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Good morning, with the sadness and heaviness that is pervading our lives these last few weeks, I have felt forced to do things that I normally love doing, even posting on instagram has felt like a chore. I have not had the same level of passion to do such things. Then I had lunch with a friend who reminded me how important it is to find the beautiful things in life and still find joy.  So I am came home and put her words into action.

I decided to set up this small table for four and get back to my blue and white roots, where it all began:) Used many of my favorite elements, our newest tulipieres, our new cabbages plates, our beautiful tole pumpkins and by the time I was done, I literally felt an instant lift in my mood.  It made me happy. It reminded me of how simple thinks like setting a table can bring my joy. And it did. So I am going to make it a weekly habit, I seem to never have the time lately but I am going to make the time.

Less news watching, more playing. I need to make these creative endeavors a priority because they are like the fuel that keeps me going instead of being paralyzed by fear and sadness of the world events that I have succumbed to these last few weeks. I even am looking at our sunrise and sunsets with a new found appreciation for the beauty of nature and how much peace and joy they can bring. I know it sounds sappy but I have literally found myself so sad these last few weeks, snapping at people, feeling guilty for things like going out for dinner or buying a new winter coat,  just not feeling at peace with so much human suffering happening. These last few days have been markedly better as I continue to make a conscious effort to create a better balance of the realism of what is going on in our world and finding things that make me happy.

So here is the little table that symbolized far more than a pretty set table, for me, it was the much needed catalyst to add more beauty and positivity into my life while the world feels like its on fire.



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Glasses from Williams Sonoma

Faux lily of he valley from our ship click here

Antler flatware from Vagabond House

Floral tablecloth was from our line but a discontinued pattern however we still have. few beautiful similar patterns left and don’t forget to use 35% off code-linens


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And theres my daily dose of pretty for the day! Hope you enjoyed, thanks for stopping in. Wishing everyone a fabulous day. Remember to find the beauty and joy wherever you can. Until next time…

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The world is indeed in mourning. So many tragedies, war, storms, everyday it is something else. Thank you for the little sunshine on a dark day.

Yes the oppression is real but God ultimately remains in control.
Keep doing what you love💙 as love is the greatest gift of all!. Sending love & hugs to you today. Blessings 🫶

I once read a book about Mother Theresa who witnessed and shared in so much suffering. One of her quotes was “Never forget the joy of Christ risen..”. He’s still in control even in the midst of chaos.

These are frightening and sad times. I think we just have to do what we can to make our own little corner of the world a better place. And we can find solace in family, friends, and the simple things that give us joy.

Wish I had a friendship with you! I am in love with chinoiserie all through the family & kitchen areas.
Our Sunday School class had such a talk as you had with your friend at lunch.

Beautiful table ! Years ago , I decided I had to wake up each day and choose to be positive and smile no matter what- I have maintained that through cancer , personal loss etc
I’n these trying times , I totally agree with what your friend said. We must all make our part of our world have joy and beauty
Thank you for sharing
I look forward to your posts immensely .

Beautiful table and lovely message. I think many of us are feeling a bit guilty enjoying our daily life while so many are suffering. Thank you for reminding us of the simple joy of a sunset.

Remaining grateful for the people and places in our lives has proven helpful. There is so much hate in this world that the calming effect of love and beauty can help to overshadow the gross negativity that is so prevalent. Thank you for sharing your awareness and offering such a positive antidote.

I am very excited to see you on November 10th in Omaha, Nebraska at the Omaha Symphony Table Art luncheon! For several years I have followed your blog, but never dreamed you would visit Omaha. It would be a thrill to meet you in person Safe travels!

In addition to everything that has been said about your beautiful blog, I would just like to add that music helps cheer me up. My doctor told me that indeed it has been shown that music is often used to help people who are depressed. Of the several languages I know, my favorite song, “Meraviglioso” by Domenico Modugno picks me up every time. I would suggest listening to your favorite song next time you are down!

Yes, the most simplest thing as watching a beautiful sunrise or sunset, or listening to the sounds of the ocean waves can bring us peace and harmony during the most difficult and suffering times.

I hear your heart as another grief marker of one year since your dear Mom’s passing.🙏🏻🫶🙏🏻peace be unto you as you remember her…..

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