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Hello and happy first weekend of March! I feel like 2024 is already going by awfully quick,  anyone else? We have had a nice weekend and heading into the city later today. Spring is at our doorstep,  our temps are creeping up and I am even seeing the first of my tulips starting to see the light of day, always exciting. Of course along with that comes the dreaded allergy season which I am already feeling but its a small price to pay for longer, sunnier, warmer days! I am hoping the cold icy days of winter are behind us. Aiming for a smoother much less stressful week this coming week, channeling all those positive vibes:)

Hope you are also having a nice weekend, onward to my post this weekend……




1 OUR BEAUTIFUL BLUE TULIP COLLECTION WITH CAROLYNE ROEHM We introduced this incredibly beautiful collection last year, it arrived later than expected as we had hoped for a spring/summer delivery. So we are going to be reintroducing it this spring. And we are ecstatic over the fabulous blue tulip ormolu ginger jars on the way. We also just got the pierced chargers in and they are fabulous, one is plain white and the other has the blue dot detailing to match the plates They will be offered in a HUGE porcelain presale in 2 weeks so stay tuned! We are sold out of the pierced salad plates and very low on dinner and appetizer plates but do have some stock.

Click here to see the collection.

We are toying with some ideas for a fall/holiday collection so do stay tuned!!

Then as I finished setting the table I filled two small jars with fresh flowers and lit the candles, LOVE our etched hurricanes glowing with candlelight, really highlights the exquisite etch work (by the way Tues morning will be our etched glass encore sale and it will be good)

2 A SERIES I ABSOLUTELY ANNOT WAIT FOR! This series look so darn good, cannot wait. Comes out in March!


3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Lots to love this weekend:)



4. A GORGEOUS HOME IN BUCKHEAD Love so many of the beautiful details in this gorgeous traditional with a twist Buckhead home. As we inch our way to our own big renovation I am paying extra close attention interiors and details as I am starting to collect images for inspiration. The interior designer, Jessica Bradley did a beautiful job. Thought this one was worth sharing. Click to read more at Atlanta Homes Magazine.

Photography by Emily Followill


5 SHRIMP SAGANAKI I discovered this recipe about 2 years ago and lost track of how many times I have made it. It is sooooo good. It is great served with a salad and often I will serve it with a side of lemon potatoes or rice pilaf with peas. I make this almost weekly especially in the summer. Can easily serve a big crowd, and often I will double up on it. Always a major hit!


6  WHO’S ON THE MAGNESIUM KICK? I feel like you cannot look on social media, pick up a paper or read an article without seeing something about magnesium. It seems to have the potential to help with a whole host of things from chronic pain to sleeplessness . They say it is essential for your bones, blood, sugar levels, muscles and energy production. I think once you are over 50 suffice to say, you will take all the help you can get! I have also read and been told that magnesium cream can be very beneficial for achy joints and arthritis.

They say when you look on the ingredient list magnesium should be second or third only after water, if its way down on the list, it is likely not going to be effective. Anyway I have a partially torn ACL and a small fracture in my ankle (one from tennis, one from riding Duke) both are doing better but not totally healed, I am also extremely careful even when playing pickle ball. So I have ordered a recommended cream and will let you know how it works out! I am not endorsing this cream as I have never used it, it just came recommended to me and is on the way. This company is called Rooted In. Click here to learn more. (on bottom you can enter your email address for 15% off)

If you have an opinion on magnesium usage, would love to hear about it in the comments section!



7 SUNDAYS SURVEY I know there must be others out there like myself but I have the hardest time waiting to sit down and do things like get my hair blown our or highlighted (thankfully only 2x a year) even getting nails done. I am not that person that looks forward to it and goes to relax like many do. Taking it a step further, many go in hopes to socialize and bump into people they know (not me)!!  I feel so antsy and cannot wait for it to be over. I do it because I like the end result, pretty painted toes, perfectly blown our hair, etc….but abhor the experience. Is that weird? Any one else?


Then the second question is how shocked I am to see in so many areas, so many buildings/spaces for rent. We live in a well to do area and I am stunned at how much retail space is available, then I was in the city and even on storied Madison Ave, again many many empty spaces with rental signs. It was startling. Certainly a sign of the times, that maybe retail really is shrinking and the crazy overhead costs are finally catching up? I don’t know…how about you in your neck of the woods? Curious!


And that’s a wrap for this Sunday! Hope you enjoyed my post and you know I always love to hear what may have piqued your interest. Hope everyone has a most relaxing Sunday and a smooth end to your weekend. Until next time……

BTW Our seconds etched glass blowout was a phenomenal  success, sorry if you m missed out! But all is not lost, we were about half way in our glass cleanup so. have an other huge batch of etched glass which will be up for grabs Tues morning at 9am EST. As you know these things go fast as they are priced below cost. So mark your calendar!


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I was so surprised to read about magnesium in your post this morning! After clearing it with my doctor, I started taking a 250 mg pill two days ago. Last night I slept through the whole night without waking up…..and that has not happened in years!!!

Love the blue Tulip vase!
I have been copying your recipes and my husband has been making them. Always great! Will be trying the Shrimp Saganaki.

Magnesium is the best thing I have added to my repertoire of supplements. I sleep so soundly when I take it.

I tried magnesium for sleeping and I had the most bizarre dreams that would wake me up. My dr did say that can happen.

I so enjoy these Sunday posts!
Thank you for sharing your delicious recipes, can’t wait to try the Shrimp Saganaki!
Love the thought provoking surveys too!

Tina, love all the light fixtures in the Buckhead house. Will try the recipe-looks yummy and a good way to use my winter tomato crop. I’ve been taking magnesium capsules at bedtime for years.

The DC area is one of the largest in the nation experiencing office-to-condo conversions. The “Virus” allowed most office and government workers to work from home. They want to continue that and, for the most part, can. So unused office space is being turned into beautiful condos downtown. Small businesses – shops and restaurants – have been closing at an alarming rate due to the economy and food costs. They just can’t make it anymore. Yet, new ones eventually tend to take their place.

A physician recommended I start magnesium about 10 years ago to reduce the frequency and severity of migraine headaches. Changed my life truly. I use magnesium glycinate which I understand is important for absorption. Other types can cause GI distress if taken in higher doses. Sleep and GI issues improved as well as migraines. I can’t speak to whether it helps with joint pain. There are many types of magnesium and various ways it can be taken so make sure the type you take (glycicnated, etc) is helpful to the problem you hope to solve. Good luck and thanks as always for your wonderful Sunday posts.

I live in the Washington, DC, suburbs. In DC, vacant office buildings are a problem, as a direct result of those working at home during Covid & not wishing to return to their offices in the city. When told to return, many/most refused. A second reason is that many Boomers are retiring. So, many office buildings are going to be converted to condo & apartments. Same in Virginia suburbs. Huge empty office buildings.

RE: Magnesium ~ I’ve been taking a daily tablet of Calcium/Magnesium/Zinc for a few decades now for pain and weariness due to arthritis. It has really made a difference in my well-being. However, I’ve never heard about magnesium in facial creams so I cannot comment. Interesting points you made. I’d like to hear your comments after you’ve tried it awhile.

In regards to the many business vacancies; it’s going to get worst through this new year. Why? Because the giant real estate company “Evergrand” has gone under and forced to close. They are a worldwide operation and this closing will affect many industries such as; the housing and business markets along with architects, contractors, realtors, etc. Many offices spaces will go unleased or sold. Like a domino affect. Wait and see!

I think people have gotten wiser about retail shopping in brick and mortar. Why pay more for someone to recognize you as their great customer. Most merchandise is all made from same country. Why overpay? Put that extra money in your pocket instead of pocket of retail store owners pocket.

I have scanned your blog for photos of your showers in regard to tile as it relates to the rest of the bathroom and have found nothing! Can you please show photos of your showers and discuss whether you chose to use marble or ceramic tile. Thank you!

Magnesium…..absolutely! My doctor has had me using Calm, which is powdered magnesium for years. It’s been a huge benefit to my gut health and helps with migraines as it relaxes the muscles.

Magnesium…..absolutely! My doctor has had me using Calm, which is powdered magnesium for years. It’s been a huge benefit to my gut health and helps with migraines as it relaxes the muscles.

After reading these comments I will have to speak to my doctor re which magnesium is best. I’ve been taking Blackmores Bio Magnesium for about 10 years for night cramps, I still get them on and off. I suffer migraines and don’t sleep, hasn’t helped in that department at all.

Happy March! I agree that it feels as though the months are going by very quickly and March’s calendar is packed in, with Easter falling earlier this year.
The shrimp recipe looks delish.
There hasn’t been much downsizing in our area—even tho more people are working from home there are still a lot going to offices and traffic is still very hectic. If anything we’ve noticed many businesses are still seeking workers (who will stay!) Although, I have heard cities have been hard hit since the pandemic.
Thank you for the mention of the benefits of magnesium. I will give it a try. It sounds, from all the feedback to be very worthwhile trying.
As always so many beautiful things to shop and wonderful photos.

On the topic of magnesium, I find “Ancient Minerals” magnesium lotion wonderful to help with muscle pain. Available on Amazon and on sale right now – it is a more concentrated form and therefore more effective. I find it also helps with age spots and varicose veins. Just apply and wait for the miracle of magnesium (which is the title of a wonderful book by Dr. Carolyn Dean). Enjoy!

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