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Good morning, hope all is well over on your end. We have had a very nice weekend, a beautiful engagement party for my nephew, it was such a fun event, where I got to see of friends and family that I have not seen in a long time. But the best part is that my dad is here visiting us and it is such a treat to have him here. Makes me feel even closer to my dear mom. Oh boy, how she is missed. Every hour that I grow older, I feel myself morphing into a version of my mom:)

Onward to my post this Sunday……..



1 CUSTOMER PHOTOS So love getting to see how you use our products in your beautiful homes. Thank you for making us look so good! If you have something to share featuring our products, send to [email protected].

2 THE ICONIC OLD WESTBURY GARDENS We are fortunate to have this beautiful gem just about 25 minutes from our home. Such an iconic estate with the most spectacular grounds that have all been kept beautifully intact thanks to their preservation committee. It is always a treat to go and visit and all kinds of beautiful year round events are held here both inside  and out. They just don’t build them like they used to!



3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Such an inspiring and pretty roundup this weekend….

4 THE MOST BEAUTIFUL HORSE FARM I first have to preface this by telling you this was created by AI! I was fascinated, when I first saw it, I nearly fell off my chair. Then when I found out it was created by AI, I kind of did fall off my chair…’s both scary and amazing what it is capable of. But lets get back to how dreamy and perfect this horse farm would be…it it was real:)


5 FIRST PURCHASE OF THE FALL I have gotten some really nice cashmere pieces from Bloomingdales over the years and this sharp looking cardigan was my first purchase for fall. I love it, I am a cardigan queen and this classic style is among my favorite. This is easy to dress up or down. Click here for more info

6 CAROLYNE SETS THE TABLE WITH OUR NEW DINNERWARE! I had to share these fabulous pictures of a beautiful table Carolyne recently set with our incredible new tulip dinnerware. It is arriving on Tues! Can’t come a day too soon. We are very very excite dab this, stay tuned for an arrival sale this week.


7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY The other day when I was going through my umpteenth box of things from the old house I came across a few boxes of towels, bedding, etc…..I realized I did not remember last time I bought towels! Then it started me thinking about how often most people buy things like towels, sheets, etc…..I used to wait for the annual Neiman Marcus White Sale where all their towels and linens would go on sale for great prices. So, I am curious where you fall on this subject-



Starting today for 2 days- our unrivaled collection of chinoiserie tole is 25% off! Use code- tole

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We have a few spots left for our Summer Love contest! Winner wins 3 months of Enchanted Home goodies. Send in your 1-2 pictures related to summer to in[email protected]. Put “contest” on subject line. To read full details, click here


And that is a wrap for this Sunday. Hope you enjoyed the post, always nice to hear from you. Wishing everyone a great day, and hope you are soaking up the last bit of summer. Until next time….

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How beautiful is that Horse Stable! So much is being discussed about the invasion of AI in design. Can you tell us more what went into this creation and what tech resources were used. Thanks again for a wonderful Sunday post.

Love your Sunday posts. They’re always such a bright spot in my Sundays.
Those new tulip plates are exquisite. I can’t wait for them to go on sale. You and Carolyne are an unrivaled pairing in taste and design.
That stable oh my! perfection.

Can anyone identify the music playing in the background of the Westbury Gardens video? Thanks.

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