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Hi there! Well we made it to PB last weekend for a very quick whirlwind trip but it was so worth it. Though the plane ride home was horrific. The air conditioning on the plane was not working and let’s just says yours truly who abhors flying to begin with could not get off that plane fast enough! Plus I have never ever seen the Savannah airport so busy, it felt like a bee colony with thousands of people trying to get somewhere.

Anyway on the bright side, our wonderful home is just about done. It was so exciting to be there and see it in person, its tricky doing things from afar so to be there in the flesh was amazing. This week is the final cleaning and we will soon start moving things in within about ten days..woo hoo, finally!

I took so many pictures that I have to divide this into two, possibly even three posts. So today focusing on some of the finished interior spaces (or nearly finished). Enough of my talking, let me show you around…..


My soon to be dream office/mudroom! I love the way this is coming along. The lattice will be painted asme blue and we will do the trim in the blue and wallpaper the walls (my final choice is below) Couldn’t love the way this is coming along more

This pretty fixture from Visual Comfort was to me, the perfect choice… the way it looks here

This is the beautiful wallpaper that I will be using..cannot wait to see it up!

My little laundry room, so happy I decided to live on the “wild side” and went outside my comfort zone with this pretty paint tile, just gives enough color and pattern to make this space fun

Love our carpeting choices from Stanton, my favorite manufacturer, this is bedroom number 1 above

The bath for that bedroom, love these floors. The mirror and sconces will be put in within the next 2 weeks

The upstairs stair landing, this large and I do mean large fixture from Visual Comfort was a great choice

Bedroom number 2 with the pretty carpet below also from Stanton, here it looks gray but its actually a light blue

This is bathroom number two, white thassos and celeste blue basketweave

Our lantern which will be hung soon!

Wallpaper with be the blue/white

Window seat, will get a cushion made

Love the openness of the space and how the sunlight comes through


For anyone who voted not he lanterns, these won out. These are classic and yes, lots of people do them but they look great and I am very happy,I think they are a great fit for the space/kitchen style


And that is a wrap! I will share next week part two. So exciting to finally be at the finish line. Look forward to haring more as we begin to decorate it. Thanks for stopping by, wishing you a great day!

I always like to share some of the companies/sources that we were super happy with. If you have questions please answer them in the comments section and I will answer there as well!


Click on name to visit their site-

Element Builders who are building our home and doing a fabulous job 


Court Atkins, our very talented architect who we used for the second time (why change a good thing!)


Dan Keefer of Witmore.Jones.Keefer, our fantastic and talented landscape architect

Paint throughout home Simply White by Benjamin Moore


Hilton Head Landscaping, our talented landscaping crew


Paint in office/mudroom- Beacon Gray by Benjamin Moore


All lighting rom Visual Comfort


All carpeting from Stanton Carpet


All wallpapers shown- By Danika Henrick






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Beautiful! Love how it’s coming along. I do have a question, what do you use to clean your marble floors?

We have had many marble floors and always used just a damp mop with water. My marble installer said for day to day maintenance, that is best. Some might have other ideas of products but this way has worked for us.

Hi Tina. Everything looks perfect. will you be using the same furniture from your other house and did you store it in PB? looking forward to seeing it all decked out.

No because our old house was purchased with all furniture in it! So we are starting new….we ordered furniture months ago only getting some in a few weeks, outdoor furniture, beds, sofa, but many other pieces will be coming in, in drips and drabs (as the furniture industry goes right now). So this will be a labor of love over time…

This is gorgeous, all of your selections are spot clean on, and kudos for going full on blue and white!
Would you mind sharing your source for mud room and kitchen hardware?

This is gorgeous, all of your selections are spot on, and kudos for going full on blue and white!
Would you mind sharing your source for mud room and kitchen hardware?

Thank you, for me this was going on “the wild side” but I am so happy I did, they add just enough color and pattern.

It was sourced from Outwater Industries, I love it so much I could do my whole house in lattice, just kidding (kind of)

Just the most incredible dream house come true! I’ve watched your process and progress along your journey to fruition and I conclude PERFECTION 💙

It all looks lovely and looks like you made great choices. I know you will enjoy it for years to come! What fun, that you now get to start enjoying it all!

So glad that you went with the lanterns-they are timeless. It sounded like you were already going to use a lot of wicker in the house, and I think that this will balance things out nicely.

Thanks I was leaning towards them along but loved the wicker too so was torn. However like you said I will use some wicker in other capacities so these were the right choice.

Your vacation home is lovely! Laundry room tiles are perfect!
Lizzie – I use Dawn dish soap in warm water to clean my marble bathroom floors (I have the same basket weave w/ light grey dot). Any areas that need a bit more cleaning, I always reach for baking soda first to scrub any small spills.

We have always used just a damp mop with water…my marble guy said that’s best but have used the baking soda for spills/stains which often works!

Tina, thanks for sharing your beautiful vacation home with us! It is absolutely beautiful! All your finishing touches are lovely! Great job! You are going to love spending time there.

Love everything- every single choice is perfection.
Can you give measurements of kitchen and the great room space
I’m planning a major remodel of my kitchen and a room with the fireplace very much like this picture represents but trying to see if it fits into my space- Thanks

Simply beautiful – I can’t wait to see it all finished!!!! One question – why did you decide to only have one sink in the full bathrooms, rather than two?

I debated but I like the look of a cleaner countertop and because we intend for this to be for our own family/guest use, thought one would suffice. So one sink it was:)

Your home is stunning. The care and time that you take to details show ,for sure! Looking forward to seeing the completion. Thank you for sharing.

Your new home is beautiful! I know you are a marble lover, so I’m curious why you chose quartz for the countertops instead of marble. I’m currently deciding on countertop surfaces for my bathroom renovation and would love to hear your reasons! I know picking out slabs can be very time consuming, so perhaps it was merely for easier project planning?

So it was twofold, we did not find any Calcutta gold marble that we liked at that time, and needed to make a decision then saw this quartz which we loved. I didn’t want anything too busy or distracting, wanted to keep it more monochromatic. Quartz is suppose to be easier to keep up, less prone to stains because its mixed with materials to make it less porous (or so they say!) I will report back to how it holds up. We did do marble for all the baths, which we have always down and always loved!

How lovely!! Thank you for walking us through the process and I can’t wait until all comes to fruition.

I really enjoyed this post and I looked up the lady who designed the wallpaper and fabric! I love it! I learned about spoonflower too! We’re thinking about getting a small vacation home your palmetto home is good style inspo for me

Great style! Very calming with enough textures to be interesting. It looks so easy but it’s the simple styles that are the hardest. You hit this one outta the part!!

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