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Hi, so good news- going to bring back my Blue and White club to celebrate the most beautiful color combination of all (in my humble opinion)! I will do this at least once a month, occasionally more, as I am so inspired.

Over the weekend, I was going through a very deep rabbit hole of pictures (over 80,000!) I came across so many pretty ones, many that brought back fond treasured memories and thought it would be a fun post to share today. I realized just how deep my love and commitment goes for the love of blue and white. I have a home filled with it and built a business around it:) It is so classic and I hvae yet to see a space it doesn’t look just gorgeous in!

Look forward to sharing more in the future of my favorite combination..let the Blue and White Club commence!




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Loved getting to see the pictures from years past, I could really put out some book on blue and white:) With plenty more content to come! How about you? Are you also an incurable lover of blue and white? You would think after being surrounded by it all day long, it would get old, but never!

There are also so many colors it pairs so well with. Do you have a favorite combination? Do tell! Thanks for stopping in, wising you a great day…..

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Hello Tina, I love reading your blog and I am so looking forward to you bringing back the blue and white club! I to am a lover of blue and white. I love pairing it with green or pink or both together. I have an extensive collection. I just never get tired of it.

Your pictures of the blue and white are beautiful. I too love the color combination. I also love to add a pop of coral or rosy pink. Is it amazing how a beautiful color combination can provide such joy. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos and glad you went down in 80,000 photos rabbit hole. To benefit us.!!

Tina – Love blue and white as much as you do! Always, always regret not purchasing the large “soldier” jars pictured in #2 photo. Any chance these will ever come back?

Tina, your pictures are so beautiful! I am a blue and white gal, too! I love to look at your blue and white items — and I love reading your posts! There is always room for another item or two! Thanks for bringing us such lovely items! Hope you have a great week!

Happy Monday! Each and every one of these photos are so lovely. I Believe blue and white goes beautifully with every color.
I especially love it with purple, green, and pink tones—cream whites too. I’m not familiar with ‘Blue Club’ but very interested in learning more! Tina, I love your natural ability to put-it-all-together. Your arrangements are always so gorgeous and inspiring. Wishing you a very good week.

It’s funny you mentioned the Blue and White Club because I was thinking about it yesterday, wondering whatever happened to it. I have built up quite a collection over the years. You have certainly been an inspiration! I remember a photo you once had in a blog where you had lots of blue and white porcelain on (and under) several console tables in a long hallway in your previous home. It was a beautiful site for the eyes! Thanks for bringing it back.

Love blue and white with green, pink, coral and yellow. It’s a versatile classic!

Blue and White are classic and timeless . I am so happy the blue and white club is returning.

Love the Blue and White. I love the combination of Blue, White Plates and the Apple Green Chargers that I purchased from You. It looks so fresh on the table. I also loved the chinoiserie blue and white plates in the #6 photo. Beautiful! Will You be selling them?

I have tried several times to sign up for your blog. please check and see why I do not receive.


You should definitely do a coffee table book! Personally, I would especially love it if you featured your old French style limestone home as that style is my dream home! I have a large collection of Carolyn Roehm’s books along with Jamee Gregory, Betty Lou Phillips, William Yeoward and many others, and I refer to my books (as well as my old magazines – when they were thick and full of glamorous homes) as a resource library. In my bedroom, I have a pair of pickled pine glass fronted curio cabinets full of them and whenever I’m planning an event, or just want to read something that fills me with pleasure, I peruse my collection for inspiration.

Yes, yes, yes!!! I am an incurable blue and white person and have been forever! Nah, never get tired of it because it goes with everything, every holiday, every place setting and loved internationally and globally . How can you go wrong? It truly makes me happy whenever I spot it or use it and when I buy it. Tina, just one question, do you think you’ll ever do some B&W Lamps? Maybe some little ones for a shelf, bigger for end tables, floor lamps, chandeliers or sconces? How bout some picture frames, desk sets, small boxes? Your blog is delightful, I love it, Big Hugs, Suzanne

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