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Good morning, you may want to take a little coffee break for this, its a good one and bound to get you into the holiday spirit! It is time for our annual ornament presale, yes, I am talking Christmas ornaments. Frankly we were going to post this sale in Oct but so many have been inquiring about our new ornaments that we decided to post our first presale our incredible new ornaments! These are on the way and due here in less 2-3  weeks.

This is an excellent time to purchase this incredible collection at heavily discounted presale pricing. We are over the moon with how fabulous our new 2023 collection is and thrilled to welcome back our best selling ginger jars and pagodas as well. The beauty with this collection is that these all mix and match so incredibly well. Sky’s the limit! I cannot wait to start decorating a tree and have a feeling it will be done much earlier than usual this year.


Please read over the rules prior to placing your order-

  • TWO WAYS TO ORDER- Call in or email your order – call 1-800-804-9565 or email [email protected] (9:30-5 EST)
  • If you email you order- you MUST include your name, address and phone number for us to send an invoice
  • Please refer to item number, color and quantity
  • ALL orders must be paid for within 12 hours otherwise please do not submit an order
  • This sale is on for 3 days only (no extensions, sorry)
  • This order will arrive late approx. Oct 25th  and will ship immediately upon receipt
  • Final sale and shipping is extra
  • Buy more save more- orders over $250 get 10% off, order over $350 get 15% off
  • International order? Please call or email for shipping quote
  • Wholesale? Call us at 800-804-9565
  • Questions? Call or email



ITEM 1 Fabulous chinoiserie ball 4″ blue or green

ITEM 2 Elegant nutcracker #1, blue or green


ITEM 3 Greenery and dot ball 4″, blue or green


ITEM 4 Trellis ball, 4″ blue or green


ITEM 5 Elegant nutcracker 6″ blue or green


ITEM 6 Elegant all over floral ball 4″ blue or green


ITEM 7 Vertical leaf ball 4″ blue or green


ITEM 8 Greenery and dot pointed ball 4″ blue or green


ITEM 9 Elegant chinoiserie ball #2. 4″ blue or green


ITEM 10 Dragon ginger jar 6″


ITEM 11 5.75″ trellis ginger jar, pearl blue or navy



ITEM 12 Fabulous 4″ double happiness jar, pearl blue, navy or red


ITEM 13 Cherry blossom jar 5.5″ pearl blue, navy or red


ITEM 14  5″ Hexagonal jar, navy or white/blue


ITEM 15 Tulipiere ornament 4″ in navy or red



ITEM 16 5″ pagoda in navy or red


ITEM 17  5″ Staffordshire dog in red or white/gold


ITEM 18 Large cherry blossom jar 6″ in red


ITEM 19  6″ Double topiary ornament with bow, red or navy


ITEM 20 5″ double ball topiary  red

ITEM 21 4″ single ball topiary red


ITEM 22 6″ triple ball topiary red


ITEM 23 4.5″ pink dot pagoda


ITEM 24 Fabulous pink/white 4.5″ Staffordshire dog


ITEM 25 Our beautiful pearlized light blue balls 4″




One lucky winner will win a box of ornaments to help deck your halls this holiday season. Just leave comment on this post telling us your favorite ornament or two and we will announce the winner on Sunday!


Told you this sale was epic!! We are so excited about our new collection and love welcoming back so many of our best selling favorites. This sale is on for 3 days (ends Friday night) You can simply email or call your order in-


[email protected]

Thanks for stopping by. Wishing everyone a fabulous day. Until next time….

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Love ❤️ the new topiary ornaments. Tina, you have a knack for knowing what your customers love. Thank you!

It is so hard to decide which ornament is my favorite but I love the 6″ dragon ginger jar. The scroll design on this minature jar is exquisite!

I love the nutcracker ornaments. They remind me of my aunt’s nutcracker collection I admired as a child.

Love all of the blue and white ornaments. I keep coming back to that color combination all times of the year.

WOW – just awesome 🙂 I have one of the Enchanted Home TULIPIERE’s and the attention to detail in the matching ornament is just divine !

I love both of the chinoiserie balls- so pretty I’d make an arrangement with them in a bowl!

The greenery dot pointed ornaments are my favorite! The unique shape catches your eye. All the ornaments are beautifully detailed. They would make any Christmas tree exquisite!

My favorite new ornament is the double happiness in pearl blue. These will be stunning on my tree with my TEH collection. I’m excited to add these and the elegant blue and green nutcrackers to my collection.

It is hard to pick a favorite from so many beautiful choices! But, the elegant nutcrackers certainly have my attention!!! What a darling accent they would be to a holiday dinner place setting- the perfect gift for guests to take home as a treasured reminder of the event!

I am just crazy about the nutcrackers! And the topiaries, and the ginger jars, and the pagodas… All are so beautiful, its hard to choose a favorite. So fun to see, make me excited about decorating the tree!

The blue and white chinoiserie and vertical leaf balls are my favorite, but they would all look so beautiful on a Christmas tree! Such a great variety!

Cherry blossom jar, pearl blue, is hands down my favorite. Will be freshening/recreating the tree this year, and this ornament will be the perfect accessory.

The cherry blossom jar in pearl blue is hands down my favorite. I will be refreshing the tree this year, and they will bring a pretty twist.

Oh, my goodness! The chinoiserie balls! For a lover of Blue Willow and Canton? WHAT could be better???
Of course, when you love everything chinoiserie, the Staffordshire dogs are usually part of it!
Getting my order ready now!
Everything is just so beautiful and unique!

Love the new ornaments and colors, especially the ball and nutcracker ornaments. Tough decisions on which I love the most but I’ll do it!!!

These are all so beautiful, it will be very hard to choose. I think a small tree solely devoted to the blue and white ones might be in order. How marvelous!

Cherry blossom ginger jar is so unique and gorgeous! A great way to add a personal touch to any tree year round!

I have become very fond of the topiaries. All the choices. Mixed with Staffordshire dogs and it’s heaven!

I definitely need the double happiness jars! The dragon ginger jar is next on my list!

Already own many, but love the yellow green color in the chinoiserie ball in Item 9. I use that color in my kitchen for Christmas!

You have really outdone yourself! I love each one, but I’m really impressed with the Tulipiere ornaments!!!🏯

All the ornaments are so pretty. They will definitely make any Christmas tree look magical! My favorite is the cherry blossom jar in red and the pink and white Stafforshire dog.

They are all beautiful. I particularly love the vertical leaf balls. They will go beautifully with ornaments I have purchased previously.

Love all of your ornaments, but especially admire the 6” nutcrackers and the blue tupilieres!
Merry “early”Christmas!

The new ornaments are so pretty and I am so happy and looking forward to adding these to our tree.

I love them all. The pearl blue color is breathtaking. The Tulipiere speaks to my Dutch heart 💞

The Nutcracker Ornaments (#1) will definitely make my gift list. They are perfect for the handful of 20-somethings in my life who will be putting up Christmas trees in their first apartments this year, and I know your ornaments will also make wonderful hostess gifts.
I love using your Gift Toppers to decorate my smaller, slim 7′ tree with your Staffordshire Gift Toppers, and you can’t beat the quality or the price.

I absolutely LOVE the Staffordshire Dog Ornaments. I’ve never seen anything like them! They will just add that extra touch to my trees! Thanks Tina. They are Brilliant.

I absolutely LOVE the Staffordshire Dog Ornaments. I’ve never seen anything like them! They will just add that extra touch to my trees! They are Brilliant. Thanks Tina!

A fabulous collection! I love them all but the Elegant Nutcracker is a must for me, such beautiful details! This entire post has gotten be excited for the coming season!

Tina, you have truly created a stunningly delightful, double and triple holiday happiness collection!
Not a creature was stirring, not even a deer nibbling upon freshly planted landscaping trees. . . eyes like saucers scrolling upon each magnificent design. Appreciate your spirit of giving to whomever receives several 2023 Ornaments. Love each ornament for different reasons, however putting up a pink tree is a tradition since my first Christmas, thus

I love the blue/white ginger jars. They make for a festive, but less traditional tree decoration. I like they are different and I won’t see the same thing in local stores.

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