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Hi there! Hope this finds you well. You will want to sit down for this, this is good, very good.  We get containers in monthly. I have to admit I anticipate each and every one of them as though its a first. But there are some that truly get me as giddy as a school girl and this is one! These came in last week and I oohed and ahhed the opening of every box…quite literally.

Some of our best selling cast aluminum best sellers came back but we are also introducing a bunch of fabulous new items that I am sure will be big hits. Everything is here and ready to go!

Please read over the rules prior to placing an order-

  • There are TWO ways to order email- [email protected] or call 800-804-9565 (9:30-5 EST) 
  • Our phone system is  being worked on this morning so emailing your order is advisable
  • If you email your order, you must include, full name,address, phone number and item number along with color and quantity (if applicable)
  • This sale is on for 3 days
  • Shipping is extra
  • Large items will be billed at time of shipment
  • Shipping in the U.S. only for large items, smaller items can be shipped internationally (you can email for a quote)
  • Stocking dealer/retailer? Please contact [email protected]
  • Questions? Please call 800-804-9565


And now for the fun part….


ITEM 1 We are overjoyed to have gotten back in our truly incredible  lattice urns and pedestal. These are works of art, and are breathtaking. Beautifully finished in cast aluminum so not rust and can stay outside .

Ours have been out all winter. Prettier ones I don’t think you will find.  Sold as a set or separate pieces. We will,  due to a steep increase in aluminum prices, be increasing our prices as of around March 1st, so this makes this a particularly great deal if you know the paise of such magnificent pieces. These are just incredible!


Urn measures 19.5″ x 14″  $335.00

Pedestal measures 12″ x 34″  $ 510.00

Together $835.00

Specify lawn green, white or black

How gorgeous were they at this wedding done by garden designer Sarah Worden Natural Design

ITEM 2 Our fabulous lion footed cast aluminum lattice planters are back in both black and white! These are beautiful for indoor and outdoor use. They will not rust as they are cast aluminum. Nothing that doesn’t look sensational in these! Such a spectacular way to enhance a front door, garden or interior room. The lattice detailing is just stunning.

Measures 20″  x 20″


Specify black or white

These are a much made in heaven with our giant 24″ Easter eggs (coming in within about 3-4 weeks) We are introducing the collection next week

ITEM 3 NEW! So excited one these. Say hello to our newest planters, these fabulous round rattan scalloped lattice planters in 2 size and 2 colors They include a removable liner which makes these incredibly easy to use. Greenery, fresh flowers, a big boxwood ball, topiaries…it all works with this beauty. I am in love with these, so versatile!!

8′ round $75.00 specify natural or white

10″ round $85.00 specify natural or white


ITEM 4 NEW! And we have the same planter in the fabulous square scalloped offered in two sizes and two colors. Limitless possibilities with these beauties. I had to take both the round and square home immediately as I have a feeling these are going to become best sellers. Adore them and literally want to plan a party around these:)


8″ square $85.00 natural or white

10″square  $95.00 specify natural or white




ITEM 5 NEW! Look what’s back! Our absolutely stunning glossy lacquered scalloped trays in 3 sizes and 4 colors. I just adore these and they becmase instant hit for a reason. They can be used in so many ways, from bars to vanities,indoors and out!


14″ x 14″ square $60.00

13″ x 16″ large rectangular  $70.00

14″ x 20″ large rectangular  $75.00 NEW SIZE!

Specify burnt orange, navy, green, white or ivory



ITEM 6 And after waiting literally almost 6 months,  we are finally getting back  my all time favorite hexagonal wicker planter. Offered in three sizes, buy them individually or as a set of three. These are super versatile, look great with greenery, a fern, a topiary, or line with a liner and make a gorgeous fresh flower arrangement!

Small 5″ x 8″.  $45.00

Medium 6″ x 12″  $65.00

Large 7″ x 14″ $75.00

Set of 3 $145.00



ITEM 7 NEW! Words cannot describe how elated I was to see this piece of art come back. Love this fretwork pedestal and have two in my living room.  We had to change manufacturers as the first batch were made of mango wood and a batch had come in, were prone to small hairline cracks. I still have two and they are outrageously beautiful however we have a new and very much improved fretwork pedestal that is finished so beautifully.

It is done in the same material as our lattice bars, so appears like a white gloss hardwood. I cannot even tell you how beautiful these are. Two will be on the way to PB very soon:) These just elevate everything!

Measures 34″ x 16″ x 16″ $295.00

ITEM 8 Our stunning wicker pagodas are back in 3 sizes. These are so much fun to decorate with. I love a pair on a console or cocktail table, or several in staggered sizes down the middle of a long table or a dinner party to event. I love them with ladles an have seen people put flowers in them, both beautiful ways to use them. Buy as a set or individually

Set of 3 $155.00

Small 8″ x 10 $50.00

Medium 14″ x 9″  $60.00

Large 16″ x 10″ $75.00


ITEM 9 We got in our pretty round wicker wastepaper basket, this is one of those that can literally go anywhere.

Measures 11″


ITEM 10 NEW! Feast your eyes not he prettiest floor planters I have ever seen! A large blown cup version of the minis above, these extra large round and square rattan scalloped planters are just calling for a very large fern, fig tree, boxwood ball, etc… will have the prettiest floor planter around!



Round measures 18″ x 18″ x 20″ white $135.00 (do not have the pictures back yet) but its same scalloped planter but in round with liner ROUND ONLY COMES IN WHITE $165.00


Scalloped square measures 20″ square white or natural $185.00

white or natural

The round looks like this small one but a big 20″ version-


This is how I envision using them or with a big fig leaf tree, so chic!



ITEM 11 NEW! Madly in love with these new laser cut scalloped wastepaper baskets and tissues. Buy them separately or together. 3 fabulous colors and 3 styles! I could see these almost anywhere from powder rooms to an office to a bedroom, adore them!


Wastepaper basket measures 12″ tall $65.00

Tissue box 5.5″ $38.00

Specify style and color (Fretwork, Chippendale or Lattice) and color- green, blue or cream












ITEM 12 We just got back in our beautiful natural scalloped 48″ consoles!! These are one of our best sellers and with good reasons, they look great everywhere. I have even moved mine outside to set up a small bar on (right enough to be able to do that). Super versatile, features gorgeous scalloped wicker detailing front and back. If you know th prices of similar items, you will know this is a major deal. Sometimes these can go via Fedex ground otherwise we get a freight quote.

Measures 48″ L x 24 W x 33 H. (it tapers on top)



ITEM 13 We got back in our footed scalloped wicker tissue boxes! This beauty is pretty enough for any room.

5″ square


ITEM 14 NEW! These fabulous bamboo planters have the wow factor! Offered in a very light pale blue and black in 2 sizes. Beautiful for a topiary, boxwood ball, fresh greenery or a floral arrangement. Love the chic bamboo detailing.

8 x 8 $55.00

10 x 10 $65.00

Specify light blue or black

ITEM 15 And got more of our stunning scalloped large wicker trays, now with handle! This beauty is a great tray for entertaining both indoors and out. The size is perfect to hold plenty!

Measures 22″ x 15″ x 4″




So we showed you a sneak peek of these incredible wicker Chippendale style cocktail tables  about 4 months ago and got a very small order in of them…which are FABULOUS! They were a no brainer! I was inspired to create a Chippendale style table that has traveled  with us from home to home, in a wicker version and it did not disappoint!

Absolutely spectacular. We are going to offer them (for now) as a limited time offering because we are busting at the seams at our current warehouse and simply cannot store such large pieces.  We are offering to start 3 pieces, a square (2 sizes), rectangular, and an end table. These will be here in 8 weeks so we are looking at mid April. This is a presale price.

Offered in a natural wicker tone

(We can offer painted finishes, please email [email protected] for more info)

Rectangular table 48 x 30 x 18.5″ $645.00


SQUARE TABLE 60 X 60 OR 48 X 48 (30″ tall)

60 x 60 $945.00 (18.5″ tall)

48 x 48 $845.00 (18.5″ tall)


Occasional/end table  28 X 28 X 30







Told you this was an exceptional sale! And that’s a wrap on this fabulous sale. To place your order, just call or email-


[email protected]


Wishing everyone a great day. Until next time…….

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I love the natural wicker Chippendale tables. They would give a casual elegance to any room.

Every item is my favorite! Impossible to pick just one! Such fun and beautiful pieces!!!

I am still irritated that you are considering charging for your blog when there are a large number of your posts promoting your products. Since I know I personally have spent several thousand dollars on your products over the years I have been following you. It seems ridiculous to me and I can say sincerely that if that happens I won’t follow your blog any longer.

Very hard to pick a favorite in this new arrival post, as everything is absolutely fabulous. If I must pick though it has to be the green lattice urns and pedestal. these make such a statement.

I absolutely love your urn planter in white. It is so pretty and classic and would look lovely on my front porch! All your new arrivals are so pretty and would compliment any home!

I’m so in love with the new square scalloped planters.. Now to decide on white or natural…so many decisions!!! It’s All so gorgeous!!

Love the lattice urns and pedestals in green and white. It would be a lovely overflowing with ivy and trailing vinca.

Still waiting for a horizontal tissue box holder. Cube style tissue boxes clump up easily and you end up with several tissue instead of one. Tissue manufactors are still producing horizontal boxes of tissue. Why not have that same shape covers that go over the entire horizontal box?
Thank you for your time..

Wow, all so beautiful, but I would have to say the scalloped wicker tissue box is my favorite!

The urn and pedestal are stunning. I love the green but favor the white as well. The wedding photo featuring the urn and pedestal is beautiful! All your new products are eye candy. All I need is a larger house and property!

All so gorgeous, hard to pick just one favorite! I am ordering the fretwork wastebasket and matching tissue holder immediately! Such an elegant touch for our powder room!

The lattice pedestal and urn are my favorite- they just make every lawns or patio beautiful!

Wow! Everything is beautiful and swoon worthy! With stage 4 breast cancer I go through lots of tissues and your tissue boxes r exquisite. Will have to order several! Thank u for creating so many beautiful items. I love everything I have purchased from u. Keep your creative juices flowing, Tina!

Wow! Everything is beautiful and swoon worthy! With stage 4 breast cancer I go through lots of tissues and your tissue boxes r exquisite. Will have to order several! Thank u for creating so many beautiful items. I love everything I have purchased from u. Keep your creative juices flowing, Tina!

Love the natural wicker products, especially the large 48” x 48” size coffee table for my spring/summer look in the living area!

I love the aluminum urn with pedestal, so classic! There are so many wonderful items in this shipment…

Where do I begin?…everything is just gorgeous! BUT I need the scalloped trays…just not sure which? The wicker or the green painted?
Thanks Tina for getting our creative juices & dreams moving here at the end of winter.

You’re right it was all breathtaking. The fretwork tissue holders and waste basket are on my must have list.

Oh my! So many beautiful things, it’s hard to pick a favorite. But if I had to chose I love the rattan planters!

All the whicker is fabulous! My very favorite right now is the whicker tray. It would go anywhere.

Everything is just so lovely. My favorite is the scalloped, wicker console table.
All these offerings will make any home an impeccable home.
As they say, it really is all in the details !

Please share your dining room wallpaper! Great color in your home. Is it yellow or tan? Looks great in your house.

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