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Hi there, hope this finds you well. I find it hard to believe we are already in the middle of August, summer has really flown by. I can’t say this was the most relaxing or most fun summer I ever had. It was a lot of work and much less play. Two trips fell through, PB was greatly delayed but finally we are there and we had really odd summer weather.Literally just one beautiful weekend weather wise, otherwise its been a lot of rain, humidity, sporadic temps, etc…..a few people I am close to, went trough some difficult situations (health, parent who died, etc…) So, yes, kind of uneventful.

So I am hoping to make up for it in the fall! I always chronicle my life through taking way too many pictures on my iPhone but its a fun way to be able to look back and relive the fun memories. The good and pretty only:)

So as I do every few weeks, here is life as seen through my iPhone lately….


Best salads come from just picked veggies from my garden


Love shells and coral paired with blue and white!

A new green wicker hurricane/vase coming in a matter of weeks…..

Lots of beautiful new things coming in, and a sneak peek at our pumpkins (presale next Tuesday)

Went to a favorite farmstead and marvel their heirloom tomatoes, had to buy a few…

Farm stand goodness!

Driving home after a long and exhausting day is always a sight for sore eyes

Dinner with visiting friends at sunset

Our first batch of the gorgeous rattan bags have shipped, second and last batch will ship Friday

Teriyaki salmon is a weekly meal around here

Love our white wicker consoles, such a pretty coastal look

These hydrangeas are going on 18 days old! I cannot believe bang for my buck ever. And love that we finally got back in our beautiful scalloped wicker trays!


And that’s the good and pretty around here lately. Thanks for stopping in, wishing everyone a great day! Until next time…..

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Love the sunset on water. This house is pretty and water view is plus but it would have been so hard to move from house you had built. Loved the exterior of built house….looked as if home was in France!

Tina I love your new house so much. Big white grand old houses are my absolute favorite and the black shutters make it so stately!
You take such good pictures! And your food pics always make me hungry:)

I am very interested in the cabbage plate and I can’t decide between white or blue💙🤍

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