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Hello there! Hope this finds you well. Incredibly busy days over here, not without a healthy dose of stress!  Shipments are getting delayed left and right because of the situation in the middle east, there are many diversions happening which is delaying things by weeks. For a business owner who is waiting on seasonal goods (me) this what one would call a worst case scenario. The important thing is its time for all of us to start thinking about getting our homes spring ready!

We are in the process of having a big part of our egg and bunny shipment  air shipped to get things here on time. We are aiming for delivery on or about March 10th. We were due to get our sea shipment here weeks ago so the was the last alternative to salvage this order. No rest for the weary and I feel like I have aged 10 years this week alone!

So we are starting off with our new 2024 collection but in our huge warehouse cleanup we found a fairly good number of eggs from last seasons. These are in stock and ready to ship now.

  • There are TWO ways to order- email or call your order in.
  • Call 800-804-9565 or email [email protected] (office hours 9:30-5 EST) Please use only this email address
  • If emailing your order- you must include item number, name, address and phone number *and color or size if applicable
  • Only a paid order is a confirmed order
  • This is a presale offer for container arriving around mid March
  • Final sale
  • This sale is one for 3 days only
  • Shipping is extra
  • Every order over $200 gets 10% off and spend over $350 receive 10% off and a free bunny!
  • Some items can ship internationally (please email [email protected] for info)
  • Wholesale/stocking retail customer? Contact [email protected]. or call 800-804-9565





ITEM 1 Navy collection

4″ and 6″


ITEM 2 Pink collection

4″ and 6″


ITEM 3 Pale blue collection

4″, 6″

Style 5 and style 3 WE OFFER IN THE 24″


ITEM 4 Soft green collection

4″ and 6″



STYLE 5 Pink/green chinoiserie

4″ and 6″

we also have it coming in the 24″

ITEM BELOW ARE IN STOCK NOW READY TO SHIP! (limited numbers on most sizes)

So in our incredibility massive housewares cleanup we found quite a few eggs in storage from last year. We have very limited numbers of what is shown but if you want instant gratification, this is for you!




ITEM 6 Blue/gray chinoiserie egg

6″ and 12″ only


ITEM 7 Blue dots

4″ 6″, 8″ 12″ and 24″

ITEM 8 Pink chinoiserie

12″ only


ITEM9  Pink/green chinoiserie

8″ and 24″

ITEM 10 Green dots

6″, 8″, 12″ and 24


ITEM 11 green chinoiserie

8″, 12″ and 24″

ITEM 12 Green trellis

12″ and 24″

ITEM 13 blue/white floral

6″ and 12″



ITEM 14 Green floral

24″ and 8″


ITEM 15 We are over the moon  to welcome these magnificent extra large 32″ wicker ginger jars, so ecstatic over these, have been waiting a long time to intrude these to our product line!These jars are big enough to put on the floor to to place on a table for a wow factor! Cannot wait to take a pair home, question is…which color!


32″ wicker ginger jar $150.00

When ordering  specify color- pale blue, natural or white


ITEM 16 And our darling wicker 9″ bunnies are making a return in three wonderful colors!

9″ sitting to standing

When ordering specify green, white or blue

ITEM 17 A few extra that work so beautifully with what we are o offering today. Our incredible cast alumni white lattice footed planters just came back in stock and are  the perfect planter for the giant 24″ eggs. I flank my foot door with them and its always met  all kinds of with oohs and ahhs. They truly do work beautifully with every season!

20″ x 20″

$175.00 only for this sale


ITEM 18 And our med and large footed whiter pierced porcelain dish is a perfect dish to house and feature your eggs. Works perfect an assortment of the 4″ eggs.


Medium 10″ round $70.00

Large 12″ round $85.00

ITEM 19 Our medium French wire basket is another perfect basket for the eggs or to uses as the most stylish wicker Easter basket!


Round measures 10.5″ round $45.00

Square measures 13″ square $50.00


ITEM 20 We have very limited numbers left of our fabulous wicker bunny ear napkin rings, a perfect addition to your Easter/spring table!

 Set of four $32.00

specify blue, pink, green or white


One lucky winner will win a box of 3 eggs!! All you need to do is leave a comment on this post telling us your favorite and how you would decorate with them. Will announce winner on Sunday!


And that is our delightful spring sale for this season. I plan on using and keeping all my spring door and  eggs  up until May then will slowly transition into summer. To place your order just call or email-


Thanks for stopping by. Wishing you a fabulous day!


[email protected]

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Love everything you show. Although my fav is the Cast Aluminum footed planter.
I would put sheet moss on any of the planters with a Bunny and few eggs!! precious

I would place them hidden and as part of nature displays in my home. The grandkids will have an Easter egg hunt.

I love the bunny napkin rings. I think they would add some color and a touch of whimsy for any table.

Love #18 the footed pierce bowl. So versatile. Would look fabulous on my island filled with lemons, mini white pumpkins, pinecones or fruit.

The green trellis eggs are perfect to use at each place setting with my green cabbage plates for adoring luncheon. The bunny napkin rings would add a festive touch too. Thanks for making it easier to entertain.

The footed pierced porcelain dish is my favorite. It is beautiful and so versatile to use with artificial or cut flowers, Easter eggs, Christmas ornaments and many other items throughout the year!

I love the wicker bunny! However, the cast iron planter with the large eggs in them are perfect for my front patio as shown in your pictures. Darling a d so festive for spring/Easter!

LOVE everything! I would love to have the lattice planters and 24″ eggs in soft pink. I would place them on either side of my front door.

The Pink and Green Chinoiserie eggs are my favorite! I just moved into my first home, a cute little cottage, and I would decorate the front porch with them. I love the idea of filling a planter with some moss and then putting the eggs on top. I just love them!

It’s all beautiful and would be wonderful to decorate for spring with, but especially like the large white cast iron planters.

My favorites are the pink and green small eggs…and the French wire basket. They make a very pretty display, though I like Marsha’s idea of “hiding” the eggs around the house for the grandchildren to find, too.

LOVE all the signs of Spring on this post! I am trying to downsize a bit with all the “things” I have & how can I do that with all of your beautiful new items in the shop?! Love the French wire baskets. & will have to order another one for my collection! Happy Spring!!

1, 3 and 5 of the soft blue egg collection would look perfect in 3 of my white ironstone egg cups. 💙🤍

I am so excited about the beautiful Easter eggs! I love the blue/gray and pink eggs! I plan to put them in the footed, white porcelain dish on my center island for all to enjoy during Spring.

I adore the white french wire basket filled with the soft pastel blue , green, and new floral eggs. It will make a pretty addition to my Easter tablescape along with my TEH cabbage plates!

All the eggs are adorable, but my favorites are the soft blue eggs. They would look so cute nestled at the base of my
indoor plants.

They are all lovely but I especially am enamored with the pale blue collection! I can see them in a bowl on my dining table!

I love the French wire basket. It would be so pretty on my mantel with the soft pink and soft blue eggs.

I would use these Easter eggs in a white planter or basket. The green moss with a perhaps Ibunny, flowers and the three eggs placed in the container.. I already have it in my mind how I would display them. I am so enjoying all your Easter decorations.

The pink chinoiserie eggs are just a beautiful Spring addition….would add them with pale colored dyed eggs in a pretty wicker basket on my Easter table.

All of the eggs are adorable. I’d put them in a silver bowl and place them on my mantle.

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