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Good morning everyone.  Hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend. Can you being today is Oct 1st! Boy, time is flying by awfully fast. Here, we are in pumpkin mode (all pumpkin orders shipping out early this week) they are arriving tomorrow! And we are  looking ahead to receiving our beautiful new ornament collection (our presale starts this Tuesday,  Oct 3rd) so mark your calendars. I scheduled this post ahead so hopefully it posts on time.

Onward to my post…….


1 A FEW HIGHLIGHTS FROM PALMETTO BLUFF I must admit its always hard to leave. One of the few places I go that I am never quite ready to depart from. To me, it’s a place where everything slows down a bit, stress is taken down several notches and it’s a perfect place to decompress and unwind. I am going to do a whole post next week on updates but here are just a few snapshots….




I have had these alive in my mind for very long time. And finally they are happening!


And some of our beautiful new arrivals (will be one-


So thrilled over our new bamboo lamps! Cannot wait to take one or two home..

3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST A lovely beautiful round up of mostly fall inspired instagrams this week…



4 HOLIDAY TRAYS!  Delighted to present out 2023 gift holiday trays! How beautiful are these. High quality customized gifts can get pricey. These will be offered at $125 and you can include the persons name or address or house name. I am in love with these! These will be added online as of late Monday.


5 ONE STUNNING ENGLISH HOME I am often a big fan of English homes, I love how they are able to keep them for the most part traditional but adding a subtle touch of modernity via soft colors or textures and I think this lovely home is a beautiful example. Love the soft color plate. I really enjoyed this  and hope you do too!

6 LETS HELP MICAH! I posted a few days ago on an update with the Micah Carignan story, and I promise reading about it will be the most important 5 minutes of your day. Any donation of any amount will greatly help this wonderful family just looking to make the best of an unfortunate situation with their darling little girl who suffers from Spina Bifida.

Click here to read the update and click here for the go fund me page.

Thanks in advance!


7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY This has to do with personality. I was listening to an interesting podcast about how we evolve/change as we get older and how many become choosier with whom they spend tine with, how many social commitments they obligate themselves to, and often enjoy time spent alone. They said some many find themselves to become a bit more introverted (even those were previously very social).  And then some do the opposite, later in life, they have an awakening and suddenly can’t socialize enough! Though I think the later is less common.

I have a wonderful group of friends but can truly say I enjoy time spent alone too.  I have kept my circle fairly small and most definitely have become much more mindful of choosing where I go and what I commit myself to. A free schedule is such a luxury:)

And I don’t want company just for the sake of company. I want it to be quality company! So in some ways I could relate to that podcast, my alone time is important to me and more so as I got older. I used to always want to be around people and most of the time was. So while I am not an introvert I am a “selective extrovert” haha. Curious where you fall? Check all that apply.


And that is a wrap for this Sunday. I hope you enjoyed my post, anything resonate? I always enjoy hearing back from you, I want to wish everyone a wonderful and relaxing day. Until next time…


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Tina, this is Dana Tydings and I’m an interior design in Maryland. We are currently doing a house on Isle of Palms and always looking for good contractors and subs. Would you be willing to share the name of your contractor and any subs you truly loved? My daughter and her family live in Old Mount Pleasant and your home came out so beautifully!

Hi Tina! I was always an extrovert when I was younger. I find as I am in my mid 60’s, I am more introverted. We moved 3 years ago to my happy place in northern MI, where we vacationed every summer with our kids for 25+ years! It’s a more simpler life, surrounded by water, vineyards, apple orchards and wineries. Breathtaking views surround us! My circle of friends are smaller and the only company we have are family and friends who are true blue friends! So much more peaceful and happier living a less stressful life with my husband of 36 years.

So many beautiful arrivals. I think the answer to the survey may have been different prior to the pandemic. I was much more social prior to the pandemic and find it harder to reconnect with friends that I did not see during that period of time.

I wish my current building experience has been half as enjoyable as yours. In fact, you could probably do a whole Blog of Contractor Horror Stories – just in time for Hallowe’en. Mine started when I found a worker passed out on my mudroom bathroom floor (drunk or worse) at 10 am one morning! Not one word of apology from either the masonry boss or my builder. Thank goodness we quickly got things back on track.
One word of advice: CHECK with your state that EVERY contractor/sub-trade that sets foot on your property is, in fact, registered/licensed to be a Home Improvement Contractor/Electrician/Plumber, that the license has not expired, and that they have adequate liability insurance. If a contractor is working and they have not renewed their license, your building permit could be in jeopardy. (Just because the Lic # is on their sign and side of their truck does not guarantee that they haven’t let it lapse). If your electrician or plumber is not licensed, it could adversely affect your Home Insurance.

Hi Tina… I love to see updates on your magnificent PB home!! The holiday trays are darling and what a fab gift!! Hope you have a wonderful week.

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