a fabulous day. Until next time……

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Anything that’s faux bamboo, Chinese Chippendale or lattice and I’m there! Love the size of your back patio, what a gracious space.

Oh my goodness this is absolutely spectacular. What a perfect choice for your gorgeous grand home!

We have brown Jordan purchased about eight years ago, and it still looks brand new, such a high quality brand worth every penny.

I am so happy that you brought back the pillows. I purchased some the first go around and they are amazing going to buy some more., great price point!

Please consider adding outdoor rugs with your beautiful I I know it would be a hit!

Beautiful patio ~ decorated with the most perfect lattice and bamboo style patio furniture! This says SUMMER, and who the perfect spot to spend a lovely afternoon, or dining al fresco, in this absolutely gorgeous setting! This made my day … thank you so much for sharing!

Real question—living on LI, as I do too—how do you keep the pollen and dirt off everything? It’s a constant battle for me!

Hi Tina. Your outdoor furniture is just stunning. I love the cool blue and white. I could sit there for hours on end. You always done such a wonderful job decorating.
Happy end of summer.

Love the Brown Jordan sets. It’s makes a spectacular outdoor setting for your beautiful home !!
May I suggest the pale blue umbrellas instead of white ones ? I have seen some gorgeous ones ! May just pull all your furnishings together.

Happy August 1st! This outdoor furniture is lovely. I love the bamboo legs and bamboo design in the furniture’s framework. It is timeless and so beautiful! As always you have great taste and style. Personally, I love the pop of navy in the umbrella tops. Thanks for all the great inspiration.

Even after all these years, its hard to go wrong with Brown Jordan. Looks perfect! Your spot by the water is just Heavenly. ❤️

Everything is beautiful and looks good with color of house. I agree, white umbrellas will look better. When I see this house it reminds me of Elvis Presley estate. Beautiful!

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