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Hi there everyone, hope this finds you well and enjoying a nice weekend, after all its the holy grail for all football fans across the country, Superbowl Sunday! Admittedly I am not a huge football fan but always tune in to the big game because it almost feels antiAmerican not to do so:) Plus my son is the most diehard football fan I know, so I am also doing it for him! He is a seriously devoted Chiefs fan but what do I know, I say let the best team win.

The other night I spent hours going through the earliest blog posts way back in 2011. It literally brought tears to my eyes. I remember those early blogging days so well when it was just taking off and the wonderful community of fellows bloggers I met (mostly online) but some in “real life”. It was a different time. I had all kind of warm fuzzy thoughts reading over those posts and am going to soon devote a post to this very subject in the coming week, so stay tuned….

Meanwhile here is my Seven on Sunday for this week-



1 FUN FACT ABOUT OUR NEW HOUSE! Had dinner with friends the other night and she asked me if I knew our current house was featured in the movie Side Effects with Jude Law. Had seen the movie and did not k now that! It is approx 1 hour and 29 minutes into the movie and is featured as the former Greenwich estate of the main character, I love how they did a beautiful party in the side yard with white wicker. Gives me some ideas:) It starts with sailboat scene FYI. If you are interested in seeing it, its on Prime.


2 CAPOTE VS THE SWANS Started this series and it is good, scandalous and certainly entertains. But the thing I am most entertained by far, are the interiors, fashion and elegance. I am transfixed when watching it, it is so beautiful and elegant. A bygone era that will never be. Always say it and firmly believe it…..I was born in the wrong era! Though they had it all, wealth, power, beauty, access…they weren’t a very happy bunch and Truman surely added fuel to that fire. There was a lot of sadness and tragedy behind the glossy facade, which is what makes this video below so interesting.

If you are watching the series, are you enjoying it?

Here’s an interesting video on the real women behind the glamorous gaggle known as the Swans….really interesting!

3 PASTEL LACQUER TRAYS With spring and warmer weather not too far into the distance, we are going to soon welcome all kinds of beautiful new spring items. Our instant best selling lacquerd trays are coming in a bevy of beautiful spring colors and we are adding a round tray! These will be here in about 4-5 weeks and we will, as we always do hold a presale coming up in a few weeks.

4 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST  A random group of beautiful instagrams….

5 MY BIGGEST SUGAR OBSESSION Ever since I discovered this outrageously talented cake artisan, Soocake_ully.  I was obsessed and continue to be. I have shared her work before. She is based in Korea and I am in absolute awe of what she does with sugar. I have never seen such beautiful lifelike flowers in the form of confectionary perfection. Here is just a sampling of her work. Click here to go down a rabbit hole and see the unbelievable creations  she has made…really hard to believe these are sugar and not freshly cut flowers!

6 A FABULOUS HOME TOUR IN BIRMINGHAM Wow I loved this one, its a three for one. Three fabulous Birmingham homes in one video. The first two are my personal faves.  The best of old and new, love the homeowners thoughts on creating a home. Layered with so much timeless elegance…enjoy.

7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY Well the question today was a no brainer…who are you rooting for to win the Super Bowl? And then a second question, about how and if you even celebrate. I know for some, they don’t even watch.  If I am to be honest, I say “let the best team win” but I can’t say that out loud as my son would have a fit!



And that is a wrap for this Sunday. Hope you enjoyed the post and hope you enjoy the Super Bowl! Until next time………

Two announcements-

Our highly anticipated glass blowout sale starts tomorrow at 9am! We will announce it both on the blog and instagram


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I’m watching the Swans. I’ve read many stories about that era. But to see the actresses in the movie, I can almost smell the hair spray ! Laughed at one scene where the gal told her hairdresser Higher! But OMG, the drink and cigarettes at lunch !
Plural drinks and wine !!

wow, your house looks beautiful. I am going to watch the movie today.! so Great Gatsby- ish.

Love those beautiful new trays, I am not big on football, but most of my family is so we were all gather at our home, our grown children and significant others to watch the game, I’ll be in the kitchen cooking, which is fine by me! Nothing major though.

Hope that you enjoy your day and look forward to the post about the beginning of your blog career

Love your house, saw that movie and remember it!! So beautiful and elegant, a bygone era. Jude Law was great in that movie.

Just started watching Truman vs Swans yesterday, agree about all you said.

Looking forward to the glass sale, we are hosting my daughters engagement and I need several for tables.

Go Chiefs. we are huge fans in this household. We always stay home as my husband must watch it totally uninterrupted. (seriously)

Of all my blogs I value yours the most. There would be a big void on Sundays without it. Keep up the wonderful posts!

Hi Tina. I have been a reader of your blog for a number of years and really enjoy “Seven-on-Sunday”. I want to thank you for sharing Home Worthy. I have enjoyed watching them immensely! What a gift!

Thank you for the video link about Capote vs. the Swans. I too am obsessed with the “set dressing”- the clothes, the jewelry, the interior design. All so very chic.

We are huge chiefs fans and Patrick the quarterback lives in our community so we definitely want the chiefs to win!!!!!

Tina, Love…Love “Seven On Sundays”!! Thanks for bringing in Home Worthy, such fun meeting the talented homeowners & “walking through” their beautiful homes. I’m excited to read that you’ll bring in some of your older blogs…I’ve been enjoying yours for four years now!! Thank you for bringing us into all this Beauty!!

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