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Hello everyone! Well, today is a much anticipated arrival/presale on a fabulous container of new goodies arriving very soon. Some of our most anticipated items, the high gloss trays and our newest box planters with removable liners!Best part of this sale is that most of these items are coming in within 2 weeks, a few of them a week or so later, so its almost instant gratification. And I will say its not too soon to start thinking about holiday gifts and this sale is full of great ideas. And, yes of course that includes something for yourself:)

You will recognize the amazing values here, which is a huge perk of us importing our own product. On top of the normal selling price which is already very competitive, these sales offer an even lower price so its a win/win.

Before you place your order, please read over the rules-

  • There are only two ways to order, call us or email us. 1-800-804-9565 (between 9:30-5 EST) OR email [email protected]
  • IF EMAILING- you must include your name, address, phone number and color and quantity
  • We can ship some items International, please email [email protected] for a ship quote
  • This sale is on for 3 days
  • Shipping is extra
  • Final sale
  • Spend $500 or more, you will receive an extra 10% discount
  • If you are a wholesaler/stocking dealer please email [email protected]
  • Questions? Please call us at 1-800-804-9565


And now for the fun part……



ITEM 1 Our incredible high gloss lacquer trays will be landing here in under 2 weeks! I know many of you were waiting for these to become available to purchase I am so excited over them myself and can think of so many places to use them. If you know the prices of comparable trays, you will recognize the unbelievable value here. Offered in five incredible colors, these high gloss scalloped trays come in three sizes and are perfect for entertaining both indoors and out. Hard to choose a favorite color!

Small square 10 x 10  $60.00

Medium square 14 x 14   $85.00

Large rectangular tray 13 x 16 $95.00


Specify color and size when ordering, 

*Ivory is only available in large rectangular










1F Ivory only available in the large rectangular

ITEM 2 Say hello to these fabulous new elegant wastepaper baskets and tissues! I love these, a must have for any chinoiserie fan. Talk about a way to add some serious glamour to any space.

Wastepaper basket measures 13″ tall. $80.00

Tissue box 5″ x  5″. $35.00

Buy both together $105.00

Specify black or ivory


ITEM 3 So happy to be adding these GORGEOUS new planters with removal liners (makes these so easy to work with). I can see so many things in these, flowers, ferns, boxwood balls, how about holiday flows or a small Christmas tree! These are incredible well priced so would make a beautiful container when bringing over a hostess gift, filled with a plant, flowers, etc…


6″ square. $40.00

8″ square. $45.00

10′ square $55.00

Specify style, color and size when ordering










ITEM 4 And our best selling natural wicker wastepaper basket and tissues are coming back! These scalloped beauties will add to much to wherever they are used, a powder room, office, etc….

Wastepaper bakset $75.00

Tissue $35.00

Sold as a set $105.00


ITEM 5 Our incredible scalloped tray is a beauty and works so well both indoors and out. The tray actually now has handles (this picture is the older picture) have not gotten our professional shots back yet.

Measures 22″ x 15″ x 4″



ITEM 6 Our wonderful small 6″ box wicker planter is such a versatile little piece. Love this indoors and out whether filled with fresh flowers, a topiary, an orchid or small fern, this is one good looking planter!

6″ x 6″


ITEM 7 Our round wicker urn and pedestal is coming back, and they don’t last long. These are incredibly versatile and can work even in more formal spaces. I use mine indoors an out, light enough to easily move. They also look great with other pieces. I have used the urn on its own and the pedestal to display a ginger jar, lots of possibilities. ARRIVING ON SEPT 24TH.

Urn measures 13″ x 18.,5″ $285.00

Pedestal mesures 11″ x 34″ $235.00

Purchase  both $495.00


ITEM 8  Our best selling square wicker ginger jars are coming back! Love these, so decorative and good looking. Whether using all three or putting a pair on a console, mantle, etc….these make a statement. ARRIVING ON SEPT 24TH.

Small measures 12″   $80.00

Medium measures 14″  $95.00

Large measures 16″ $105.00

Buy one of each size, trio is  ARRIVAL SALE PRICE $265.00


ITEM 9 Limited numbers of our beautiful wicker tulipieres, These are so unique and make such a beautiful statement (even without flowers) They are lined in sheet metal to hold water and these come in 4 pieces that stack.

Measures 27″ tall

$155.00 each or a pair $290.00


ITEM 10 As featured in a few magazines,  our beautiful round wicker bowls are finally coming back into stock! These are offered in 2 sizes and are beautiful with nothing at all or filed with fruit, fresh flowers and so much more.

Medium 12′” round  $55.00

Large 15″ round $75.00



One lucky reader will win one of our new metal box planters of their choice. Simply leave a comment on this post telling us your favorite item, will announce a winner on Tuesday!



And that’s a wrap for this fun sale. See something calling your name, simply call or email your order in-


[email protected]

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Everything is so beautiful, but those lacquered trays are gorgeous! Love the blue planter, keeping my fingers crossed would love to win to add to my blue and white collection.

Love the scalloped wicker tray. I think anything that you set inside it, instantly gets elevated and seem so special. I would love to see that loaded with goodies for happy hour.

The new lacquer trays are so pretty and adaptable to any style. May need one in each color!

The planters are so classic and pretty. Love the wicker planters also. Could use all year long!

So many lovely things to treasure. The beautiful round wicker bowls offer so much versatility-especially fun during all the festive holidays approaching.

All are lovely, but absolutely love the wicker ginger jars! Will be moving into a new home soon, so can’t wait to start decorating!

As always, I love it all! One of my favourite places to shop as I always find what I need and (probably don’t need ☺️) love the wicker bowls and of course the new planters!

I am in love with everything! Love the round wicker bowls. It will lovely filled with mini pumpkins, gourds, Easter eggs. fruit, etc.

The high gloss trays!
The high gloss trays!
The high gloss trays!
I love them!!
Every color!

I am so excited about these arrivals and to see the orange lacquered tray….my vote! I also love the fabulous wicker scalloped trays… many uses!!

The metal box planters with liners are my fav! So versatile. Wish they came in larger sizes too!

The wicker urn and pedestal are so beautiful! Wicker brings such warmth to any setting. I love the fact that it’s vertical which can brighten any forgotten corner and is beautiful inside or out. It’s a piece you can have fun decorating year round. Stunning!

It’s hard to get excited about much after Hurricane Idalia devastated our town – BUT – I must be honest & say that the new lacquer trays got my attention 🙂

Just love the wicker console scalloped console table, it is so unique , can be placed in so many different rooms and still look beautiful

Just love the wicker urn and pedestal , it is so unique , can be placed in so many different rooms and still look beautiful

I could not be more in love with the scalloped lacquer trays! Those colors are stunning in the high gloss. One will definitely grace my living room coffee table/ottoman, I just have to decide which of the fabulous colors I can narrow it down to.

The scalloped wicker trays are my favorites. The possibilities for use are endless.

As always, everything is fabulous but the enameled trays are so striking! I especially love the sightings of your products in the various magazines I read!

Item 3A : the new planter design is my favorite among many beautiful decorative pieces in this container collection.. The removable liner & 3 sizes to chose from is a added plus. The colors selection is the difficult part!

I just love the wicker pedestal and so glad it returned. I missed it before. Need to order so I don’t miss out.

The large ivory tray would be so versatile–would be very useful in various areas of my home.

Oh my goodness! All your hard work has paid off! Every item is beautiful! I want one of everything! 💙🤍

Love all these new arrivals but my favorite is the new planters with the removable liners. Love all the different patterns and colors. All so pretty.

The metal planters r so unique and beautiful- love the green perfect for indoor or out!!

Wow. Everything is absolutely wonderful. Must say, I love those new lacquer trays. So many ways to use them.

Everything is lovely! I find myself going back to the wicker items, especially the trio of wicker jars. Love these!

I love so many items that it’s difficult to choose just one. The wicker scalloped serving tray is one that caught my eye. Love the mix of the natural fibres with a feminine scallop flair.

Purchasing the black chinoiserie wastebasket and tissue holder. I’ve been searching for the perfect one and I found it!

Love everything and anything lacquered, and the new scalloped trays are especially beautiful. I want all the colors!

All fabulous. I can’t get past the wicker and lacquer. The urn and pedestal are must haves. I know you enjoy seeing these items in magazines and Instagram. Kudos TEH.

All fabulous. I can’t get past the wicker and lacquer. The urn and pedestal are must haves. Kudos TEH.

I love all these new arrivals! So many choices and make nice gifts! I especially love the removable liner metal planters. My favorite style is 3b. The colors are perfect for my lake home!

So many lovely additions but I think I love those lacquered trays the best! Just can’t decide which color…maybe colors!

Everything is fabulous as usual, but really like the rattan pieces. And the lacquered trays are really special and would be great in my home, especially the blue or white.

Serious wow…the lacquer trays are amazing, as are the planters!!!
Tina, the hits just keep on coming…ty!

I love the planters and especially all the lacquered and wicker trays. So many ways to incorporate them into any room.

Everything is beautiful, but I’m especially drawn to the metal box planters….I agree what a wonderful hostess gift with a pretty plant or flower inside!!

The burnt orange trays are my favorite. I love the fall and this is the perfect color for a fall display of blue and white jars with orange, rust and green flower bouquets on your foyer tables. One of your glowing hurricanes with spice candle reflecting that super glossy tray would be amazing! My birthday is Halloween so I’m partial to all the fall and autumn colors and the color you chose for them is perfect.

I have been waiting for the high gloss trays! They are gorgeous — I just wish the orange tray was the original orange color you showed us instead of the burnt orange. I prefer the bright orange color to the burnt orange color.

I love the wicker urn and pedestal the most. I can picture using one in so many different places!

I absolutely love love love the lacquered scalloped trays! Beautiful colors and the scalloping detail adds such a beautiful touch!!

Tour scalloped everything are beautiful. As for the planters, 3B or 3D would be for my home. LOvely shade of green. So happy to see many “green” items. My new go to color! Thank you.

Tina, The new lacquer trays are just fabulous! I am thinking of the red and green being used as the base for Christmas gifts…stack and tie off with a large bow! Perfect! Linda T.

Everything is so beautiful, I love all your new items! I especially love the wicker scalloped tray. It is so pretty to style on a coffee table or serve with!

The beautiful trays are perfect for the holidays and beyond! Love seeing all of the wicker. I think it will look wonderful in our new Florida home.

I LOVE, LOVE the wicker scalloped edge trays! So many uses around the house and patio! I can picture one on my coffee table holding an orchid and some of my shells.

Hello Tina and happy Thursday to you! You have curated such a lovely selection of pieces! I’m really loving all the wicker items. I really love the wicker pedestal, urn and console table. Once again, happy Thursday! 💙

Wow! So many lovely pieces! I love the box planters, and can think of so many ways to use them!😊 The white one would be so versatile. Thanks for sharing your creativity with us!

I love the light blue 3B planter. It goes well with my Enchanted Home wicker urn and pedestal. The combination makes it look like spring all year!

I absolutely love your scalloped trays! The ivory and navy are my favorites, but the variety of colors available would be fantastic for different seasons and holidays.

My favorite item from this sale is the ivory waste paper basket and matching tissue holder. I can picture them in my powder room adding a touch of elegance.

As always, your items are stunning and useful! For me, the fantastic scalloped trays are incredible!

As usual, I love everything! However, the new planters are my fave!! 3b in blue would be the perfect vessel for a lemon cypress.🩵💚

Those high gloss lacquer tray’s are pure WOW!! The only question is what color shall I choose?? Just Beautiful!!

This is a spectacular assortment of beautiful items. Each time more lovely than the last.

I love everything that you do with the Toile painted accessories. They are so beautiful and unique!

Loving the small metal planters! They are perfect for the topiaries on my mantel and the color choices are gorgeous – especially the green!

Your wicker urns and pedestals continue to inspire and amaze. Your eye and attention to detail sets your product launches apart from other vendors. As a designer, we do appreciate this! Best, Dana

Hi Tina! I have been looking for a navy tray. I am excited to order one. You are the inspiration I need on those days when I feel discouraged about my home!😘

I am loving the wicker items and also the trays. I am definitely ordering trays. I have been waiting for this sale!

I so look forward to your posts with all the lovely items you carry, but those high gloss lacquer trays are gorgeous!

I love your planter boxes, they are so beautiful. Inside/outside planters, no problem. Small Christmas tree holder? Oh the possibilities!

I love the white chippendale looking planter. Your things are so beautiful and I enjoy seeing how beautifully put together so many of your readers are!

Hi Tina – oh, would I be thrilled with 3B in blue !! 😉🙏🏻
The lacquered trays are so pretty!!

Lacquered trays without a doubt are my favorite new item. Glad they come in different sizes!

Such beautiful and elegant pieces! My favorite is the lacquer tray in navy or moss green! Perfect for a bedside table or coffee table!

Of course, my favorite is the metal box planter in beautiful blue. There are so many uses for the planter box.
Thank you for all your beautiful items featured this week.

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