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Hi there, hope you are having a great week. Mine, you ask? H E C T I C.  More on that in a short bit…

First when I created these dreamy lattice bars, it was a dream as I had looked for one (or two) to go with our beautiful Brown Jordan furniture. Couldn’t find it so I created one! We did one big container  of these due to everyone wanting to order one  (which are on the way) all preorders. This was not intended to be an item we would sell but something I had made for myself. We may consider doing a second container, just want to get this one here and all bars shipped first. In the meantime, I got mine and could not love them more. I played around the other day with ideas because, drumroll…………we are having a wedding here in about a month!

Surprise! We will hold a wedding celebration here for my oldest son and fiancé. They were supposed to get married in the city and things changed quite last minute (as in the last 4 days)  so its been a mad dash around here to start prepping for this big day! I am extremely detail oriented, a consummate list maker, a bit OCD, so yes I have been quite stressed lately. But in the last few days, my husband and I have really burned the midnight oil and almost all the major decisions are made or are in the process of being made. We have secured our tent person, caterer, coordinator, bathrooms, valet parkers, working on music, had a big appt with florist yesterday, and have a cake appt next week. Next big issues, finding a dress for me!

The theme is garden chic, as the tent will be set up in our garden, so I love the theme and hope to find a perfect dress that will befit the occasion.Normally I would have something made but not sure there’s enough time though crazy me is going into the city on Sat to go though a few of my favorite fabric shops. If I see a fabric that is too beautiful to refuse, well, I just may beg the lady who has made things for me in the past for a big favor:) Otherwise ordered a few gowns a few days ago and will see what they look like when they get there.

So yes LOTS off moving parts over here!! Exciting, a bit anxiety provoking, and yet a beautiful celebration of love and thats’s what I am focusing on.  We have two bars on either end of a very long patio so this is where cocktails will be served. I played around with putting two big jars on either end with a huge spray of viburnum and just love the effect.

There will also be other shelves placed behind the bars for all glassware. I cannot wait to christen these bars for their first party/event. So here is how I played with them….



I love the blue and white paired next to the green, such a striking combination

Our gorgeous pheasant jars make quite a statement here!


Love the new blue/white cups, on the green glossy tray, I see mini crudités in there

It was a perfect bar to do a pretty setup with some of my favorite things

Sneak peek of our gorgeous chinoiserie flatware in blue and green, will be online tomorrow!

Love these appetizer blue/white cups for individual appetizers in our green glossy tray

And of course our original blue nd white pagoda melamine still remains among one of my favorite things!


Last day of our wicker/tabletop arrival sale, this one is so good!

Click here to see sale

So, what do you think? We are going with a nearly all white theme with lots of greenery so we will try to source white viburnum for the party. Like I said, tons of moving parts right now, but my lists are at my side at all times and I do work well under pressure. Not to say that I haven’t been going to sleep until midnight or later and waking up at the crack of down, with a racing mind but its all getting done. So my focus, for the next month will be on planning this wonderful event at our home.  We are very excited and I hope everyone will say a little prayer for a beautiful weather day that day, fingers crossed.

Thanks for stopping in, and wishing everyone a wonderful, calm day and a smooth end to your week.Until next time….

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Beautiful Bar and best wishes for the wedding. Your plans thus far sound amazing. Good luck with the dress choosing.

Congratulations Tina, It will all be so beautiful and go by so quickly, please take in every moment and enjoy it! Your home and gardens are a lovely setting for a fabulous wedding event, it is sure to be a special day with wonderful memories.

Tina! How exciting! We had a wedding exactly year ago at our home! And it was fabulous with perfect weather and beautiful memories! My daughter and son in law are still so grateful for that weekend! If that wasn’t enough, we all traipsed to Italy a few days later for the “real” wedding!
Please talk to Maria Pucci at Gramercy Atelier NYC. She made my Italy dress and it is my favorite dress I have ever worn! And working with her was so very fun!
Email me if you’d like more of my experience working with her!
And I just got a blue lattice trash basket and love it!
Happy Wedding Planning!

This is wonderful news! Your home is so lovely, and I’m certain with your touch, this wedding is going to memorable!

She has EVERY say as does my son. They were the first two people we sat down with and discussed their vision with!

Congratulations. Your home is the perfect setting for your son’s wedding. Beautiful memories and pictures will be made. Take time to enjoy everything second.

Tina, A wedding! What a wonderful event to celebrate. I am sure it is going to be the most gorgeous last-minute wedding ever!! can’t wait to see pictures. Have fun with all the plans!

Hope the bride gets to have a say in her wedding. It’s strange that neither your son or the bride is mentioned in the decision making process.

No need to worry they are the very first people we consulted as to what ThEY want. I didn’t think I had to mention it, thought that would have been a given that we are following their wishes.

So very happy for you Tina. As a Mom I know how a child’s wedding day is one of our most exciting, wonderful and happy days of our lives. Congrats to all of you!

Oh Tina, please tell your son that we “Enchanted Home Fans” out here are absolutely thrilled for him and his bride to be! And I am so happy to learn that the wedding will take place at your gorgeous home! There could not be a more perfect location than that. I have every confidence that together, as a family, you all will create one of the most beautiful and elegant events ever! Lists. Yes, lists for EVERYTHING! That is how I “roll” too! It will be perfect. Find a way to breathe, and then prepare to soak in every single second of that wonderful day!!!!!

Congratulations. We hosted our daughter’s wedding at our home in Charleston 2 years ago. I still can’t help but smile when I walk up my driveway and remember all the planning, tents, covering the pool with a dance floor, lighting, band, etc. My best advice….hire a wedding planner. They are magnificent and will take care of every tiny detail….not just the day of..but for all of it. Well worth it!! Also, enjoy this special time!

Tina, I think the venue—your home is a wonderful place to host such a special and momentous occasion. We know It will be lovely!!
I hope you will share more of the details as you finalize plans. . I will keep you in my prayers for a beautiful day. 🙏🏻🌿💙🌿

Tina, I think the venue—your home is a wonderful place to host such a special and momentous occasion. We know It will be lovely!! So happy for you and congratulations! Remember to breathe.
I hope you will share more of the details as you finalize plans. . I will keep you in my prayers for a beautiful day. 🙏🏻🌿💙🌿

We do however it was a preorder for one container of bars, all are sold. We may do another container and if do will announce it on the blog. Thanks!

Do u put water in the bottom of your blue and white jars and then add the viburnum or is there oasis in the bottom of the jars ?

so I put a plastic almost tube like cylinder (you van buy on amazon) or a place like Home Depot that is narrow about 4-5″ and slide it into the jar, fill it with water and put in my flowers, makes is super tight and super easy.

Congratulations!! All I can say is , if there is a possibility of rain order gutters! I didn’t there was such a thing! Our daughter’s wedding was in our back yard. We had 3 tents.We should have had 2 gutters. Sheets of water came in between them and it was a nightmare. Everyone remembers their wedding because it was like a hurricane!. Rain is supposed to be Good luck ! Linda W

Thanks for the info, the tent company mentioned this. So sorry that you had to experience that. Sounds memorable in more ways than one:)

Congratulations!! I know you have waited for this day for quite awhile. enjoy every minute of the planning. You are so fortunate to get to host the wedding for your son. Usually the mother of the groom is told “wear beige a be quiet”. I am sure the dress you decide on will be fabulous.

Its been a whirlwind of decisions so the dress has not even come into play quite yet:)

Do they have input? OF COURSE. They were the first people to have a say in what we are doing! We are honoring THEIR wishes.

The new bride is so VERY fortunate to have a mother in law like you ! If I were her I’d feel that the huge weight of wedding planning has been lifted off my shoulders ( & kindly dumped on yours ! ) ……. & you’ll make my day the most splendid & beautiful one. A glorious occasion ! She will forever be thankful for your kindness & generosity.

I would like to purchase one on your next order. Unless you have one available now.

I think it is only fitting that you have this special celebration at your beautiful home. While it has taken a huge amount of planning in such a short period of time, it will be most magical. Congratulations.

What a beautiful wedding gift to your son and daughter in law to be hosting a blessed event. It takes a confident and loving couple to want their in laws involved in planning a wedding. It’s a credit to you and your husband. Best wishes and enjoy the journey!

Yes, I agree weddings can be stressful in the prep part and it always amazes me how everything works out in the end. Have no doubt that you are real task master. Weather wise, I see by the many posts we are all in your corner especially for the newlyweds big day. Stay calm.

What a delightful and unexpected surprise! How wonderful you and your husband have the opportunity to plan this “new” wedding venue with your son and his fiancee. Enjoy every minute of it and I will pray for beautiful weather!

Best wishes! Finding a Mother of the Groom dress was more of a challenge than I thought it might be. Mind you, the wedding date was set just as we were coming out of Covid, so finding something that didn’t plunge down to there, or was slit up to here was not easy. I won’t even get to how because of shortages, gowns that had been in the $1100 range before Covid, were almost double that price – for the same gown in the same fabric. High-end designer gowns – some with six month lead times – were also double what they are now. We had just finished a major landscape project and I couldn’t justify $5k (!) for a gown.
I’ve always loved the iconic Carolina Herrera silk shirt and ball skirt look (the side slit pockets are a must), and found a similar look from Sachin & Babi – their Zoe dress (petal pink blouse, Mikado cherry red ball skirt with matching wide belt). I felt great all day, the skirt didn’t wrinkle and I tucked my lipstick into a side pocket for quick trips to the powder room.
Shoes were the biggest challenge, anything I liked had a 4″+ heel! I eventually found a pair of Stuart Weitzman sling back pumps with a 3″ heel, at a great price point, but would have paid twice that just to find the right shoe! I just wanted a pretty shoe that I could walk and dance in! The only suggestion I have is to remember that a garden wedding means that you will be walking across and standing on grass. In high stiletto heels, you will either be aerating the lawn or could possibly twist an ankle (we hosted a bridal shower/engagement party at home and thank goodness I had a pretty block-heeled shoe I could change into). If the lawn is the least bit damp, you will end up with wet feet in a strappy shoe. Might be best to wear the strappy shoe for the church service and have a back-up closed-toe option if needed for the reception.
Last minute snafus always happen. For some strange reason I kept walking out of my sling back pumps (I was wearing Spanx all-in-one support with hose). Didn’t find this out until we were on the way to the church! Thank goodness we needed to swing by our son’s apartment on the way and I cut the feet out of the pantyhose at mid-calf. Problem solved but on the Big Day, you just need to go with the flow!

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