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Good morning! I announced several months ago we are discontinuing our silver collection. It was/is bittersweet. We have grown into many directions and frankly as exciting as it was (and still is) we had to reign things in and are discontinuing a few categories. That said, I  didn’t realize however how beloved our silver was until we made this announcement! This was born out of my love for silver and frustration at not being able to find beautiful affordable silver pieces.

What I think we will do is bring back a small, carefully curated collection of our silver late summer, early fall. Silver tends to do very well in fall and winter. We will bring back our best sellers and possibly introduce a few new things but it will be a very pared down collection available for a limited time.

In the meantime as of today our entire and rather incredible silver collection is now 35% off. We have sold a lot in the last few moths but still have loads of pieces (took several boxes out of storage) and didn’t realize just how much more we have!

I enjoyed going through the archives to see various ways I have used our silver over the years. I think if this proves one thing, it is how incredibly versatile it is and how there are multiples way you can use a single piece. Here is a look-






One lucky winner will win one of our medium pierced bowls. Super versatile for bread, candies, fruit or just a decorative pretty bowl! Leave a comment on his post telling me your favorite item and I will announce a winner on Sunday

Well that was fun! I am so happy to have a beautiful silver collation, many pieces I use year round. If I do not bring them back, it will be a wonderful memento and if I do, you can bet I will continue to add on. Like I feel about blue and white, you can never have too much silver! A wonderful way to add a touch of elegance and shine to any space/table.



Thanks for stopping by. Wishing everyone a beautiful and happy day. Until next time……..

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I love the beverage containers! You can use them for so many things and they are just beautiful!

The julep cups are always my favorite. Useful in so many ways or just beautiful by themselves.

I so love to see silver on my tablescape, it’s so elegant. After all presentation is everything!
I’m so pleased with the items I have previously purchased from you but one cannot have enough!
I have my eye on a couple more things, especially the silver chargers.
Marilyn Cole

I love the silver trays, can never have enough! They are very versatile, great for a bar, vanity, etc. And I love my little tea candle lamps, so unique!

I love the lidded casserole serving dishes and the julep cups which I use for many things. I love beautiful silver gleaming on my table.

My favorite item is the silver water pitcher–love this. Also great as a vase or to serve Mimosas at Sunday brunch. 🙂

I love the etched tray and the mint julep cups. Seeing all the silver reminds me of my mother’s collection and the many times I polished the silver for family gatherings. I will definitely add to the collection.

Silver just makes everything look wonderful. My favorite are the silver trays that I use for serving appetizers. Great way to start a dinner party!

Every piece is lovely, and I have many, but the chargers add so much elegance to a beautiful table!

A touch of silver elevates a mantel, shelf, dining room table etc so thanks for rethinking your decision to discontinue your most popular silver pieces. I hope that includes my favorite, the beaded table lamp.

I really love the domed platter. It is so elegant and would make any table pop instantly with beauty. Every other piece is gorgeous and so useful also.

The mint juleps are my absolute favorite. They add such a pretty touch to so many areas of my house and are so versatile!

Silver Water Pitcher is my favourite. Beautiful statement piece on a lovely set table. 🌸

I love all of your silver pieces, but the ones I remember so fondly are the gorgeous figural napkin rings that you carried so very long ago. They were stupendous!

I love my silver candlesticks with shades on them! I mix them with silver mint Julip glasses and my table looks so elegant. It’s a joy to set the table with them!!!

I love my silver candlesticks with shades on them!. It’s a joy to set the table with them!!!

I have so much of your beautiful silver it’s hard to pick a favorite!! But when I set my table with the silver chargers, julep cups, and candlestick lights with shades, it makes me so happy!!

Love, love the silver punch bowl and planters. They can be used so many different ways 💙

Love all the silver pieces, especially the silver pitcher. Seeing your silver brings back so many wonderful memories of my mom! She loved to decorate with silver when she entertained and for every holiday. It always made the table look so elegant. I have my eye on the silver pitcher. You don’t see that piece very often.

I’ve always loved your collection of mint julep cups. They look so lovely used for flowers, utensils, or for their original drink purpose. I’ve been lucky enough to collect and inherit several over the years

Thank you for this very nice discount. I am excited to be able to buy the tall salt and pepper shakers. I ordered 2, one for me and another as a gift for my future daughter n law. Your silver is beautiful. I think it’s wise to still offer your best sellers. I agree, Silver is a lovely addition for the holidays or special times.

I absolutely love all these silver treasures! Candy for my eyes for sure! I display silver trays in almost every room of my home! Love the look of elegance it gives with all my blue and white pieces also.

Your mint julep cups are by far my most favorite pieces. I have many of your sizes and styles. They make such lovely floral arrangements for wedding or baby showers or for taking to restaurants for special birthday dinners etc….. Everyone wants to know where I found them. Please continue with them, I need more!

Love the little julep cups – so versatile & classic!
Can use to put little floral arrangement on each place setting !
Just beautiful!

I absolutely love the white filagree bowl with the silver lining. Just enough bling without being too fussy. Works well with all my blue and white China as well as my everyday all white.

The silver little lights with white beaded shades are so elegant, and a great way to add ambient lighting on a tablescape instead of candles.

My favorite silver piece is the Elongated Silver Tray; however, they are all so beautiful! I am so happy to hear you will still be selling some silver, as I am just now beginning to start my collection.

I love anything silver! Seeing the pretty mint julep cups reminds me I need to add to my collection asap!

My favorite piece is the silver asparagus fork. I’d been looking for one and yours is gorgeous. It makes serving asparagus easier, no more spears falling off the platter! Brilliant and gorgeous

I love all the silver trays, especially the ones with decorative bands around the edges.

I am so pleased to hear that you will still offer silver pieces during the year . Let’s keep using elegant silver pieces like the beverage /planter which is so versatile. We need to expose the younger generation to this traditional classic look . Someday they will thank us .

I love the beaded scalloped tabletop lamp. I have never seen anything like it and it would make for a romantic and elegant table setting.

Love the mint julups. I think that you have shown us many ways to use them. We don’t have to save them for the derby!

Well I really like the big planter/ ice bucket and I’ve enjoyed mine for a few years. Love it for wine and other drinks for a party. Also, love my silver pagoda salt and pepper shakers.

I have always loved the silver table lamps. The beauty of your table settings have always been enhanced when you have chosen to use them. Gorgeous!

I love all of the pierced silver offerings. They are so beautifully crafted!!! Thank you for your attention to detail!

The bamboo tabletop lamps are my favorite. They are such an elegant touch on your stunning table.

Hi Tina, I love your silver collection, and am so grateful to have a number of pieces from my dear mother’s collection. Each time I use one, I think of her and remember fondly the holidays and special days she would use them and encourage my sisters and I to use them. She would always say, “They are meant to be used!” 🙂 I especially love your gallery trays! And, that pierced bowl is lovely! My mother would have loved that one too! Blessings to you!

IMPOSSIBLE for me to pick a favorite !! I’ve already ordered several pieces and I WANT MORE !! I’m SOOOOO EXCITED that you are bringing back some favorites that I probably missed, but hoping I can purchase the “second time around “ !!! Thank you so much !!!😊

So happy to hear that you are keeping your silver for the holidays ❤️. I have a few silver pieces that I have bought in the past and now is the time for some mint julep cups for the Kentucky Derby 🐴

A favorite?
How about two favorites? Versatile mint julep cups? and/or beautiful chargers? It is hard to pick just one favorite item!

I am so happy you will continue to have silver items.
I love my silver dome and platter. It was too small for turkey but worked beautifully for beef tenderloin during holidays.

All the silver pieces are so elegant. I would enjoy using the versatile and lovely silver bow box for extra keys , pet treats , meds etc .
What a pleasant decision !

I adore the oval, ornate gallery tray. It would be such a welcome addition to my dining room. I think I would have to display it daily just for my enjoyment.

Like you I adore silver. Your beautiful silver chargers are perfection. I have had silver charges for 40 years and use them constantly. I am now in search of silver goblets. Might that be something you add to your collection of stunning silver pieces?

Tina, I love perusing your pictures of all the beautiful items that you offer. I have several pieces of your silver and have enjoyed them very much over the years!
I have a question about the “Bird of Paradise” china. What brand is it? I think you have been asked and answered the question in the past, but I forget.

Thank you for all the beauty you bring into our lives!

Love blue and white and love silver. My daughter teases me that I am the only person she knows who actually enjoys polishing silver!

There is nothing more special than having beautiful silver! My favorite are the silver trays and mint julip cups!

I adore the silver mint juleps. They are classic and their possibilities for usage are endless!

all the chargers and trays are beautiful, but think I only really need the salt and pepper!

Just ordered the etched juleps. I love any of the silver used with flowers for vases—gorgeous!

Tina, I am new to your wonderful blog. Please don’t give up your silver collection if you can. WOW, WOW, WOW!!!

I love the mint julep cups–so versatile–to use for gathering flowers, silverware, bread/pretzel sticks, etc.

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