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Hello and happy Friday,  hope this finds you doing well. Busy week over here, as in insanely busy week aka very stressful, glad its nearly over. As we are desperately working to get our huge 15,000 sq ft warehouse in order so that we can start inventory, it is the final step before we launch our new site. Not going to give a date as there have been previous false but well meaning promise dates. but  suffice to say, soon!

It is a goal I set for myself to be completed by early April, so let’s see if I can achieve it! We are also still sorting through tons of etched glass and will hold our etched glass encore sale this Tuesday, so mark those calendars, it promises to be as good as the last one. It was quite. a frenzy so early birds gets the worm:)

Happy it’s Friday, as I am looking forward to a few days to decompress this weekend, and today incidentally later,  I am playing pickelball so a fun recreational way to end the week I think is a good idea. Anywho here is life around here lately in the last week or so……


Got to witness the most magical beautiful sunset from my bedroom window, it was surreal

Step inside my little experiment/ lab room where I bring home lots of goodies to play with, like pretty  tablescapes and planters, linens and pagodas, it also doubles as a floral storage because its cold and I get flowers to last 14 or more days! This used to be an outdoor space so not heated, will be part of our eventual breakfast room

Best part is the pretty mess gets hidden behind pocket doors;)

These flowers are 16 days old! Yes 16, really! This was once an outdoor room so does not have heat, so I always use it as a floral storage cooler! It serves many functions

A new color, a rich and elegant Loden green for our cast aluminum urn and pedestal! Just arrived

Theres a small room in our house which I have tuned into the coziest little office. It will eventually become part of a sitting room but for now my early mornings are spent here right in this very spot. Did nothing in here except add furniture

This is on rotation in my house once, sometimes even twice a week! Healthy and delicious

I used to collect beautiful vintage decanters and still pick them up if I spot a good one, they are hard to resist!

And sure do make a beautiful little bar like this makeshift one I styled, love it with our green lacquered tray

Just love this way this came out, set it up on a small end table with side leafs

And of course our beautiful etched hurricanes always add such elegance wherever they are used

One of my most exciting new arrivals that I am rather obsessed with are our new rattan scalloped wicker planters, LOVE THEM

This is the 10″ filled with fresh flowers…

My new favorite restaurant lately, Felice…sooooo good! Going back this weekend:)

Once or twice a week I take home a little “loot” here is what came home with this this week, absolutely adore  these garden seats and these metal bamboo planters, perfect for orchids and greenery (now online)

Made such a yummy shrimp saganaki the past week, I make this often especially in the summer, will share recipe  and how to on Sunday! It’s soooo good

Caught this leaving my house a few days ago on an exceptionally frigid morning, I just found it so beautiful



And that is the good and pretty from these last few weeks. I will love looking back on these one day when I am much older, it will be such a wonderful way to reflect back on many happy memories. Pictures do tell a thousand stories and without them, we would be permanently disconnected from the past. I treasure my pictures beyond explanation and that is probably why I have over 80,000 on my phone camera roll:) Think its time to do a little spring cleaning!

Thanks for stopping by, wishing everyone a fabulous day. Until next time….










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Love the white desk! Looks to be a perfect size. Can you share manufacturer info please? Thank you

Enjoy your recipes…will you share the salmon when you post the shrimp! Thanks so much.

Tina, that sunset picture is stunning. So glad you were able to capture it and share it with us. Love your Easter decor items. Hard to believe we are in March already!

This is what I love about your blog and why I became a faithful follower and customer! Thank you! Enjoy your weekend!

Hi Tina, Just wanted to let you know if you love decanters, Lee Broom makes fabulous lights that were originally made from decanters and now a regular in his line…… Also, do I spy a teeny tiny pagoda on that black bar cart that holds a tea light? It’s adorable! Is it a sample?? If so, I hope you make them in black,/gold and white gold!!!!!

I love the new loden green lattice urn and pedestal. Such a beautiful color. Also think the bamboo metal planters are beautiful

Tina: thank you for “sticking to the knitting” posts that we all love so much. I do believe it is what has made your business a success as some shops send all kind of info we don’t read and delete (therefore no ordering) but your emails are a not to miss! Your product and home photos are gorgeous and so inspirational! Keep it coming!

Oh man!!! That shrimp just needs a French baguette and a great white wine. Gotta have that recipe, looks like that sauce is garlic, butter and wine…..great for dipping. I’ll watch for your recipe on Sunday. Love the Loden green, beautiful color.


What a fabulous post! The photos are just wonderful!
I agree with so many, we need that shrimp recipe! It looks divine,

80,000 photos, wow. I couldn’t believe mine the other day with a measly 3,ooo, said I haven’t taken 3k photos. Your food looks amazing. Enjoy your weekend.

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