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Hi friends and Happy Easter Sunday. Hope the sun is shining and the birds are chirping! Here, we are are due to have a nice day, so will likely start out with a little Pickle-ball. We were originally going to go out for Easter dinner but then the family decided it didn’t feel like Easter to go out and I could not disagree.

So we are catering it to be enjoyed in the house. The kitchen I have is currently shall we say, quite outdated and some of the appliances are quite temperamental  lately so  I don’t want to rely on them to cook for 10 people (have a few out of town guests) so I will prepare some appetizers and enjoy the fruit someone else’s labor. The important thing is we are all together! Onward to my post…



1 MY EASTER TABLE FROM LAST YEAR We were all over the place with regard to Easter, first we were going to to Palmetto Bluff then realized we could  only go for 2 days (have things going on) so then decided to go to a favorite restaurant, then to our club and finally all agreed Easter feels right celebrated at home.

So home it is.  I’m not cooking but will be catering in dinner for 10, so everything was upset last minute this year. I bough flowers and will arrange them this morning. I normally keep my dining table set, so what’s on the table will have to do. Just add flowers, a few eggs and bunnies and I am done. I will share it next week:) Meanwhile thought this a pretty Easter table from the past to share, love the colors and how fresh it feels!


2 ROUND TOP! I have always wanted to go to Round Top and my plan is to go next year (checking things off my bucket list, remember?). Looks like such fun and I know it will live up to the hype. Homeworthy did this great video on it, and thought it would be fun to share, have you been?

3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST A breathtaking round up to enjoy this weekend….


4  THE PRETTIEST EASTER CAKES It felt right to share a bevy of beautiful Easter cakes, clearly made by highly skilled cake artisans. One year, I would love try my hand at one. These are just so beautiful!


5 MY SALMON DINNER ON ROTATION I make this at least 2x a week. Its so good and super flavorful. And best, part is its super easy and of course healthy! I think the garlic, dressing, and herbs give it really great flavor. Many of you asked for it so here it goes….

  • Approx 1-1.5 lb salmon
  • Chopped scallions (approx 1/4 cup)
  • Sliced garlic (3-4 cloves)
  • Italian dressing (any kind) I use approx 1/2- 3/4 cup if the fish is closer to 2lbs
  • Sesame seeds optional
  • Fresh dill chopped fine (half a bunch)
  • Olive oil
  • Garlic salt, garlic powder and pepper (red pepper works too)

Place parchment paper on a baking sheet, lightly drizzle olive oil. Poke a few holes in salmon with a fork, add a liberal amount of dressing, the fresh dill and scallions, add chopped garlic and season well with garlic salt (or powder) and pepper flakes. Put in 375 degree preheated oven, cooking time varies 15-20 min ( am dealing with a finicky oven so mine can take a few min longer)

About 5 minutes from it being one I add cleaned cut asparagus seasoned with the same dressing, garlic pepper and salt to the same pan and cook with the fish. You have yourself n instant delicious meal when done. I often serve with a side of avocado for a healthy fat, a plate of thinly sliced cucumbers  with salt, pepper and olive oil and a small helping of Jasmine rice. Somewhat like a poke bowl, but will call it a poke plate:)


6 CUSTOMER PHOTOS Haven’t shared these in a while. I am going to get back to sharing just how talented all my customers are! I love getting your pictures in so please keep them coming! You can email to [email protected]


7  SEVEN ON SUNDAY I have a friend who is a self proclaimed “bed languisher”. I must admit I am jealous, the thought of hanging out in bed, catching up up the news, reading emails on your phone while sipping my morning coffee sounds ridiculously enticing. So…..I tried it last week after she told me how much I would enjoy it,  and let me tell you, it’s one of life’s most underrated things to do!

It was so nice, as I am quick to spring out of bed generally as soon as the sun pops up. So this was a real treat. And I told myself I am going to start doing this once a weekend. I cannot even tell you how relaxing it was, when I did finally get up (about an hour later) I realized the world was not burning down, my house was still intact, my office was running just fine. In other words, sometimes you need to force yourself to partake in some much needed “me” time. and I intend to do just that!




One lucky reader will win one of our wicker Easter bunnies and four eggs….something to hold onto for next Easter! Simply leave a comment on this post and I will announce a winner on Tuesday!



Wishing everyone a happy, joyous Easter hope you have a beautiful day and get to enjoy it with those who you love. My mom will be really missed today but I know she’s watching over us. Thanks for stopping in, until next time…..


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A beautiful bunny and exquisite eggs! What could be better? My grandkids would love seeing these pop out every year!!

Tina, thank you for sharing the beauty of the season with all of us on this Easter Day! Your message is a blessing.. My Dad is too looking over us today.

All of your Easter tables are so beautiful. I love, love decorating with bunnies and eggs! It is so light-hearted and fun! Easter blessings to you and your family.

So much beautiful “eye candy” but that Lily of the Valley cake absolutely stole my heart! I have a BIG birthday coming up in May and will try and have it duplicated.

Beautiful Easter cakes so pretty and creative really resonate with me. Your Easter table last year was gorgeous with the exquisite flowers you chose. Hope you and your family enjoy your special time together.

Would love to win the giveaway! Thank you always for the inspirational photos ! In one of the pics – I noticed a table scape with Anna weatherley plates.
Mine were sitting in my China cabinet and I am going get them out now and put on table !!!!
Thank you – Happy Easter !

Easter is my favorite holiday, a time of new beginnings. My Mom and Dad always made it special and beautiful. Thank you for your lovely postings.

Spring is my favorite season! The pastel colors of the eggs and bunnies make your tables just beautiful. Thank you for sharing!!

Happy Easter. Enjoy your day with family and friends. Love all you table settings with the beautiful flowers.

Love to go to RoundTop but it sounds somewhat daunting for the first visit. I say this having shopped in Europe and gone to the flea markets there. Somehow this seems like you really need a good game plan and reservations.

Happy Easter Tina to you and your wonderful family. Our first of 8 grandchildren was married last weekend. We were so proud of him and his beautiful Bride. What a wonderful day it was because the whole family was together. This is almost unheard of these days because we are scattered all over and getting together is not easy. On Sunday after the wedding on Saturday we decided to play Pickle Ball. It turned out to be a disaster! I was going after a ball and took a hard fall. The rest of the day was spent at the hospital. I had 6 stitches and a broken small bone in my left hand. The whole left side of my face is all black & blue with pretty stitches in my eye brow. So Tina, it’s fun to play Pickle Ball, but also very dangerous!! Today, I am home recovering and not going to play again. Next time I might not be so lucky I was told by the emergency room doctor!!

Happy Easter! Love all the beautiful tabletops and fabulous cakes today. I would love to linger a bit longer in bed, but my dog insists that I get up and go!!!

Seeing your post this morning just gives joy in embracing this beautiful and blessed season.

I adore the painted bunnies, so many memories of past Easters when I see them on table scapes. Reminds me of how much I miss small children around my dinning room table!

Happy Easter
You always make a holiday no matter the day date month or year!!!!

Tina, Happy & Blessed Easter!! Your post is such a treat…always look forward to the Beauty you bring us!!

You are part of my Sunday morning ritual. Love reading your blog while sipping tea or a latte. Thank you!

Love your site! Your life seems exciting and beautiful. Enjoy your family in this Easter Season… but remember what it truly means.

Love everything you post but especially during the holidays!! Your bunnies and eggs make any table setting special!! Love your creativity!! Happy Easter!!

Easter is such a joyous time. He lives! All the beautiful flowers, place settings and of course, bunnies just adds to my joy!

These pictures remind me of the Entertaining Diaries of your blog. Beautiful photos of entertaining guests at your home and the photos and recipes are incredible. Photos of food presentations for these parties always captivated me……..such a true entertainer!

Round Top is fabulous! My only advice is to take lots of water, wear cool clothes/shorts & good walking shoes. Goodness, is it hot 🥵!

Thank you for sharing your fun blog. I am sorry for your container woes. Owning a business is not always easy. Happy Easter!

Your Easter table is so beautiful!! I am always so inspired by. How do you put things together and have a whole collection of your beautiful goods that I always get rave reviews on!

I have never been to round top of my sister-in-law goes every year and says it’s the highlight. Every year she goes with a group of friends..

Thanks for the beautiful inspiration and yes I am one who likes to Lounge in my bed every morning. I’m very lucky because my husband brings me coffee every day.!!

Love all the beautiful Easter cakes and festive tables! Will try the salmon recipe soon, looks delicious!

I am having cataract surgery in a week and my grands have fevers. Don’t want to take a change on catching whatever they have and then postponing my surgery SO I am a little sad. I have been sitting here for a couple of hours planning next years Easter. You bunnies and eggs are an inspiration!

I went to Round Top twice a year faithfully for many years. A great place to experience and find a good deal! The video didn’t mention Marburger Farms, just down the road from The Big Red Barn & Blue Hills. I have found more there than at any single venue. Hope you get to go next fall! You’ll have a great time!

I like doing table settings and flowers much better than cooking so bring on the catering! I’ve been following you since you built your very first home!

I love to decorate for Easter! The eggs and wicker bunny would be beautiful additions to my Easter decor🩷💚💙🩵💛🩷

Hi Tina,
I am from Texas so going to “Marburger Antique Show at….Round Top”, is what’s it’s called. Have been there several times. LOVE, LOVE it!! So much fun! It’s a 5 day event, twice a year. In the Spring and in the Fall. (Google their website for more info. and tickets.) Don’t think it’s just one or two buildings to look at antiques. No, not at all. Round Top is a small farming/ranching community in some of our hills. Right on pasture land tents and some buildings are set-up for venders to display their wares. Antiques from a round the world. Everyplace off to the side of a country road are venders, food, BBQ, drinks, music, and decorating events to be seen. It gets crowded with lots of people, HOT, but so much fun to shop! MUST bring money, walking shoes, cool clothing as this is Texas.

Thank you for sharing all of the beautiful posts! Especially love the exquisite cakes 💕Happy Easter’

Thank you for sharing all of the beautiful posts! Especially love the exquisite cakes 💕Happy Easter’

I always enjoy your blog and look forward to your recipes and updates on Palmetto Bluff. Happy Easter🐰
I live in Houston and have experienced Roundtop first hand—it’s great !

Happy Easter! You will love Round Top! Spring is nice because it will be warmer than New York (hopefully) and the bluebonnets are out in full force – but fall is wonderful as well. Blue Hills and the Arbors are both great places to visit, and you don’t need tickets. Marburger does require tickets. You can look these places up online and get the dates and the details. If you are coming in for the day from Austin or Houston, just plan to be there early and make a day of it, and you should be able to visit 2 or 3 sites. All of the big sites are along the same road. If you want to stay overnight, you will need to make reservations very early, and know that many places have a two night minimum during the shows. Enjoy!!

Happy Easter Tina. Always have been a morning person and always will be. The day seems half gone/wasted if I stay in bed.

Glory, glory, glory, beauty surrounds us. Enjoy the gifts We have been given especially Family and Friends. Happy Easter everyone!

Looking forward to seeing your Easter table from this year! The others are beautiful! Easter seems so early this year I wasn’t quite prepared for it!

What beautiful things you have shown. Wishing you and yours a Blessed and Happy Easter. God Bless.

Until recently I was fortunate enough to live just a 90 minute drive from Round Top. I used to go to both the spring and fall shows every year. If you get a choice, I would opt for the spring show. It is less likely to be Texas hot than the fall show. It is fantastic. It is HUGE. Be prepared to walk a lot. You will never see such a gathering of vintage items and antiques of all types. Vendors come from around the world to Round Top. I hope you do get to go. It is a one of a kind experience.

I agree with your family, Easter dinner seems more relaxing at home. You don’t feel so rushed and usually the food is much better.
Your salmon recipe looks delicious; I will have to try it this week!
Happy Easter to you and your family.

Easter is my absolute favorite holiday. I’m originally from Chicago and was always so happy spring had begun. Even though we’ve been in AZ for 30+ years and know the heat is coming, I still love it. I would love a little wicker bunny. I’m pretty much home bound now taking care of my 96 yr old mom, I love decorating for every season. Even tho she has dementia , I love that she notices it. Hope you and your family had a lovely Easter

While you were talking about how nice it was to languish in bed, I find that I enjoy my morning coffee and your blog on Sunday mornings. I usually don’t allow myself to read social media until I’ve got some work done. That goes out the window on Sundays when I enjoy Seven on Sunday. I try to find the instagram accounts you reference. I’m amazed at how creative some people are. Seven on Sunday is my weekly treat!

We’re trying to eat healthier so will try your salmon recipe this week. Love your Easter table from last year!

Thank you for inspiring us to have more beautiful homes and healthier meals. Easter this year in tennessee was the most beautiful day beginning with rejoicing our risen Savior in church with our grown children and precious grandsons , then the traditional Easter lunch with dogwood blossoms and dyed eggs on the dining room table with all the leaves added to the table to accommodate everyone . The annual egg hunt comes next for the children . A few years ago we added in the adult egg hunt for our grown children. The 3 grandsons hide eggs for their parents and aunt which they love trying to find the most unbelievable hiding places . There eggs have $50 bills in them . This year there was a college student who did not go home who honored us with joining us . What college student doesn’t need extra money ! Try this adult hunt enjoyed by all especially the children . May the Lord bless us all and our families and our beloved country which still allows us to worship freely .

Happy Monday. I hope you and your family had a wonderful Easter.
I enjoyed this post very much. You filled it with many beautiful things to delve into. When you share photos from fellow IG accounts, I often begin following them along too. I received your white cabbage chargers the other day. Tina, not only is the quality fabulous, the size is perfection—they work great with my larger dinner plates too. I’m hoping you’ll continue to stock them.
Happy Springtime! Best, Fanny

So happy your blog is here! Love Seven on Sunday. As a mom of 2 girls (now grown), I appreciate what your mom instilled in you. She now doubt was, and is still is, so proud of you.

Just love the bunnies and table settings. I enjoyed all the pictures of beautiful table settings, cakes and your delicious salmon recipe. I will try it! I love salmon, but was getting sick of the same way I make it! I really enjoyed this post and have inspiration for next year!

I think of all the holidays, Easter represents Enchanted Home the best. The soft colors are elegant and the flowers that are always present in your posts sum up the Easter holiday the best-simp;ly beautiful!

Join the World of the Enchanted Home!



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