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Hi there!  I don’t need to tell you how in love I am with our new cabbage plates. We have the white in and green are due here in the next 2 weeks. Then we will be getting the blue, pink and green! I have had such fun using these so far…..they are not only incredibly beautiful but so versatile. They mix and match with literally everything!

I wanted to share a few pictures of the white cabbage plates ” in action”. And as many of you have asked, yes, these are a part of our 25% off all porcelains!! This ends tonight but is a fantastic time to score these incredible plates.

Here is a look at a few recent pairings, I decided to go with more greens/browns to create an autumnal theme-



And layered on top of each other is simply spectacular as well!

A sneak peek at other colors in production!

So, yes these are part of our big 25% off all porcelains which ends tonight. This is an amazing time to purchase these and get a great discount off our already low selling prices.

Click here to see the cabbage plates collection


Click here to see all porcelains (all categories and subcategories are on left)

And that’s a wrap,  I see endless tables filled with cabbage plates in my future in all the colors! I love how beautifully they mix and match with all other styles and patterns. Part of their appeal. How about you? Do you too love cabbage ware ? Thanks for stopping by, wishing everyone a fabulous day!

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LOVE! I think the way you mixed and matched is so pretty and shows how many ways they can be used. I got my order last week and am overjoyed with them. Cannot wait to order the other colors too. I LOVE the pink and green!

Hello Tina, My name is Helen Burke and I am from Sydney, Australia. I only recently subscribed and I must say, I derive so much pleasure in your. You have lovely things to see.

I was so touched to read your memories of your late and much missed mother.
It is only a year and I think you have survived the hardest time ever. The first year without our wonderful mothers, that’s the hardest of times.
The questions that come into your daily living that you put aside to ask mother and then the sudden reality that you can’t do that anymore. After twenty five years, I am still doing it!
As time passes, you will slowly feel better.
You have your wonderful business to give you a reason to face each day with promise.
Be patient and kind to yourself during these early days . She remains in your heart forever!
Picture a brook full of sharp pebbles. The running water of the brook will slowly round the sharp edges and make the pebbles smooth.
That’s exactly what happens in grief.
I wish you well and I send to you love and encouragement.
Helen 🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼

I love the pine one plates ! Can you tell me how to find them? They would be wonderful at our Colorado cabin!

Simply gorgeous.
Will you consider a cup and saucer addition?
If not, what is your recommendation to use with the cabbage an/or the Carolyne Roehm pattern.
Many thanks.

Wow! I love them! They look like my Bordallo Pinheiro green cabbage dishes from Portugal. I have a friend that is collecting the pink. I will send her your post!

Hello, hope you are recovered fully and able to find fun in all the holiday prep!
One time I saw an embroidered napkin inspired by the Lenox Autumn china design on your blog. Does this ring a bell?

Thank you for any recollection,
Annette Hulsey

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