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Hi there, hoping to get back to some more “decorating” themed posts at least a few times a month, especially since we will,  fingers crossed,  be starting a big renovation in a matter of months.  I have always loved lacquered walls so much, it adds such drama and impact to any room, in any color. My mind is all over the place with ideas. But one thing about me, I have very definite ideas about what I like and rarely waiver. That could be a good or bad thing. So I have so many definite idea of my kitchen and will eventually start posting about those and now  toying with concepts for our new living room decor and spaces beyond.

We have a wonderful smallish library off the foyer/dining room.  We haven’t really done anything in there but my goal is to lacquer the entire space in either a gray/blue or a pale taupe. I am sure I will do some kind of lacquer, and just gathering ideas/colors/concepts…cannot wait! We will not change the room as I love it as it is but look forward to giving it new life with a beautiful lacquer of some sort. Here is some beautiful lacquer inspiration…..


One of my personal favorites:) A design job I did in NYC, love how this incredible library project came out  (used Fine Paints of Europe)

Love this Chinese red  by Garrow Designs

This green by Wendy Labrum is incredible!!

Even neutral spaces like this peaceful soft beige lacquered space by Cathy Kincaid is incredible!

Gorgeous light blue space featured in House Beautiful

Incredible green and that sheen, could almost double as a micro! Fine Paints of Europe

Love this color, source unknown

Incredible rich dark green Arch Digest

Don’t forget about the tremendous impact a vibrant lacquer paint can have in a powder room, just like a little jewel

An unexpected color but boy, is this pretty Kimberly Frost

Beautiful library by Andrew Howard

Wow talk about major impact,  The Zhush

Unexpected colors like this pale turquoise can be quite dramatic as well

The lacquer work of Henry Van Der Vijver is unparalleled



Lots to love here, do you have a favorite lacquer color? I love so many…would love to know your thoughts on high gloss/lacquer. Thanks for stopping in, wishing everyone a great day! Until next time……




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Oh, girl…run, don’t walk & get THAT PAINT!!! SO VERY BEAUTIFUL!! Think Miles Redd did the first one I saw…franki

Absolutely love lacquered rooms with trim details. Was just looking at paint colors this morning to paint my living room to make a “library feel” in a deep gray green!

Lacquer is gorgeous. I still remembered the beautiful navy project you did. Timeless.
Your interpretation leads the way for me. 🙏🏻

Love the lacquer rooms, even the unexpected colors look outstanding with the lacquer sheen.

I could not agree more Tina about loving lacquered walls, ceilings and furniture! It adds a depth to a room like nothing else does (in my humble opinion). Great post today….THANKS! Sending you blessings from my home here in Colorado to yours 💞💕💞

Don’t know which is best, they are all stunning. A seemingly unimpressive color can be taken to a whole new level when lacquered. Thank you for showcasing this beautiful, sophisticated collection,

I loved the deep Blue lacquer paint (navy). I lost interest with the other colours. The Deep Blue looked very timeless and rich. 🌸

My favorite lacquer color would be that dramatic blue in your first picture on this post. Would make a perfect home library!

Love the red lacquer – very Asian and I love Chinoiserserie style design. The blues are pretty too – even the neutral cream. It seems to me that the important part of making lacquer work is to have detailed moldings on the walls and/or ceiling. My question is the ceiling…I almost always see the ceilings lacquered in the same color as the walls although there were a couple where the ceiling was white…one looked lacquered and the other did not. What is the design “rule of thumb” regarding ceiling color and sheen in rooms with lacquered walls?

I absolutely love lacquered walls. I’ve even looked into having some antiques lacquered for my new house in Winter Park Florida.

I vote the pale turquoise! I have my entire home painted in two laura ashley shades of this color with lots of beautiful white trim and creamy neutrals. It pairs so well with blush, pale greens, pale blues, and other spring like colors! Added bonus the blue and white really pops and adds balance to the pastels. The turquoise background also adds a richness to antique wood tones and makes them shine. Long story short, the pale turqoise envokes regency period delight!

Watch the 2020 version of Jane Austen’s “Emma” directed by Autumn de Wilde to see beautiful Georgian homes with more unexpected color! Just beautiful! Offers some fun ideas for adding a more colorful twist on a Georgian. 🙂

Lacquer gives a dramatic rich look for sure. Lacquered furniture is pretty also instead of a dull looking paint. Friends own a Lacquer Furniture business and sell a lot of furniture thru Charish.

I absolutely love the lacquered rooms !! Once upon a time, in the 80’s I wanted to do a room in lacquered paint but was told that would ruin my house!!! Times have changed,, alright!!! Haven’t they!!!!!?

Good morning everyone! Oh no, please don’t throw your paint chip / samples at me, but I don’t like lacquer at all. AT ALL! It makes my eyeballs ache: – ) The rooms pictured are gorgeous with the color, fabric and millwork; I simply don’t the like lacquer part. I was in a home just once that had a lot of lacquer and I was so jittery and overstimulated, I couldn’t wait to leave. Hahahaha, now I’m whisper-typing this confession and having the giggles as I imagine your mock-horror at my more plain walls. Isn’t it wonderful to have so many choices and have so much fun with design!! Have a great day!

LOVE lacquer! I would like to know more about how to get the high gloss lacquer look. Are there several steps in the paint job to get the look? I especially like the look of the navy blue bar cabinet.

If you visit Fine Paints of Europe there is a lot of information on the process as well as many other sites…its fun to watch

I’m guessing that the deep blue lacquered library room, is the famous guard of the NY KNICKS , Walt Fraziers’ library ?
His picture on the wall is a possible hint to me.
What a beautiful design job you did on that room!

Hi Tina,
Keep in mind Laquer gives a modern twist and your house is classic vintage stunning. Maybe just do the library and some bathrooms to get the Laquer in that u want but I would not do the main living areas in Laquer it will ruin the feel of this spectacular home . The rooms are gorgeous as is ! In person do they need to be painted at all ?? I like the French / blue grey color or the Tiffany blue for a pop in the library only . Like I said you can do some laquer in your closet and it some bathrooms . Keep everything classic and you will not go wrong . Please Do not remove or change the mouldings !! You can not find this craftsmanship any where!
Remember less is MORE!!!Best of luck in your renovations. I am sure the kitchen needs to be done first old homes typically did not have nice kitchens would love to see original kitchen too. Love , Caroline

Happy Valentines Day! All of these rooms are beautiful. I would choose a color that you love. When I think of a library I think of a warm comfortable, sophisticated and classic ‘Ralph Lauren’ room. That said, I’d probably entertain a dark jewel tone. You can always create paint boards. Good luck, I know your choice will be beautiful.

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