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Hello friends! Hope this finds you doing well. Well, my visit to PB did not quite turn out as I had planned as I ended up getting the flu. So been convalescing here and can’t lie, if I need to do it somewhere, this is the place I would want to be. Very peaceful and relaxing and truth is in NY, I know I would not be able to relax in the same way. Its day 3 and still really dragging and not feeling great but am confident that in a few days I should start feeling considerably better. Sitting out on the porch every afternoon to get some vitamin D, plenty of Netflix and staying hydrated.

So thought it would be a good time to share the latest over here in PB. Not major changes but small things here and there. Being in the house for days has allowed me time to think of certain things I want to do here and there, and in a few cases I would love your opinion of some ideas that I am considering, always welcome and value your opinions. The vibe is here is very different than in NY, its soft tones, coastal, airy, not fussy and somewhat minimalistic. I am adding some art and small things here and there, but for the most part want to keep it clean and fresh. So here’s how things are looking…..



Got my new pillows above which I love!

View from upper deck

Morning light is so pretty

Beautiful painting we had done for our previous PB home, an original oil painting of the low country by Charlotte Terrell (click here to see her fabulous work)


Help me decide which sconce shade to use, both look great, think I am leaning towards one, curious what you think!





This living room wall is a wall that I want to add some art to. We have an original oil by talented Charlotte on the opposite wall (shown above) so I am liking these prints for this wall and think a collage wall would look great here. Which do you prefer?







OK your turn to weigh in-



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That’s a wrap. If you have questions about Palmetto Bluff, please ask them in the comments, I will answer them there as well, that way others can see them too. I get a lot of emails and questions and not always able to answer them all. Thanks for stopping by, wishing everyone a beautiful day! Until next time…..

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I would use a collage of family photos on your wall in question, more interesting, warm and personal.

Love the idea but we are actually doing a small collage fall of family pictures upstairs so going to do an art collage wall down here:)

i hope you feel better soon, around here. flu is going around like crazy! 2 kids home sick last :3 days!

. I wanted to let you know. I received my first big order from you a few days ago and could not be happier with the products, they are so so beautiful, am so excited to find places for them in our new home.!

This house is perfection. Every single decision you made is so beautiful, I love the art, I’m leaning towards the coral for a more coastal feeling. All beautiful! Love the lattixe sconces can you please tell me where you got them?

So enjoy getting to see all of your beautiful decisions come to life!

So nice to hear! Sorry about the sick kids, tis the season.

The lattice sconces are ours and can be found under chinoiserie tole> lighting

Email or call if you cannot find them

So beautiful and serene! I love your soft colors and decor style, it’s so refreshing. Feel better soon!

Hope you feel better very soon. I’m sorry you are sick, but at least you have a serene and beautiful place to recover in. Love the views from your porches 😍.

I’m sorry to hear that you’re feeling under the weather, I hope you feel better soon 🙏. Your PB home is absolutely gorgeous, I can see why you feel so peaceful when you’re there. Although, both of the sconce shades are beautiful, I prefer the second one. I prefer A on the wall collage because you always have beautiful flowers displayed in your home. Feel better soon!

Get well soon! You’ll feel great for the holidays! Everything is beautiful! What a stunning place to self care.

What paint color did you use for your kitchen cabinets and what was the name of the quartz slab you used..looks very white

This was quartzite and I do not know the name but it looks similar to a Calcutta gold, its a soft white background with soft taupe toned veining
Kitchen cabinets are painted Simply White.

Tina, it’s so beautiful! On your last poll about the art groupings, since you asked our opinions I’d offer that Palmetto Bluff is not at the beach, but on the May River. For that reason, I wouldn’t do the coral groupings. To me, it’s just not authentic and the lovely flowers are much more conducive to PB.

Thank you, yes did think about that with the coral but wasn’t doing to so much to imply a beach theme as I just a coral motif and the colors are so nice but my first instinct was either one of the other two selections. maybe coral for my NY house down the road:)

Your Bluff cottage is simply gorgeous! Do you mind sharing the resource for your outdoor light fixtures over your beautiful porch?

Three practical questions:
-It doesn’t appear you have any rugs in the main kitchen/living area. With the wood floors, do you find it is noisy? I was picturing myself in that beautiful room and thinking how jarring it would be when our dog barked in that room! ha!
-are you concerned at all with the legs of the chairs marking your floors over time? If not, do they have protective “feet” on them?
-re: cushions on your outdoor furniture. Do you have them out all the time? Bring them in every night? Store them and bring out only when you are “using them”?

Hi so we ordered a rug for living room, due here any day. the wood floors are not noisy at all.
we have protective feet on all chairs (wouldn’t dream of not having them) first thing that needs to be done!
the cushions stay out unless there’s a big storm coming (these are from Lane Venture) had them in our old house and they couldn’t have held up better…really fantastic quality!

Your house is just beautiful and I think everything is just perfect. Your Shellabrate napkins are just too cute, where did you get them?

Hope you feel betteer very soon.

Thank you! Its from Lee Industries, we love their sofas, this is the second sectional we have owned from them. So comfortably it doubles as a “sleeping sofa”

The natural lighting in your home is so lovely—and those views; divine! Your sofa is fabulous! I love the long footed cabinet flanking the sofa too. It looks very lux and comfortable. I’m starting to rethink some of our furniture for comfort—but it has to look great too. Enjoy! I hope you’re feeling better soon. My husband and I had the flu all last week and unfortunately we are still not 💯. Hopefully soon. The holidays days are here….

Thank you. yes flu is definitely going around! Appreciate your kind words, hope you are on the mend soon!

will you be carrying the beautiful white pierced ginger jar I believe in kitchen of your beautiful home in SC

Your vacation home is so lovely!

Many of my clients like purchasing and framing the best quality Audubon plates or reproductions they can afford of animals or birds native to wherever their vacation homes are. I’d either group four smaller pieces, stack three larger ones or go for one larger piece like ‘Snowy Egret’. Black and white photographs by local artists of low country subjects would look great, as would matted & framed Gulla indigo batik on rice paper or fabric (since Indigo was a major local crop – Adriane King Comer is an indigo batik artist).
Feel better soon!

Lovely, as usual, and especially the porch and house views with the water. For the collage grouping, consider native plant drawings of that area, and I wonder if an asymmetrical grouping or hanging things diagonally would add some visual interest on that wall,

Dear Tina,
My name is Helen Burke from Sydney Australia.
I love the little white light wall sconces withe the white and blue shades.
Is it possible to order them through you please?

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