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Hello and happy Sunday on this Labor Day weekend! First want to announce hte winner of our pumpkin giveaway. Congratulations goes to-


TAMARA says:

Love love the green chinoiserie- vibrant and beautiful!!

And the 24 inch green floral leaf are stunning. I can picture on my stone wall by the outdoor fireplace.
But as always , they are all beautiful.

Please email us at [email protected] to provide your shipping info and color choice, so we can get your pumpkin on the way!


Crazy that summer is unofficially over! For me, this summer has flown and frankly been relatively uneventful. A few things we were looking forward to,  fell through which was disappointing but we managed to make some fun memories despite the change in plans. Moving into Palmetto Bluff was most definitely one of the big highlights. Let’s also not forget that summer really doesn’t end until Sept 21st and I think our 90 degree+ forecast for this coming week will back that up.

Didn’t have our summer party but may do a fall one (favorite season is fall after all). But feel we are making up for things this holiday weekend, as we have a lot planned, we are getting together with friends, going on a friends boat for a dinner outing, pickleball and lunch with friends, and finally hosting a small dinner on Monday to finish out this end of summer weekend. More than I typically like doing over a 3 day span (come to enjoy my lazy days) but want to close out summer with a fun bang!Hope whatever you are up to is fun and exciting. Onward to my post this Sunday….


1 CUSTOMER PHOTOS! I so love getting your pictures and getting to see how you use our products in your beautiful homes.  Always a treat, have one to share? Send it to [email protected].



2  A GOOD LAUGH These were too funny to not share, I am always looking for a reason to laugh and these are guaranteed to make you smile.


3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Lots of beauty found on Instagram this weekend…..

4 A STUNNING HOUSE TOUR (IF YOU LIKE TRADITIONAL INTERIORS) This house tour was a treat. featuring this elegant and inviting home in Dallas. .Courtesy of Homeworthy. I love watching these tours as there are always fun takeaways. If you are like me, a hopeless and eternal house tweaker, the work of creating a home is never done! How about that monogrammed door hardware and love how the backyard was styled, small but mighty.  Hope you enjoy it too…


5 SNEAK PEEK AT SOME OF OUR NEW ORNAMENTS! OK I am ready to decorate a Christmas tree! I cannot wait to add these beautiful new ornaments to our collection. I absolutely love this new collection and mixed in with our beautiful ginger jar and pagoda ornaments, I think it’s going to make one beautiful Christmas tree (maybe even two)


6 JENKINS INTERIORS This Dallas based design group came across my radar as they designed the house of a friend of a friend and I had fun going down a rabbit hole taking in their beautiful work. Here is just a sampling of their beautiful work below. I really like their aesthetic which is an updated version of traditionalism done right. What fun to explore their breadth of work , Click here to visit their site.

7 SUNDAYS SURVEY  Are people getting angrier/ruder and more brazen? I say yes. I have witnessed more incidences in general (in public) increasing with regard to people at large being quicker to anger.  In general,  being more assertive than I remember the public in general being. I know I cannot be alone in my thinking. I witnessed two incidences in just a single day so this seems to be more and more common.

Five years ago you never ever heard about an “airline incident” now it seems to be a weekly occurrence where some wackadoodle is creating chaos in the air. Seems people are just more brazen and very reactive. I have also seen this on the road, much more aggressive drivers, I am always very mindful when driving, you just don’t want to strike a nerve with the wrong driver! What do you think?


And that’s a wrap for his holiday Sunday. Hope you enjoyed the post. Want to wish everyone a most wonderful and safe holiday weekend. Thanks for stopping in, until next time…..




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Also announced our annual Summer Love contest yesterday, we are now taking your entires and already getting in so many beautiful pictures. Send your 1-2 pictures that are summer related. Grand prize- 3 months of Enchanted Home goodies! To read more about the contest, click here.

Send pictures to [email protected] (please put “contest” on subject line)


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Thank you, Tina, for always taking the time to bring us JOY & BEAUTY on your day “off” !!!

We play a prediction game when driving somewhere.
Me: Dear, bet you that gray sedan’s about to–
Husband: Cut off the fuel tanker. (Makes room for them to pull in ahead of us. One more fireball nobody read about.)
We hate-hate-hate it when we’re right. There’s more than enough stress to go around. I like to think that most times things don’t get worse because people are extending grace to one another.

Loved the kid-food/mom-food photo! Mine have been grown and on their own for years, but that took me right back. Good times.

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