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Hi there, hope you are having a nice weekend. I first want to announce the winner of the silver giveaway. Congratulations goes to-


The candle lamps and pierced footed trays are such show stoppers!


Please email us at [email protected] to provide your name and shipping address so your prize can get on the way!


I will be back in NY by the time this posts (reluctantly) got to enjoy some really nice weather in PB. High 60’s and mostly sun. Hard to describe the vibe there, just incredibly peaceful, a place to truly unwind, decompress, rejuvenate and reset. A very special place and having somewhere to go to experience that is more important as I get older.

I know we still have a few months of cold weather but I am already in full spring mode. We have some beautiful things coming, especially excited about our incredible tole eggs, wicker bunnies and a bunch of new items. I cannot wait to throw open the windows and usher in that much anticipated spring air. Until then I will keep on dreaming about it indoors.  Onward to my post this weekend-



1 A FEW GOOD BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS A friend sent me a Palmetto Bluff housewarming gift, 2 amazing books that I loved and surprisingly did not own! I highly recommend both and  if you are like me, you enjoy a healthy coffee table book collection:)

Ralph hits it out of the part every single time…from front to back this is one must have coffee table book!


This new book by Celerie Kimble is another winner, devoted to Playa Grande, this book takes you on a virtual vacation into the prettiest, chicest paradise. A beautiful book to own or give!

2 WICKER BACK IN STOCK We restocked a bunch of our best selling wicker pieces. Here is just some of what has recently come in. Our deal of the day is a fabulous wicker deal (details below) Click here to see our incredible (and growing) wicker collection!


3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Always enjoy sharing the various instagrams that have caught my eye this week

4 THE TULIP FESTIVAL IN THE NETHERLANDS This is on my bucket list and I plan to make this happen hopefully next year (a friend has the same yearning) This year it starts on March 21st and extends through May,  it is nearly two months filled with non stop floral events and of course the tulips are in full bloom, clearly a sight to behold. Here is a great video which offers a wonderful overview.

5 AN AMAZING SPAGHETTI CARBONARA RECIPE OK first thing, this is not diet friendly but once in a while, a meal like this is soooo worth it! I made this for a friend visiting while in PB and OMG cannot even tell you how unbelievable this was. Honestly it was worth every single calorie.

It’s almost hard to believe that with five simple ingredients, you can create something so incredibly delicious and decadent. I think this is the best carbonara I have ever had. Its not at all difficult, it all really boils down to cooking, a little finesse and being sure the pasta is aldente. This is like the ultimate comfort food! Heres what you need to  do-


  • 4 eggs yolks
  • 4 oz pancetta
  • Kosher salt and fresh ground pepper
  • Spaghetti *12 oz
  • 1/2 cup Pecorino Romano


Cut the pancetta or Guanciale into very small cubes.  In a separate bowl, combine the egg yolks with the grated cheese and a pinch of black pepper.Brown the pancetta for 2-3 minutes in a pan, until crisp, then turn off the heat and leave to cool. NO OIL REQUIRED. Bring a large pot of water to a boil. Add salt. Cook the pasta, setting aside a ladleful of the pasta cooking water, until AL DENTE Drain.

Pour about 1/4 cup  reserved hot water into the frying pan with the cooled pancetta, then transfer the pasta to the same pan and mix together. Add the yolk and cheese mixture, stirring rapidly until well blended, must stir vigorously for approx 1-2 minutes.

In the warm pan with the hot pasta, the eggs will cook gently and become creamy – don’t stir over heat otherwise the carbonara will become lumpy. It’s important to stir quickly to prevent the yolks from congealing and taking on the texture of scrambled eggs.

Season with freshly milled black pepper and serve immediately on a hot plate.

6 A GREAT SERIES I CANNOT WAIT FOR! The looks so good. Coming out on Jan 31st on FX, with an all start cast,  this will be good! The story is based upon Truman Capotes gaggle of the most glamorous socialite friends and all their trials and tribulations. Will definitely make great TV watching!


7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY I am trying to continue working on small projects in Palmetto Bluff. I want to add a bench to the foot of my bed as well as make a bench cover and some pillows for the window seat. I have found a bevy of fabrics that I love and am absolutely torn! I will also be adding some pretty prints to the wall. It takes longer to get these projects done from a distance, but slowly it will get done.

Let me know if you have an opinion on one grouping and if you have a favorite fabric choice for both the bench cover and window seat cover (want to do same fabric for both) I may do a contrast piping. Always helpful to get your 2 cents….


I want to do a similar fully upholstered bench and window seat in one of the prints with coordinating pillows (on window seat) not sure if I want to do it in tones of soft blues or soft blues with a touch of green (which is quite pretty too)

So looking at the 3 print options (going vertically) do you have a favorite? I am leaning towards (shape wise) this bench below

The bed is upholstered in a soft blue linen it looks gray here but is a soft blue (as is the carpet with a cream trellis)


Our deal of the day is on one our best selling newly restocked wicker hurricanes which double as a fabulous and very stylish floral vase!

Click here

Hope you enjoyed my post this Sunday, always nice to hear from you and share my Sunday mornings with you. Wishing everyone a great day and smooth end to your weekend. Until next time….

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Well…I’m one of the few who voted Group 2 So, with a sigh, I will tell you why… I LOVE a tone on tone master bedroom, It’s the place we go to smooth out the busyness of life and give us peace & sweet dreams 😴

Love my copy of Ralph’s new book and peruse it often.
Glad you got relaxing time. Self care is so important.
I voted for group 2 because I don’t think you want the bench to be the focal point, but with your style, no matter what, it will be beautiful!

Ralph’s book (shown) now resides on my dressing room setee. It is…timeless…no words…franki

This is a wonderful post—with So many beautiful, and good things to enjoy.
I’ll be back to delve into things a little further when I have more time. I always appreciate your instagram account suggestions. Thank you Tina, wishing you a happy and good week ahead. Best, Fanny

I like both 2 and 3, but if it were me, I would prefer 3. I love the contrast it gives to the room. I think it would pull it all together.

As I designer, I believe No.2 is most complimentary along with the green piping. There is too much contrast with the solid fabric on the bed and a green bench.

Group 2 for me. In taking into consideration the blue fabric of your headboard, which is certainly lovely, the carpeting and prints you are planning for the walls, for my design preference, I also prefer a calm restful decor in the bedroom. Also want to say your PB home is magnificent.

I voted Group 2 because the soft blue and white for a bedroom is very soothing at night and is calming before you go to sleep.

I enjoyed today’s post very much !! I always look forward to your “Seven on Sunday”.

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