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Hi and happy Sunday to you . I first want to announce the winner of the porcelain giveaway. Congratulations goes to-

CHERYL+P says:
Love it all, but I think the lotus flat jar is so charming and would beautiful with pink peonies nestled inside. 🙂


Please forward your name, address and phone number to [email protected] so your prize can be on the way!




1  BEAUTIFUL SPODE INDIAN TREE So I have been getting antsy with regard to our eventual renovation. We still have lots of things in boxes because we didn’t want to fully unpack knowing we will be moving out again. But, I have been getting impatient and started to unpack some china, I couldn’t stop:) Took out my gorgeous Spode Indian Tree and couldn’t put it back. It looked so good in the dining room as I have always loved the combination of soft blues against rust. So here, take a look-


2 PALM ROYALE Has anyone started to watch it? I did, it wasn’t quite what I was expecting, thought  it would be more of a drama. So I lost my husband about 10 minutes in:) I wasn’t thrilled, maybe my expectations were too high. I got into 2 episodes will continue to hope it might get better. The scenery, clothings and setting are gorgeous though!


3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST A beautiful roundup reflecting spring…..


4 PAMELA MUNSON BAGS I love anything, shoes or bags with a raffia touch so its no wonder I have been a big fan of Pamela Munson’s line ever since I discovered them. The first bag is a new arrival which I have already ordered and am eagerly awaiting.

Incidentally they have a wonderful friends and family 25% off sale going on this weekend (presales are not included), so wanted to share in case you are in the market for a chic spring/summer bag! Click here to visit their site


5 AMSTERDAM TULIP FESTIVAL! I am so excited as I will soon be checking  something off on my bucket list, going to Amsterdam for the tulip festival at the Keukenhof Gardens. Absolutely cannot wait! If anyone has any recommendations I am all ears…….


6 OUR STUNNIG RATTAN SCALLOPED PLANTERS I am so in love with these!! They are just gorgeous and everything I use with them looks so good. They are selling fast, definitely will be part of our standing collection of planters. Adore them! Click here to find out more


7 SEVEN ON SUNDAY I posted on Instagram, the other day, after a really underwhelming visit to our local Neiman Marcus. This is Neiman Marcus. Could not believe how abysmal everything looked. It looked so cheap and frankly something I would not have taken if it was given to me for free. Things have gone so downhill. I was comforted by the outpouring of people who chimed in agreeing with me, actually overwhelmed with the responses.  Here is a sampling of the “fashions” I saw that day . Curious what you think?



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Thats a wrap! Thanks for stopping in, anything resonate with you today? Wishing you a beautiful spring day. Until next time…..

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We are going to the Keukenhof Garden as well! In later April! Like you it has been on my bucket list! Finally getting there is going to be such a joy! I know you will enjoy it as much as I will!
All the best, Kathleen

I loved the series “The New Look” on Apple TV so I was excited to watch “Palm Royale”. This was so disappointing and I will not watch the remainder episodes.

I was a Neiman Marcus shopper for years but there is nothing that I want there now and frankly, in many other stores. However, this is what one sees on the streets.

Be prepared. Keukenhof will overwhelm your senses! Please take lots of pictures to share with us. Once you begin the garden tour thing, it’s hard to stop. My favorite is Butchart Gardens near Victoria, Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Also, I’m dying to purchase one of those adorable, embroidered bags. Thanks for highlighting them.

I am also going this year. If you have time, friends have highly recommended a visit to world’s largest flower auction outside of Amsterdam. Google Royal Flora Holland or Aalsmeer flower auction. I’ve included it in this year’s visit.

I and my husband were in Keukenhof for the tulips in 2017. It is beautiful and you won’t be disappointed. It can get very crowded so wear comfortable shoes and prepare to take plenty of pictures. We took a bus tour to the gardens as it is a long drive out of Amsterdam. It is quite a large complex! When we were there in April we had glorious weather! Enjoy the beautiful tulips!

I was just sent a “complimentary issue” of “ELLE” Magazine…good grief… Enough said. Luv your pinning!! franki

Regarding the current climate of shopping at a Department Store… In the last 10 years especially, I think that the age group of women between 45 and 70 are a forgotten group! It always comes down to who is at the helm making the decisions. It seems like there is a push to extinguish anything “Classic” also. I’m not giving up on “Classic”, it takes a little longer to seek and find, but it’s still out there. Have a wonderful trip to Amsterdam, can’t wait to see the pictures!

I watched Palm Royale it reminded me of Desperate Housewives. I’m reading the book it’s a bit different than show.
Neimans! I only go to Zodiac cafe I shop at Dillard’s. Will check out the Munson bags
My latest thing are Lorna Murray sunhats. Very cute

Do not take your secateurs with you….much to tempting and we don’t want you getting arrested! 😁. Enjoy

Thank you, as always, Tina….to a great Sunday start…
Fashion is so dismal, as is the “experience” of shopping in department stores…
The boutiques are so much nicer, as are their staffs…And you get fresh air, as one goes “door to door”….
It’s no wonder we have seen changes at Gucci and now this week, Valentino….
Enjoy your visit to Amsterdam! Looks amazing…and I can’t wait for your photos and my vicarious trip….

Enjoy Amsterdam, take plenty of pictures!! The state of shopping is dismal but I agree with another posting about Classic Styling…you have to put the effort into finding it. Beautiful clothing is out there.

Keukenhof is magical. Go early in the day before lots of the tour buses arrive…. Wandering in heaven.

Cannot shop in dept. stores anymore, total waste of time! I have wonderful memories of shopping at Bullocks Wilshire in Los Angeles with my mother and having lunch in their marvelous Tea Room. So sad that’s all gone. I do most shopping online now, and I have been following some instagram accounts like @maryorton @shopburu and sites such as, which still espouse classic dressing, for inspiration and to help me find what I’m looking for.

I can’t understand why you don’t want to wear camo and combat boots? You can even get the camo in pink. I also hate the distressed jeans! I keep waiting for “fashion” to go full circle so we can look well dressed instead of the “comfy-cozy” look.
What a great trip to take and see all the beautiful tulips. It reminds me of the fields in Carlsbad, California, where there are rows of different colored ranunculus; it is beautiful too.

Very rarely do I shop at department stores. Boutiques has apparel that you don’t see everyone wearing same outfits. Boutiques I shop limit quantity of apparel for this reason. I also love ordering handmade apparel. You will love Amsterdam!

Tina, the post about Neimans is your opinion and you are most certainly entitled, as are others. The survey you provided however is not unbiased, it simply restates what you you think. There was not a box for me to check that worked, yet I am not full on in agreement with Neimans. As for the quality and demographic of the store, everything evolves to encompass demand. I certainly would not wear anything pictured, but no doubt it’s selling. Brick and Mortar stores are so lean and vulnerable these days, I do try to keep that in mind when out shopping. Neiman Marcus is an iconic brand that represent luxury and high fashion. Unfortunately the high fashion of late does not resonate with more mature ladies. 🙂

We went to the gardens last year, it was wonderful! Wear comfy shoes, it it large. We drove to Amsterdam from Paris so we had a car and drove to the gardens. During the drive we went by miles of flower fields. We rolled the windows down when going through the hyacinth fields, the scent was unbelievable! We were in Amsterdam for about 6 days, it was mostly cold and rainy, not very spring like at all, luckily the day we went to the gardens the sun came out and it warmed up.

Regarding “Palm Royale” — the screen shot jumped out at me regarding the glass on the table. I think the art director got that one wrong…that is a glass from a different period. They got the napkin fold right for the period.

Couldn’t agree with you more about Palm Royale and I adore Pamela Munson’s chic line!

Slowly checking off my bucket list items and heading to Keukenhof gardens next week along with many other gorgeous stops, including Paris. You can buy many beautiful things but experiences are priceless!

I absolutely HATE the latest fashions shown in these pictures. They are horrible! I stick with the classics, which never seem to go out of style. I can always find ways to change an outfit through different accessories. The quality of fabrics and workmanship is awful and getting worse. No one seems to take pride in producing quality items anymore. It represents poorly, this country, and how far our values have slipped.

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