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Hi there,  I am adding a few random pictures of flowers and spring to “pretty up” this long and text heavy post! I think you will however, find its worth the read.  So first,  I want to thank everyone who took the time to read the post about my blogging journey and a few things I was/am considering. I can’t believe I have been blogging for 12 years and I can honestly say I enjoy it as much today as I did penning that very first post. Blogging as I noted,  has changed a lot.Many of those changes were unbeknownst to me.

Many bloggers who I got to know don’t blog any more and solely post on social media. I am a creature of habit and not actively looking for change in life, in general. Just part of my DNA but 2024 is a year where I am trying to be more open about change. I think one aspect I love about it, is the in a world that seems to be spinning faster and faster every day, this is the one constant in my life that remains the same. Siting down at my desk and getting lost in my thoughts is cathartic beyond measure.

I was touched by many comments, and some even almost brought me to tears, not for one particular reason other than the takeaway being that many of you feel like I am an old friend. And in many ways I too, feel like you as a collective group are an old dear friend of mine too.  We all know the feeling of when a friendship changes or just fades away from under us (even if it is our doing), it can be hard to accept even when for the right reasons. Change is hard!

I understand that many of you who are not bloggers may not fully understand the current blogging landscape and frankly I don’t totally get it either. I also realize as a few pointed out that opinions varied widely perhaps defined by age, demographic and socioeconomic factors. Definitely makes sense.

Many of you, as I myself pointed out as well, stated that my current blog is tied in with my business so this is an obvious form of compensation.  I will not argue with that and said it myself. The comments were all over the place and it took a lot of time to read them both on the poll and the blog. But, so happy I did.

I thank each and every one of you for taking the time to respond with your earnest perspective.  Here are the results of the polls-


62% said they would probably not pay a monthly fee for my current blog

35% said probably or yes

39% said they liked the idea of creating a personal blog and charging a subscription fee

18% said they liked the idea of charging a subscription fee for current blog

37% said they like the idea of doing both

44% said they like the idea of keeping my blog and shop on one site

32% said they like the idea of keeping it separate

43% said they read the same number of blogs as they did several years ago

31% said they read less blogs

24% said they read more blogs

38% of you have been reading my blog for 5-8 years

26% of you since the beginning…wow, thank you!

23% have read my blog last 3-5 years

12% of you recently discovered me

When I asked IF I started a more personal blog what kind of content you would want, I had over 600 replies, but here are some….

So all this to say,  I am keeping things exactly as they are! This blog will remain just as its been for about 12 years. Why change a good thing? And I certainly would never want to alienate my most devout readers to potentially gain new ones. The caveat is that I am definiely  considering starting a personal blog, mostly because its something I have thought about for years. If I had a ginger jar for every time I have thought “that’s a good topic to discuss with my readers” or “what would my readers think”, literally this happens daily if not more. I realize many of you don’t care to hear what I have to say on a more personal level and that’s totally fine, you can continue to enjoy my blog here.

If and when I decide to start a small more l personal blog I will let you know. I occasionally write down topics on my phone when I think about them because otherwise they will slip away. So just to give you an idea here are some (of many) that were on my phone….

Why isn’t there a mandatory crash course for every 40 year old on what’s coming down the pike as your parents age!

Older and wiser, is it true or urban myth?

Empty nesting ,the good, bad and ugly

Is Gen X the last generation to be truly happy?

Adapting to changes, and resisting the urge to keep your feet in the sand

Overly anxious? Step into my world…..

Is our world on fire?

Is AI moving too fast?

Topics that used to be OK to speak about with friends/acquaintance but are not considered taboo

How I have changed from 40 to 59 (almost the big 60)

Turning off the helicopter when children leave the nest

How do we navigate the $528 billion dollar beauty business, too many choices!

Navigating yourself through social media swarming in a sea of 20 and 30 year olds

The Taylor Swift phenomenon, let’s break it down generation to generation

Where is the tipping point in a country where tipping is expected at every turn?


I want to end this by saying, some of you referred to me and my readers as “family” and that honestly really touched me beyond what I can convey here. I think the idea of charging for this blog went right out the window then and there.

Yes, my time has value but some things you cannot put a price on. The ability to have a platform to share my life, my business and more is something special, that I do not take for granted. I built it from the ground up and started with 0 followers…..and now have a healthy devoted base of followers/readers and customers, thanks to you!

My Seven on Sunday always feels like a virtual coffee break with friends every Sunday morning, the best kind of standing appointment:)

So the takeaway is that things are remaining the same…and are even going to get better! I will devote at least one post a week to either cooking (recipes), decorating, entertaining or fashion. One common refrain which I found surprising was how many of you missed my fashion and “Which would you choose” posts, so will bring those back in some way, shape or form!

Please also tell me in the comments section if there is a particular subject/past posts that I have done that you would love to see more of. I definitely plan on sharing the house renovation journey when it begins so that will be fun! I think the best is yet to come….

Thanks for stopping by and thank you for being so loyal and steadfast. Wishing you a great day, until next time…..

TODAY AND TOMORROW ONLY! It’s time to start thinking about beautifying our outdoor spaces. We will be implementing a price increase effective March 1st so this is a particularly sweet deal. We have not had a price increase not these in 3 years!

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Oh so happy that you have decided to leave things the same! I read several blogs but yours is the favorite 😍

I really appreciate this post. I so look forward to reading your blog every time you post. For me it is such a break in my sometimes too routine day. I am glad I wasn’t alone in my feelings about your blog or you personally. I have always admired you and your sensibilities. You are right about many of us that don’t know you; but feel like you are our friend. I think between the pandemic and social media it has isolated many. This is my happy place. Thank you

So happy you are keeping things as is. Love what you do and have purchased many items from your shop. I am just one person doing that of your many readers, hoping that compensation from your shop pays you for your time.

Thanks for continuing to do what you do so well! I so enjoy your pictures, recipes, thoughtful words,and converstional exchanges and am looking forward to many more! I am amazed how in sync my opinions are with the majority of your audience. Like minds…

I’m so glad you asked – and I’m so glad you will stay on this path! I had forgotten about Which Would You Choose! I used to love that. Another vote for bringing that back sometimes! Thank you for all you do and share with us!

This post brought a tear to my eye, and I am happy that you’ve decided not to charge a subscription fee. Truth is, financially you’re in a different league than I am, but I’ve followed you from the beginning on your first build of the French-inspired home you just sold, your second build that you sold to rebuild in Palmetto Bluff, and now the beautiful home that you’re in the middle of renovating. I’ve enjoyed imagining what it would be like to live your lifestyle, and I am happy that you’ve made the decision not to change this blog. I think you are a lovely person and sometimes I imagine myself being invited for a seat at your table when you host with your girlfriends. Thank you for allowing your readers to continue living in your world. With so many stores closing, all the terrible things happening around the world, when I read The Enchanted Home, I am taken to an imaginary place where life is kind, beautiful and filled with flowers! For that, I thank you. P.S. My mother is French, I speak fluent French and I appreciate your French-inspired taste in decorating.

I am so happy that you have decided to leave things as they are.
I love your posts on which new beauty items you have tried. From expensive to pharmacy brands.
I also love your posts on when you entertain and am looking forward to your renovation posts.

I think you have such loyal fans because it’s a great escape! pretty is just pretty, I love opening your email every Sunday and savoring all the content. thank you for all you do!

I really enjoy reading your blog posts and appreciate you keeping the blog the same. I say that but knowing you it will get even better! Cheers.

Bravo, Tina! The Enchanted Home blog is a good thing. I always look forward to hearing from you. Your format is an enjoyable mix. Here’s to many more successful years.

I am soooo happy you’re going to continue your blog as is. It is the first thing I look for every Sunday morning and enjoy it over coffee. When I see something from Enchanted Home in my email at other times it is the frosting on the cupcake! Thank you!!!

Good morning…….so happy that you have decided to leave your blog as is and not make a change.
I so enjoy reading your blog each and every time. Especially looking forward to your home renovation.
Thank you for all you do to brighten my day with your content!

So happy to hear that things will be the same. We need our old friends to cheer us up in a world of change❤️. You are that friend!

I can honestly say I like everything about your blog. I look forward to all that you have to ‘say’. I realize it must take up a good amount of time, and I so appreciate it. I lost my wonderful husband of 55 years right after you lost your dear mother. So I know the pain and heartache you are going through. But at 80 years old I still enjoy decorating my home and trying new recipes. Your blog keeps me up-to-date on the new beauty trends even at my age! So thank you so much for all your time and effr. It truly is appreciated.

Thank you for keeping it steady. When so many things in this world and life are spinning in overdrive and unpredictable, it is so comforting to find a haven where beauty and happiness reside.

I remember exactly how I came across The Enchanted Home. I was getting a manicure/pedicure and was looking through a Safavieh catalog and there was this adorable ad for your site. I went to Safavieh which was a few doors down from my nail salon in Glen Cove and picked up a copy. I have been a fan since the start,
Thank you for deciding to keep the blog the same and for listening to your

Somehow I missed the survey post. Like that you are going to do more personal post. I love your entertaining posts and decorating ones. I have a condo and limited space so I can’t take advantage of all your beautiful items. I have followed since your first home build and also love 7 on Sunday

I appreciate your decision to keep things the same. I would love to see more of your suggestions on fashion and beauty. Thank you for the all of the time that you put into the blog.

Oh Tina, what happy news! You are the one constant in my life right now that is always lovely, beautiful, uplifting and inspirational! Thank you for your sensitivity to us, your readers/customers/dare-I-say-somewhat-family? Just keep on doing what you are doing. It is perfect. Just perfect. The Enchanted Home is daily dessert!

I do understand why you were looking to change things. And I’m so impressed that you asked your readers their opinions and based your decision on that.

Good morning, I read every word of this post and like everyone else, I’m so happy you’re going to keep things exactly as they are, as you said, why change a good thing!

I think you have created the perfect mix where you are able to promote your business, but also entertain us with your beautiful taste in so many different aspects.

LOVE the topics that you brought up for a more personal blog and I would completely sign up for that!
every single one of those topics would get my attention.

I discovered you about 2 1/2 years ago and have not missed a post cents, every Sunday morning my family knows to not disturb me, I make a cappuccino for myself go sit down and read your blog before our crazy Sundays begin with sports games😊😊

Tina-what a relief to see things will remain the same for now-it is such a stress reliever and I thank you so much for all you do and the decision you have made.

A wise decision! Your readers are loyal and wise and I commend you for listening to them and not getting caught up in the rabbit hole of expansion. The comfort of what you offer is, in itself, unique and special. Trusting your gut is allowing you to leave others in the dust. A loyal follower as are many

I appreciate your thoughtfulness…not only towards beautiful decor, but your genuine care. 💕

Oh Tina,

How could I choose a favorite topic? Reading your blog is one of the highlights of my day. I eagerly check my email first thing, looking forward to seeing if you have a post for us.
I LOVE everything you post about. I really do appreciate your recipes, and would love you to do a cookbook.
What would also be incredible, and I bet a lot of your followers would agree, publish a coffee table book with photos of your French manor, Palmetto Bluff home, and your new home. I would buy that book in a heartbeat!
My favorite blog hands down! Thank you, Tina, thank you.

Truly enjoy reading your posts and always look forward to “Seven on Sunday!” I love everything about your posts. Thank you so much for doing what you do; it’s my one constant every week. I’ve fallen in love with your pictures, your ideas, your thoughts, etc. Also, thank you for sharing your Dad, your Mom and your family with us! Love you Tina!❤️❤️❤️❤️

So glad you are keeping things the same. Your seven on Sunday is a bright spot each week to see pretty things. The world is so messed up right now it is needed.

Oh, Tina, I am so happy for your decision!
If you have to let a bit of advertising sneak in, then so be it. I know it will be worthwhile products for SURE considering your impeccable taste.
I love your seasonal decorating posts and would love to see even MORE detail.
Also, as someone else mentioned, the management of a large home. Also, updating and upgrading in a large, older home.
My home is classic, but a bit smaller and a bit less elaborate than yours, however, it is still LARGE. It is OLD. It is beautiful. It has begun to be very outdated. It needs work! At times I am overwhelmed with the size and all that needs to be done. Your ideas in your own home inspire me to another level (your impeccable taste, as I mentioned!)
I love your shop and have so many products that I have received from a dear friend (sadly passed away suddenly) who had a new home (huge) but a reproduction, so there was no “fixing up or remodeling or updating. Just beautiful decorating and buying beautiful products to make it a home. She was a “neutrals gal” I’m a “blue and white”!
PS. Went through very similar with my mom….
PS again. I am the one who gave the dog breeder advice (about everyone having an “opinion”) after having been in the show ring with my own dog. Hope you followed your ♥

Thank you for your continued ”
Happy” in my inbox! Look forward to it daily. So very glad you’re keeping things the same❤️
Lori 🍍

I don’t always read it every day but certainly would miss it if you decided to end it! Thank you, Tina!

Tina, I am so happy that you have decided to continue doing what you have been doing since you started blogging. I felt like by charging it would break up the family of faithful readers. I personally am in my 80’s and your blog makes me thinking that I am so much younger and make my day. I always love to read about you and your family in addition to all your wonderful decorating ideas/recipes which, regardless of my age, have tried.
Love you Tina!!

Thank you for taking the time to communicate all your thoughts about blogging! I enjoy your posts enormously and hope to be reading them for many years to come! I do appreciate you …. in every way!

I just adore all the recipes that you have sent- they seem to arrive on days when I really need the inspiration! I love the chicken pot pie recipe and it looked perfect in that pewter dish you baked it in. I have looked for that pewter dish everywhere and can’t find it.

Tina, thank you for the update, and I really appreciate you keeping things as they are. I loved everything you said about your blog and followers, and that some things you can’t put a price on. You are a lovely lady, with great taste, compassion for others, and have built a “family”…thank you!

Thank you Tina for continuing your blog as is. You’re the only blog I read because I consider you as a friend with very similar taste as my own. After reading the blog about possible changes, I actually counted that I’ve made 44 purchases in the last five years. I absolutely Love the items that you create and plan to continue decorating my house with your products for a long time.

Thank you for this, I’m happy you will continue with your blog, I look forward to your Seven on Sunday each week. I have followed you/read your blog since you first posted about your golden retriever being injured. I love dogs and just lost my 13 1/2 yellow lab last week :(.

Such great news things will continue with your blog. I have unsubscribed from many recently, many I have read for years, but yours is special. I would love to see more recipes and everything about your special place in Palmetto Bluffs and the house renovation. I was happy several years ago when you started posting more about your family, to give us a glimpse into that most personal part of your life. I love the Sunday posts and also your posts with pictures from your phone, always something fun there.

I have enjoyed reading your posts for over 10 years, however I have to Google it each time. When I try to “sign up”, it tells me I already am – but I never get the notifications. Is there any way to fix this? Thanks!

Thank you so much for keeping it the same! I’ve been with you for years and just so look forward to Seven on Sunday with a cup of coffee. Your new topics all look super interesting too.

So grateful that The Enchanted Home will go on as is! This blog is one of my touchstones and really helps me escape the daily stress and tensions of life. And as to topics – one about parents aging and how to navigate with love and acceptance would be so helpful to so many.

Thank you for keeping things the same ! Some of us don’t like change! But we like you!!!

I do enjoy all of your posts. I would love hearing more about life in Bluffton. We live in NC and have a large house and a bit of land. We are thinking of moving and simplifying at some point and have considered the Hilton Head/Bluffton area as one that we might explore.

I am so happy you are keeping things the same way. I look forward to reading you “Seven on Sunday” every week. I met you once in the NJ Safaviah store and enjoyed how you were so very gracious. Keep those ideas coming…

Dear Tina,
I have been reading your blog for at least 10 years! I do feel your online store has crept up slowly and that is mostly what you post. Years ago your blog was more about you, your travels, and your style. Again, at that time it was more like checking in with a friend. But, congratulations to you for working so hard and making your online store a huge success! I always check in and rarely miss a post. I would miss you if you were to sign off ( or ask for a subscription fee!). Until the next post….

I am so happy you are leaving things the same. I read your post daily, and it has become a favorite part of my day!

Hi Tina,
THANK YOU for taking the time to break down the poll for us…and for your thoughts about your blog!
I am so glad to hear that you will be continuing…And I love your idea of a personal blog journal, altho I don’t know
how you find the time. Perhaps it’s an “add-on” to Sunday’s musings. There are too many “brands” and not enough “icons” (and I consider you the latter!) for women to emulate, learn from, and commiserate with…especially in this social media/youth culture, and it would be a loss for all of us in your “fan family” of (older) women. Perhaps there are ways to commodify your blog that wouldn’t be intrusive and/or that your readers wouldn’t mind and would find helpful and time-saving as they collect recipes, fashion, beauty, or home.
You have a huge fan base, of which I am one!

I didn’t comment before when you asked for our opinion, but want to express I am so happy you have decided not to change and not to charge for access!

So happy that you are staying the same! I read many blogs, but get the most ideas and useful information from yours-I also spend too much money buying from your amazing shop!! Thank you for reaching out to everyone and reading all of our comments and I am so happy that you made the choice to stay the same. We can all look forward to many more years of wonderful information from you.

I’m so happy that you’ve decided to keep your blog the way it is now. I’m excited to hear that you’re bringing back the decorating, and fashion aspect to your blog, I’ve truly missed that. I’ll continue to look forward to Seven on Sunday and your delicious recipes. I appreciate all the time you dedicate to this wonderful blog, it doesn’t go unnoticed. Blessings to you and yours!

Truly so grateful you’ve decided to keep things the same!! I so look forward to your Sunday blog…thank you for being a constant in this world that changes daily!!!

I love your blog and I am happy to hear you are keeping as is-your Seven on Sundays is my way to start my Sunday mornings. I would love to see a more personal blog-your raw honesty about your Mom was heartbreaking to read-we are the same age and it is terrifying to think about losing our parents. I love some of the topics you have “thought” about for a personal blog. Enjoy your weekend!

Thank you, Tina! And thank you for being so gracious about all the comments you received. I’m sure that wasn’t an entirely easy read, and you willingly put yourself out there. So glad we can all continue to look forward to being together in your Enchanted Home each week!

I love all your hints and tricks. One time you wrote about reviving wilted hydrangeas and I still use those tips! I would avoid controversial topics and politics – you will immediately alienate 50% of your readers. These days, everyone has an opinion and they are not willing to listen to anyone who does not feel the same way that they do.

Tina, you have a truly beautiful blog I look forward to reading at least twice a week. I miss so many of my favorite bloggers. IG is too quick, just a snippet of ideas, and that is unsatisfying to me. Reels, stories, it’s too confusing! I am manipulated enough by social media ads, can’t I have at least a story that is worth reading? You live a beautiful life, you deserve to make a living, but I’m subscribing to anything more. Thank you for sharing your lovely life. You embody family love, beauty, entertaining. I love it all!

You’re keeping things the same!! You just made me so happy!! I never dreamed we’d be so lucky to keep you as you are.
Everything about YOU and the blog and your products is just perfection!! I’m so lucky you’re in my life and have made my world. more beautiful. Thank you for everything Tina from the bottom of my heart. God Bless you and your sweet family.

Oh Tina, I don’t know you “personally” but feeling like I do. I would just die if I didn’t have your blog in my email or little shout outs to us about what’s on sale. Plus, all the beautiful photos and decor ideas. My husband said he will divorce me if I buy one more blue/white porcelain. Well, I sure will miss him but I will still have my blue and whites!!! LOL! Anyway, just so glad we have you in the crazy world. You bring me such joy. XO

Wow! What a sigh of relief! I was concerned you might decide to stop blogging! Celebrating this collective friendship and live of beauty in all areas of life!

Sometimes in life we have to test the waters to see if we should go in a new direction. Sometimes we fall head first into these waters only to realize that we might drown because we hadn’t asked others for directions or advice.

A wise person asks for advice and then looks at that advice and decides if it is sound, supportive and caring.

A brave person is forthright and honest and is not afraid to take feedback that could be challenging and then turn that feedback into such a thoughtful and caring response.

To ask for opinions from others and then to openly share these opinions makes us all feel a part of your community. This is your special gift Tina and I thank you, as have so many others, for this.

God bless you! So happy that your blog will remain the same, and also looking forward to your thoughts in a more personal blog. I think that I should also thank your parents, as they have done a great job in nurturing a lady that is beautiful inside and out.

Thank you, Tina, for continuing to blog. I love to sit down and read a blog but so many people have quit doing it.
Looking forward to reading many more of your posts!!

Tina, thank you for deciding to keep your current blog, status quo! I am in the process of building a home and cannot purchase anything at the moment; however, I LOVE some of your newer products and am dreaming about where I could use them in the future! I cannot wait to see all of my Enchanted Home purchases in my new home. I know they will be as happy as they were in my last house! Keep blogging and know that your devoted readers will always be here!

I really appreciate your consideration of your readers, and hence your decision to leave things just as they are. Makes me really happy. I look forward to all your posts. 💕

What a relief. So glad you are not changing the blog. Its perfect the way it is. I would really feel like I lost a friend if you were to not be in my inbox anymore. I DO enjoy when you have the personal subjects and then polls at the end. Its interesting to see how others feel about issues and how I compare to them. I LOVE your renovations/build series. I don’t do Instagram, so email is the easiest. Stay just the way you are. Its perfect.

Bravo Tina! I commend you on your thoughtful and gracious decision to keep things the way they are – perfect. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is well applied here. I have been with you from the beginning and look forward to many more years together! 🙏

I am not of your generation but really enjoy seeing your posts and beautiful photos. As a retired carerer/event planner, I like nothing better than a beautifully set table and delicious sounding recipes. We can be inspired at any age! Also, I have been a collector of blue & white over many years and have ordered some of your lovely ginger jars, which are featured prominently in my home. Dont stop now, you’re an inspiration to so many!

So happy you will keep things the same Tina I admire you so much, love love all your products buy lots of your products because of the great quality and so beautiful, lots of family now buy your products after seeing my home, God will continue to bless you.

My dear friend Tina
First of all, I want to simply say….. THANK YOU….. to you. When I think of all the time, energy, inspiration and most of all, love, that you have put into your exquisite blog over the past 12 years it is I who am moved to tears. I have followed you since early 2013, the day I walked down the path to your Enchanted Home is now one of my most joyful, and led me to happiness and inspiration beyond measure from all the beauty over the years. We are exactly the same age, and share a lot of similar tastes and styles, I have not missed a post since that day. I am so grateful to you and full of admiration for all your achievements most especially your business you really deserve your success, but you are also a truly good and beautiful person both inside and out, and it is this that shines through the most.

I read your previous post with interest, I didnt comment because of the giveaway as I am overseas in England but I did feel to write today just to give you my love, and unwavering support whatever you decide for your blog. I will follow, no matter what and am honoured and touched to know that you think of us as friends, it means a great deal to me.

Your blog is my happy place. But now is a moment in life to think of yourself as well Tina my darling and going forward I would only say, please dont feel that you always must always give lots of time up to post for us all. Have a break when you feel like it, we will all still be here. Sometimes just the beautiful pictures of your homes and gardens suffice, a few makeup and skin care products, red carpet moments or reprise a post from the past ( I can remember loving ones like ‘three cheers for cherry blossom’, fabulously French and so many others….. 🙂 )
If you can do, this year make the time to do one or more of the things on the bucket list you posted not so long ago and then maybe plan something nice for yourself and your lovely family for the next birthday, that you and I will share. Its always so good to have things to look forward to…… Just a few of my thoughts….or random musings as they are known.

Sending my fondest love to you, as always
Sally xxx


Sally, your comment brought ME to tears! Thanks so much for your lovely, thoughtful and beautiful words. I love blogging and cherish the circle of virtual like minded friends I have brought together, such a treasure in our fast changing chaotic world. I am and continue to plan to check things off at bucket list😊😊 Thank you!

What a relief! As the saying goes “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. Love this blog and look forward to receiving it. My favorite is your Seven on Sunday as it seems to be with many others. Additionally the thoughts running through your mind are truly worth expanding on with a full post. If these are typical of your proposed Personal blog, count me in as a subscriber!

Hello Tina, thank you so much for being so open and receptive to everyone’s thoughts and feelings. I am thrilled to hear your blog will remain the same and if you decide to do a “personal” blog, I’ll be tuning in for that too! I can appreciate the effort and all the hours you put in on every blog…thank you soooo much! I hope you realize how uplifting and inspiring all your blogs are!

Hi Tina, I’m so glad you decided to stay things just the way they are. I discovered your blog way back when you started and have followed ever since. I look forward to your Seven on Sunday posts. Your blog is one of the few I continue to read. I have had fun following you and your adventures. I have a second home in Hilton Head Island so when you started to build your first place in PB I was thrilled. It’s been fun following you all this time. I have enjoyed your recipes too. I do feel like you are a friend even though it is virtual as we have common interests. Stay as you are… are a blessing to many.

Hooray for some things staying the same! Though, seeing your list of topics for a personal blog, I’m more interested than I thought I would be, so count me in there, too. Looking forward to your upcoming renovation , and I love your PB posts!

I’m glad you’re keeping things the same. I do love those personal blog topics and often ask the same questions!

Tina, Your stuff is the best! Honestly when I go thru my email, everything comes to a screeching halt because I always read yours first. It’s hard to explain, but it just takes me away from all the other things in the world we are dealing with every single day. Away from guns, crime, politics, war, bloodshed. I can only take so much, then I have to walk away. Palmetto Bluff, beautiful flowers, design, family, blue and white, your Mom, your Dad, the pictures you love are pics I love to see, paint, wallpaper, lighting, flooring, etc., etc. Don’t change. Continue to be my escape out of reality. It’s refreshing and soothes my soul.
Very sincerely, Suzanne
p.s. I would love to see you do blue and white lamps!!

So happy that your blog will continue as is. I am grateful for my Sunday morning gift from you.

Thank you so very much for continuing your beautiful blog as it is! A personal one sounds terrific as well and would be a place for informative conversation from different perspectives. I, too, loved the fashion ones but also your skin care and make up suggestions! As always, I love blue and white and seeing how you put everything together in such a tasteful timeless fashion. I have been reading since the beginning and have watched your business journey with great admiration but also have appreciated your kind compassionate heart as well…also all of the decorating inspiration has been wonderful. I loved being a part of your build in Palmetto Bluff and of your home…Can’t wait to see what you do with your current abode. It is so lovely and the setting is perfect! Best of luck with your continued endeavors. I know you will be a great success!….PS For some reason, I have subscribed to your blog since the beginning but somehow they stopped automatically coming to my mailbox about a year ago. But yours is so worth reading I make an effort to go to your website often. If this can be fixed, I would greatly appreciate it!

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