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iHi and happy Sunday. Prepared this a few days ahead of time so hope it posts on time. Finally starting to feel a bit better after being cooped up for over a week with the dreadful flu. Near the end and everything has new meaning. Even going to a market or CVS seems thrilling:) Amazing how something like getting sick changes your perspective!

I want to acknowledge all the veterans who have so unselfishly given their lives to our country and afforded us the luxury of freedom that we all get to enjoy. To me, there is no greater hero. I am in awe of all the brave men and women who have served and am forever grateful. We surely know that without them, we are nothing.

Hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend, it is hard to believe we are less than 2 weeks away from Thanksgiving and dare I say only about 6 weeks away from Christmas…scary! We are planning to spend Thanksgiving in Palmetto Bluff if all goes according to plan. OK onwards to my post this weekend….



1 A LIVING ROOM CONCEPT This is so ridiculously premature but I have myself dreaming of my future living room. I am chomping at the bit to embark on a design project but until our renovation is complete, my hands are tied and all I can do for now, is  just dream and make up mood boards! I have always loved the combination of blue and white with a rich mossy green.

So I am seeing a big long sofa in a soft blue with bouillon fringe (not this exact sofa but do love the color)  with some beautiful velvet pillows in green, a potted palm, pretty botanicals framed in a bamboo frame, our fretwork brackets holding our jars, etc….I am also thinking a beautiful diamond or herringbone oversized sisal rug. I love the juxtaposition of a formal setting with the informality but sophistication of a textured rug with a geometric design. Just a concept  here but I am kind of loving it…..





2 A FEW FAVORITE FALL PIECES My favorite season is here and slowly my soft cotton tops and sundresses are being replaced with pretty cashmere sweaters, light jackets and other fall favorites. I have added a few things to my wardrobe lately, classics that stand the test of time…..

Adore this vest from Barbour, such a classic piece that can easily be layered. Click here


Just ordered this sweater from Tuckernuck, it has everything I love, navy and white, brass buttons, bell sleeve…great looking! Click here

I try to avoid heels at all costs but when I do wear them, its almost always a slingback. I have Chanel slingback in a few colors that have stood the test of time (as in several years). These by Veronica Beard are great, I love the lower heel so they can be worn casually and a lot less expensive especially when you factor in the fact that that are a classic that you will own for years and years! Click here


3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST A bounty of beauty this weekend…..

4 A BEAUTIFUL HOUSE TOUR WITH ELEGANT PATRICIA ALTSCHUL So enjoyed this tour of Patricia Altschul’s home. She is a customer and acquaintance who is so so lovely. She has invited me to her home and I absolutely cannot wait to take her up on it. I love everything about her and if you love old world tradition, then you will so enjoy this video tour! Could listen to her voice all day long, it reminds me of my sweet mom:)

Anyhow about this bathroom? I might never leave!

5 A FEW NEW POSSIBILITIES Would love your opinion on a few possible new additions to the line. Brass ormolu bases for jars and ginger jars can really elevate a piece to the next level. I am considering adding these, as I think they are beautiful and would love your opinion! Would do them in a few styles and sizes.

What I love about them is that they can really elevate a jar, here is what I mean-


I am thinking of adding these pretty prints to the ship with these wonderful gold bamboo frames, thoughts?



6 BEAUTIFUL HOLIDAY TOUCHES I am a fan of Heather Chadduck and her timeless elegant style. When she was selected to design this charmer in Williamsburg, she went to town with her talents. I am so in love with all of these incredibly beautiful holiday touches, makes me want to get busy on my end!Click here to read the entire article over at Flower Magazine.

7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY For those who celebrate Christmas, curious as to when you will put up your tree. I generally vow to put it up earlier and earlier every year but rarely do, though this year I am thinking and hoping I will get it up right after Thanksgiving (early for me). How about you?



Our Veterans Day Sale is on as of Sunday morning. 25% off site wide!

Click here for shop (all categories and subcategories are on the left)

Code- thankful


I had to include this video which is so moving but so important to watch in observance and appreciation of all those who have served our country. We all know freedom is never free.


And that is a wrap for this Sunday. Wishing everyone a wonderful and relaxing Sunday. Thanks for stopping in, until next time……..


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The ormulou bases are lovely, but unless you are going to put in inside circumference of the bases and your vases on your site, it could back fire on you. The jars on the bases you show are too small. I had been an accessory buyer for a high end furniture store in the DC area. You may want to do a bit more research and marry some bases with some specific jars.
Wish you the best always,
Debbie Diffee Fahy

Tina this was such a great post. I am in love with that living room concept. The colors are so beautiful.
you get a yes, from me on both of the new product considerations
every year the day after Thanksgiving, we host a pre-Christmas party. We’re friends and family come over to decorate our tree. It’s a fun tradition that we started about six years ago.
that video was very moving. Thank you for sharing it.

Just love Patricia. Southern Charm is my guilty pleasure. Thanks for posting the house tour❤️😊

I agree with Debbie. I too have been an accessory buyer for years. Love the idea of Brass (as well as silver) bases but you can make more universal by adding a solid top. Decorative legs can rise above base to give same illusion.

I have been to China many times for business and bought some old & new Blue & White porcelain [they do the new so well as you have discovered]. Your bases are lovely but the brass needs to fit the circumference of the bottom of the vase. I can send you a picture of very old bases if you send me your email. I am Ashley Danis’ Mother- she has the corner home @ 2 Bells Park North [ white w/ light blue shutters] in PB.

To Peggy, saying this kindly, not sure your daughter would appreciate her full name and address been posted on the net.

This was a fabulous post. So much to enjoy. Thank you. I love the blue and white art framed in the bamboo frames. I hope you will offer them.
I am inspired to subscribe to Flowers Magazine. It is lovely. Although I’ve read many articles on line, I know I need to have it in hand to truly enjoy it.
Glad your feeling better! We got the bug too, and are better but not 100%. It was a rough one! LOL. It set my Nov plans back a bit—but catching up. Your Thanksgiving plans sound lovely.
I am a bit nervous about how much time is left for all the preparations. I don’t want it to be a race to the finish. I hope we all can enjoy this beautiful time of year with ease and enthusiasm.
Amen, God Bless all Veterans! They truly are the hero’s of our lives.
Best, Fanny

I really enjoyed this post and am glad you are on the mend.
I have used the first pattern sisal in my Vt great room and it has held up through years of guests, children and pets. No regrets. During the winter months I’ve layered rugs on top.
I love the idea of the brass bases for the
ginger jars, but I’m hoping a slightly less ornate stand could be in the works also.
Fishbowl stand also a a possibility?

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