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Hi, hope everyone is enjoying a lovely weekend. I wish I could say mine was going well, its been hectic with a few monkey wrenches…such is life. I am rolling with it as that is all we can do. No rest for the weary, thats for sure! It’s a new day and soon a new week, so hopefully smooth sailing ahead. Onward to my post this weekend…



1 OUR LATTICE BARS So many people contacted us about our beautiful lattice bars after I featured it on Instagram the other day. So to answer the main question we get, will we take preorders again? The answer is not sure. These are very large and very heavy so its involved to crate them and get them here then send them out via freight. Once we receive this incoming container (all these are presold) we will be considering adding a second container.

This will not be a regular item in our shop offerings but would be a one time opportunity order. We will surely keep you posted on if we do decide to offer them again. Stay tuned!

So if you are someone who has inquired, we are asking you to email [email protected] and write bar on subject line. You will automatically be on our mailing list for if and when we decide to add this second container, would be relatively soon.



2 MY EVERLASTING (ALMOST) FLOWERS I received beautiful flowers on Mothers Day and two bouquets I received the Friday before Mothers Day.  I cannot believe that I still have most of them. I finally gathered all that was left and made one big beautiful arrangement. The key was keeping them in a very cool spot and in some cases the refrigerator. Talk  about a way to make the beauty last!

And 9 days later here they are….



3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST What a pretty round up this week, love discovering new accounts.

4 TURKEY! Who has been? We have always wanted to go and having gone to most of Europe over the years, Turkey is high on our list. If anyone has gone and has any particular recommendations would love to hear them. We are starting to loosely plan a trip and would land and stay in Istanbul a few days, then venture to Bodrum and possibly Cappadocia. We are just at the beginning of a potential trip this summer but would love to hear if anyone had any special experiences they wish to share!


5 MEMORIAL DAY AND RED WHITE AND BLUE We received some gorgeous new things in celebration of red, white and blue. What perfect pieces for the upcoming Memorial Day holiday and then of course July 4th and Labor Day. A fabulous way to celebrate the red, white and blue color combo taken to a very sophisticated level. Works so beautifully as well with our blue and white pagoda melamine.

Click here for all new arrivals (star flatware and salt and peppers were added this morning) 

Don’t forget to use the code gorgeous for an extra 20% discount


6 A FEW NEW THINGS AND WOULD LOVE YOUR OPINION ON! Super excited about some new things in the pipeline. Some are on the way and others are still in the sampling stage.

Very excited get in a new shape to our lacquer tray collection (round) and 3 gorgeous new colors which will come in all shapes/sizes. These are on the way and will be here in approx 4 weeks and yes, we will hold a presale on these, LOVE each and every one of them:)

This beautiful lattice lantern is a new possiblity. Would love to know your thoughts. This is not the finished product but gives you an idea-



So would love your thoughts on this bamboo style floor length lamp, we get a lot of requests for floor lamps and I like that the bamboo styles is classic yet can go more modern or more traditional. We would offer it initially in a few color-ways and here is where I need your input (and imagination) please vote if you have an opinion on it-


7 IS EVERYTHING ONLINE BECOMING FAKE? I don’t know, lately I have been really disillusioned with social media. Allow me to explain, I was stunned when I read that 93% of pictures of people are using filters or their pictures have been altered. I was somewhere recently when a very popular influencer happened to be as well, I was STUNNED to see her in “real life”. Looks literally nothing at all like what I have seen online.  It kind of sets up the stage for a completely inauthentic and unattainable standard. Now AI is coming into the picture, fast and furiously. I have seen interiors, backyards, gardens and even kitchens I can only dream of and 8 out of 10 of them I am finding out are AI generated. No wonder I couldn’t find “resources”!

I mean its fun to ooh and ahh over them but for the most part I want “real life”. It is hard to be inspired by things that are not real and I am afraid this is just the beginning. As a late 50 something year old, I see it for it is, but I cannot imagine the havoc it is wrecking on the young adults/teens brains. I mean we hear reports and data constantly coming out  of how damaging it all is but it seems to be spiraling out of control. I applaud Norway for making it the law to disclose if a photo has been altered or has filters applied. I believe France has followed suit. Don’t know where this is going but it feels like the genie is out of the bottle now, not sure where it all ends. One thing for sure, this cannot be healthy on such a very wide landscape.


We just got in so many fabulous new things! All new arrivals as of this morning are an extra 20% off (2 days)

Click here to see all new arrivals

Code- gorgeous

And that is a wrap for this long Sunday post. I hope you enjoyed it, anything particular resonate with you? Do tell as I love hearing from you. Looking forward to a nice calm day at home, possibly a little pickle ball, an appt with our architect and then some time to catch up on things on my long list of “to do’s”. Wishing everyone a great day, until next time….

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We loved Turkey…you mentioned all the key spots but try to fit in a trip to Ephesus as well!

Loved Turkey so much. One of my favorite places to visit and I would go again. You should also try to go to Ephesus……it is amazing.

We stayed at the Four Seasons, near the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia. It was originally a prison and now beautifully converted. And don’t miss the Spice Market!

In Turkey plan to visit Ephesus, the Topkapi Museum with the largest diamond, Hagia Sophia Church which is now a mosque, rug factories, and the Bazaar (be careful buying jewelry there..)

I have a painted wooden lamp in black with some leaves. I got mine years ago from NM. They are classic no matter the color. Great find

What a beautiful post, so much to comment on that I’m sure I will forget some thing. Absolutely in love with that Bar. I am hoping you will still offer them when we move into our new house next fall.

your flowers are so beautiful always, I am curious if you went to some sort of floral school or are you self taught?

As the mom of two preteen girls, I will agree that the enhancements that are widely used on social media are completely out of control, and I applaud the European countries taking a stand!

We were in Istanbul for three days in route to Greece last year for a wedding- it was glorious! it was so much more than we expected that we vowed to make a trip again there very soon. We stayed at the Four Seasons, which was incredible! Have fun planning and keep us posted.

Be sure to take the hot air balloon ride when you go to Cappadocia. It is spectacular! Also agree with the comment about Ephesus.

We are on a cruise as I write this. After Greece – Athens, Mikonos and Santorini, we are headed to Ephesus. I’ll let you know what I think !

We spent 10 days in Turkey. One daughter spent her summer abroad there. Lots of Bible history here. Instanbul is better than Paris IMO. We used Ismail of Travel Atelier (they specialize in Turkey). Absolutely wonderful, would def use again. We flew to Istanbul, travelled south and spent 3 days on a boat sailing between Greece and Turkey, travelled to Ankara, Cappadocia, ended in Istanbul. Most emphatically recommend Cappadocia cave hotels and sunrise hot air ballooning—wished we’d stayed longer than 2 days. In Istanbul, there’s a couple of Sultans palaces now turned hotel—we stayed in one, also do not miss this. Our only regret? Wished we’d stayed even longer, def planning a future return trip.

Tina I love pretty much everything in your shop but look forward to seven on Sunday as a break from promos and just happy content. I know you considered stopping your seven on Sunday posts but please don’t. Just know that for some of us a pretty photo from your house or the internet is preferred over marketing info from your shop
You are loved (and you offerings too) but Seven on Sunday is a much needed break. Thank you.

Cappodocia in Turkey is a must!,, thanks for the beautiful pics as my travel days are over with a hubby with dementia but I can relax with all the beautiful pics!,, as long as they are real!,,lol!,

Yes we are it is pictured above in light blue (will do the round in all colors)!

I told my children a few years ago there is a whole generation of children who will grow up and their parents won’t look like anything in their photos. So may add filters, do this, do that. It’s actually quite sad. And looking online for my daughter’s school formal dress and I noted that many of the “models” looked AI generated. Looking at interiors etc. I don’t trust that any of them actually exist.

Do not miss the Basilica Cistern in Istanbul and a ferry ride on the Bosphorus to Kadikoy on the Asian shore to marvel at the many beautiful villas.

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