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Hello there and happy humpday. Weeks are going by awfully fast! Busy week over here, trying to continue to get our warehouse in order. It is happening but its a slow process. We are gradually getting there and will hold another big warehouse sale tomorrow in an effort to clean up and consolidate.  Sometimes it feels like a bottomless pit but truth is we have really made major progress.

Dreary weather week but we were able to squeeze in some pickle ball which I have to say I am really enjoying. Plan to play more in the warmer months ahead. Normally we would be heading to PB for Easter but this year we are home, so trying to decide what I will do/make as we have a few guests coming. I want it to be easy and no fuss (wish me luck) as I tend to not know how to do things easily and fuss free:)

We got out all egg orders but have to say the stress that this caused took years off my life. The huge container was due here weeks and weeks ago but due to what’s going on in the Middle East with the trade routes, it was delayed by almost 5 weeks! So not getting that container until after Easter…such a huge bummer. We had some of the shipment airshipped just to salvage orders and did get those out, but it was pretty much a disaster. Next year, we will be fully stocked and then some! Onward to happier subjects……

As I do every few weeks,I like to share life though my iPhone lens, of course the pretty and inspiring only:)


That beautiful golden late day light is hard to beat

This picture makes me happy, cleaned beds ready for spring/summer planting!

Biggest news of the month, getting my 2 8ft lattice bars delivered!! Rest are in production and will be here in May. Could not love these more

One and only thing blooming in my yard and my husband picked it….perfection

Our weekly meal on rotation, salmon with asparagus and jasmine rice…soo good, can’t have salmon anywhere else!

One of my many wicker storage cabinets:)

These footed lattice planters have become part of my “top three”, I love them so much, they are so elegant, come in 4 finishes and 2 sizes. Everything looks great with them!

Coziest room in the house is our sunroom, a sunny, light and airy “Nancy Meyers” kind of room


Every time I see our tole eggs, it makes me sad as due to the delays in the Red Sea our huge container is still not here, so we had a portion air shipped over to fill as many orders as possible. I will call it for what it was/is ….a disaster. Really upsetting, upside is that we will be fully stocked for next year! This collection is so beautiful.

We have a new local restaurant near us which is so good, Gioia…they make their own pasta on premise

This might be arguably,  the best mozzarella I have ever had, and I have had a lot!


Pickeblall season is starting, a friend came over and gave me the cutest very oversized “pickle boll” tablet from WH Hostess

Getting ready for our epic warehouse sale tomorrow, starts at 9am!

I love Ralphs Coffee and think he should expand to every corner just like Starbucks, such a beautiful little coffee shop that has a vintage feel…love it. I so admire how he has stayed true to his elegant aesthetic  and not moved on it an inch!

The studio from the little painting class we attend. Taking watercolor classes…a work in progress:)

I know I sound like a broken record but I am just so in love with these new rattan scalloped collection of planters, I want them in every room! Click here to see them

Dad was in town and got sick with some kind of stomach bug. So it was nurse Tina to the rescue, fruit, crackers, ginger ale and plenty of TLC, he is much better now. So good to have him here!

Adore our blue Staffordshire dogs which are back in stock with our French basket filled with our lily of the Vally and hyacinths, screams spring!



And that is a wrap, hope you enjoyed my post. Anything resonate with you? Hope the birds are chirping and the sun is shining (not so here) but its 50 degrees so I am not complaining:) Wishing everyone a wonderful day. Until next time…….


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Glad your dad is feeling better! And on your next visit to Ralph’s, please ask them to set up shops in Los Angeles! I so want them here!!! Have a lovely Easter holiday 🙂

I love that you share your photos from your phone… so many beautiful pictures! Love your site! Happy Easter!

Tina, I think I saw a candle sitting on your beautifully decorated table, at the beginning of this post. Can you tell us what your favorite scent for the home is?
Thank you.

The lattice bars are stunning! I love rooms with the Nancy Meyer vibe. BTW you definitely tempted my appetite with your salmon display and views of your new restaurant find. Bon Appetite!! So glad Dad is feeling better.

Enjoyed all the pics! Will you share recipes for your salmon dinner? Looks so delish! Ty… Happy Easter

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