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Hi there, so I have to say I came home from Thanksgiving feeling totally overwhelmed. Between still getting over my cough and dragging just a bit, I went onto Instagram and could not get over how many “totally done” homes there were! I am talking wreaths in every window, trees fully decorated, banisters hung with garland, stockings up…talk about making me feel behind the 8 ball! And about a healthy dose of  self induced torture. Yes, I know comparison is the thief fo joy but when you have a business that focuses on home decor, there is a certain degree of pressure you face. Fair or not.

So……I came home and decided to deck the halls in my dining room.  I decided I would not succumb to the stress but would try and tackle one space every week for the next 3 weeks. Remember, we did not think we would even be here this Christmas (thought our renovation would be underway by now) but it didn’t work out that way. Its challenging for  someone like me who always likes a home project and who wants everything to be “just so” to work with things as they are, because all I see is wanting to paint, redo the floors, change window treatments, etc….but making themes of things.

I decided to do a classic blue and white theme with red…very traditional. And in this room I actually love the way it came out. The pops of red really add something to the festive vibe and it’s just enough color to accentuate the blue and white beautifully.  will soon be adding white amaryllis and paper whites to the mix (growing them now) and within a few weeks hope to have them start to bloom in time for Christmas.

We are having friends over on Sunday, so this setting will be the first of hopefully at least a few holiday dinners that we will host. Come on in and take a look……


These are all faux but I usually end up mixing cuttings from the yard in with the faux a little later in the month so they don’t dry out

Adore this huge arrangement I made in one of our large centerpiece bowls, click here to see

Our 6′ porcelain trees are the cutest placed on every setting, click here

We have a handful left of these beautiful large deer, they are being added to the site later this morning (click here for new arrivals)

Our midsized double happiness vase is a favorite for all seasons

Our sweet are these new holly berry glasses which also double as a perfect holiday bud vase! Click here

LOVE our new white cabbage dinnerware on this table!! Fully restocked! Click here 

Love our mini bud vases at each setting filled with sprig of greenery, for Christmas I will add red tulips, click here

My favorite ice bucket/wine cooler- we. have a handful left (use code silver for 30% off all silver!! Click here

Added these two darling vases with the greenly and berries, love the combination of colors here, click here for this vase

Don’t forget chests, cabinets in your dining room. This took 2 minutes at most, just filled in with some of our faux greenery among the silver and coral for a festive touch!

Even have a few girts wrapped (just kidding they are empty boxes but look pretty:)

And  because I like to keep it real, perhaps I was a bit too confident in my holiday decorating skills as I attempted (key word) to decorate this mini 4 foot tree, stepped out to take a call and heard a huge crash!! It came tumbling down faster then you can say Christmas…..almost all ornaments were casualties (had 7 survivors) Will attempt this again today. It’s not always tulips and cartwheels!!


And there you have my first venture into holiday decorating for the 2023 season. With luck,  I will tackle a space once a week and hope to share it here with you. Next up is my tree, and continuing on with the theme of blue and white with red. It is very cheery and festive and I am really enjoying it. Thanks for stopping in, wishing everyone a merry day!! Until next time….

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It’s good to hear you feel decor pressure, too! Very encouraging.

We had 47 people for thanksgiving at The WW “ranch” (400 acres is NOT a ranch). Although everyone brings dishes, we were exhausted.
Fun to read you were, also!

Tina you have that magic touch. What an absolutely beautiful dining room and I agree the blue and white is so timeless and the touches of red are perfect.

I love all of your ideas, you are always someone who I look to for direction.

I bought the cabbage plates in white, and now thinking I need to add some place settings because you’ve given me a great idea to use them for our Christmas dinner table!!

Just absolutely beautiful

Just came home from Florida . Feel very over whelmed about Christmas. So many already have their homes fully decorated. I can barely get the boxes from the attic. Hurt my knee and limping a little. Just making myself a little crazy. – As my husband says ” sometimes less is more”. Think I will take his advice.

I have a small tree decorated with china ornaments. In 2006 while taking it out it crashed – most of the ornaments broke but I laughed to myself “it’s just glass” because my 22 year old son was then just recovering from cancer treatments. I attempted to replace the ornaments but couldn’t find the “cookie jar” which was a favorite since I ran a family cookie business. A woman in the store heard me inquiring about it and said she had it and would give it to me! Every year I remember her kindness as I put the china tree out as our dining room table centerpiece.
We lost our son in 2016 at the age of 32… “it’s just glass”

Tina-I agree with Karen about perfection-WHATEVER you do, the result is always breathtaking. Most importantly, get your rest so you can get over whatever is ailing you right now-no matter what you have up for decor or not, it won’t be worth it if your health is suffering-this year we aren’t even having a tree but I will decorate everything else-my husband had a serious back surgery two weeks ago so we decided not to have a tree-way too difficult. But we are OK with it and will have joy in the holiday anyway because he is still with me, we have each other and it is the birth of our Saviour and that is what is most important. Merry Christmas, love you and all you do for us all.

I totally agree that Christmas preparations have begun super early this year. Your plan to do a little at a time is spot on with keeping your sanity.

Tina, Did you paint your navy blue cabinet? Or, did you purchase it that way? I am fascinated with automotive paint being sprayed on furniture. I’m thinking of having my dining room cabinet spray painted navy. Loved your post I think all women are overwhelmed this time of year.

When we first moved into our home 30 plus years ago, we had a huge live Christmas tree. Now that we are empty nesters, we have an artificial table top size tree, which we decorate with a few selective ornaments. We keep it very simple, a few holiday objects scattered about in the family and living room. The important thing is to be with family and continue making memories…including lighting our menorah and making latkes! Happy Holidays!

Your home and decor are just gorgeous, Tina! Sometimes I wonder if the photos on Instagram are from last year. I just don’t think everyone has the time to go about decorating a whole home for Christmas that quickly. Anyway, your home is lovely and going between two homes is enough to keep the best of us too busy decorating. I’m going for less this year, so I have time for reading and baking.
I hope you feel better soon! The weekend is almost here 🙂 And again, your home and decor are so lovely.

Oh no! That breakage is enough to turn one into the Grinch! Merry Christmas! 😉

I so enjoyed reading this post and always anticipate your incredible take on decor for any given season. This might be my favorite yet. It is so festive an elegant.!

I have gotten so many good ideas from you over the years so I want to thank you. I recently received my white cabbage plates and adore them. I am going to be using them with my Spode Christmas China and going to copy a few of your ideas here.!

absolutely love your chairs may I ask who makes them?

Thank you for sharing your gorgeous dining room….love every touch of Christmas! Is it really the holidays without the sound of glass ornaments hitting the floor?? Keep working your magic and sharing your beautiful home decor with your loyal followers.

All those completely finished holiday homes hired teams of installers from local design and floral companies.

Have you ever thought of paying someone for their service of helping you?
It’s a whole lot less overwhelming. I once owned one of those companies and Christmas installations with banisters, trees, etc are a huge amount of work… set up and take down! Hire some labor Tina.

There are so many vlogs/blogs/pinterest/instagram out there about how life is perfect, but its good to see that life has its ups and downs and how you recover from it. You still inspire us on each post you do, and I do appreciate how you pick yourself up time after time, and make beautiful, inspirational, creative items in everything you do. Thank you.

I can totally relate to ornaments on the floor in pieces, lol. I thought it was only me… I’m always tempting chaos in my house!

This is the first year I’ve got the outside decorated before Dec 1st. I think the retailers early sales may have sparked my Inspiration to get it done. Well that, and the weather. That said, my house is in complete chaos. I’ve been going back and forth to hospital. 2 family members were admitted this month. I’m grateful that the outside is done and hopefully can get the inside completed over the next 2 weeks. I love your wrapping paper, ribbons and ornaments. I’m excited to see it all come together. Enjoy!
PS Your home is stunning; thank you for sharing. Best,

Tina, beautiful table. Just a thought. The Whitney Champagne Grand Chandelier by Ethan Allen would be stunning over your table.

Dear Tina..
Happy to hear that you are on the rebound and kicking that ailment to the curb. Sorry for the loss of your treasured ornaments as this was always a concern of ours. Luckily are MR. ARTIFICIAL is tethered to the underside of our bookcases that flank the fireplace with fishing line.
I must confess here that I cannot go with faux floral arrangements even though we have a fake tree at Christmas. Does that even make sense? Merry Christmas to you and your family and for keeping blue and white so refreshing.

It only took one time for my 9 ft.Christmas tree to fall over and all my plaza hotel ornaments I had collected over the years to break into a hundred pieces that I now tether my tree to my drapery rod and don’t need to worry! Thank you for sharing that even you have holidays that you feel behind the 8 ball. But when you do get decorating, everything looks stunning! Feel better soon!

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