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Good Sunday morning to you! First I want to announce the lucky winner of the box of gift wrap, congratulations goes to-

#17 SUSAN M. says:
Please email us at [email protected] to provide your full name and address so your prize can be on the way!


Hope you are having a great weekend. Ours has been very nice, a few get togethers, and enjoying the most spectacular weather weekend. I wish I could push a pause button but I know full well scorching days are ahead of us. This weekend, the weather was a “10”. We are still plugging away at cleaning up and organizing our warehouse, its a long term project and my goal is to have it in tip top shape sometime in August. We will continue to hold our online warehouse sales and potentially an in person warehouse sale!

We have a lot coming in, and some exciting things on the horizon. OK, onward to my post this weekend…..




1 A QUICK VISIT TO A PEONY FARM! As I do this every year, I visit a peony farm around an hour or so away (depends on traffic). This year she was really shorthanded,  so they were not able to offer the selection that they normally do but what they did have was small and mighty. Peonies in colors I have not seen. I took a huge bundle home approx 50 stems worth. Yes, the car ride home was simply heaven:) Using them for a photography shoot, have some guests coming over and giving a small bunch to a peony loving friend tomorrow so talk about getting my money’s worth. I will be doing a peony post in the next week because such a beautiful flower deserves its very own post:) Anywhere here is what I saw…….

And my car seat coming home, hard to appreciate how big this bundle was but at its wides it was at least 24″ wide filled with peonies

2 SOMETHING NEW AND GORGEOUS!! I introduced the new chippendale style collection in the works, showed you the high gloss coffee table that we will be offering, now take a look at the same table in wicker and in the matching bar cart (this is a sample and the bottom shelf was not yet put on)

So this is the high gloss table I shared with you last week….


And now to present the wicker version…….


I am so excited over these pieces. These will be offered as a presale in the next 2 weeks, in 5 color options and the wicker. I already have a spot designated for them! (Bar cart does not yet have the bottom shelf in these pictures) and the wheels will be a polished brass (this was a prototype)




3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Such a pretty and inspiring roundup…..great summer inspiration!

4 MY FAVORITE SUMMER SALAD, GUILT FREE DESSERT AND TRADER JOE’S  Do you go to Trader Joes? We don’t have one really close but I do stop in when I go to a nursery that I like and always find such fun things to try. I make this summer Greek salad all the time but its especially great in the summer when produce is at its peak. It is so simple but incredibly flavorful and literally pairs well with everything. It can also easily be a great meal especially if you serve it with protein.

What you need-

  • 1-2 cartons or ripe tomatoes
  • 1 bellppper
  • 1 block of feta cheese
  • 1/2 of a finely chopped red onion (optional)
  • 5 Kirby/Perisan cucumbers
  • Fresh lemon juice
  • Olive oil
  • Salt and pepper
  • Oregano


Simply cut up your vegetables in small chunks, mix together, season with salt and pepper, olive oil and lemon juice to taste. I add the feta at the end (right before serving) so it does not get mushy. Literally pairs so well with everything! Can be  made a day ahead, (I just don’t add any of the seasonings, olive oil or feta until day of serving)


And when I am craving something sweet, this is honestly as good as ice cream. I promise if you try it you will agree. A few generous spoons of Greek yogurt (I buy plain and vanilla) these raw nuts from Trader Joes and fresh raspberries (I mash them into the yogurt) and add a sprinkling of the nuts. It is SO SO goo and takes 20 seconds to make!


5 AMAZING CUSTOMER PHOTOS. Love receiving and then sharing these with you. I swear my customers are so so talented, just love seeing our products in your beautiful spaces!



6 ABOUT OUR LATTICE BARS So when I created the lattice bar, I did so for myself, never with the intention of selling them. I saw it alive and well in my head and created two for my own home. So many people responded to them so we offered a one time full container of them (the first container is coming in around June 22nd). Those are all sold. Many others have since inquired about how they can order.  We debated about adding a second container so due to popular demand, we have decided to do so!

A mailer will be going out on Monday to all those who added their name to our list. If you are interested in ordering a custom lattice bar, please email [email protected] and put “bar” on the subject line. We will add your name to our mailing list going out on Monday. We will be able to offer a limited number of the bars so it will be first come, first serve. So happy you all like it, I personally love it and cannot wait to host a party just to use these bars:)



7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY So this will apply for the most part to people who are more local to us, (Long Island, NY) but as we are continuing and deep diving into our mega warehouse cleanup, we are considering an in person warehouse sale. We have about 15,000 sq feet warehouse that is chockfull so you can imagine just how much we have. We are selling items that are discontinued or considered “seconds” and somedays it feels like a bottomless pit:)

Our warehouse sales have been great in terms of selling off items, but we were thinking an in person warehouse sale might be in order. I have never done one, only been to some and they are loads of fun, plus its instant gratification. So, I am curious as to your thoughts? Both in the idea itself and timing? Please check all that apply.



And that is a wrap for this Sunday. Look forward to hav ing a lazy morning and catching up on things then a casual dinner with friends. My favorite days are when we have a big chunk of time to ourselves to do as we please. I appreciate that more and more as I get older and always try to make sure most of my Sunday’s (especially in the summer) are structured that way. Love to tinker in my garden, go and see what’s bloomed over night, those simple pleasures bring me so much joy. What’s your favorite thing to do on your “off time’? Anyway thanks for stopping in. Wishing everyone a fabulous and relaxing day! Until next time……


This our deal of the day and its a STUNNER! We have been sold out for nearly 7 months so it was exciting for it to come back.

This is one incredible statement making vase!

Click here to see


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I live nearby and would love to attend your warehouse sale. Love gardening and reading on our backporch in the summer. Not at fan of bugs and humidity, though! Love “lazy” days when we have nothing planned.

Great post!
And please do not stop selling your fabulous melamine tabletop dinnerware & serving sets! No other company comes anywhere close to having your patterns or designs & they are so well priced! 😍👌❤️

love this post for so many reasons! I am so excited you are adding another shipment of the bars. I so want one.
LOVE the new chippendale styled pieces, I have just the spot for the wicker table and bar cart! Well done Tina.
You also helped me figure out a side dish for my dinner later (have 2 couples coming over) Salad looks amazing. Sure wish I had a peony farm near us (they don’t tend to grow here) so I admire them from afar. Great post!

Woo hoo the bars are coming back!~ Love how you styled yours. I ordered one 4ft but. my husband said we should get a 6 ft for our pool area. I certainly am not arguing!
Love The post and though I live in Atlanta I would literally consider flying up there for your sale FYI.

Love all things Chippendale. My many years as a designer. I always told my clients that no room (matter the style) was complete without a piece of Asian/chippendale. Assuming your bar is a lacquer finish I’m wondering if your Chippendale cocktail tables and carts are same lacquer to be outdoors? .

What do I like to do in my free time? Good question…Besides reading and weeding the next best thing is to bake fresh fruit cobblers or triple berry pies, drink home made iced tea with two slices of lemon. Relax in the back yard and grill something. I could go on and on being retired there are so many new things I want to try . Learn to fly our drone, rediscover scuba diving but I might be on the fence with that one. Start to train for elevation climbing, relearn to drive a stick shift. I think you get the plan A or plan B picture. Oh My!!!!!

The chippendale pieces are gorgeous. (The bar cart is a fabulous idea)
This weekend was all about the garden beds. Trimmed a lot of bushes and trees too. The weather was perfect. Cleared out lots of weeds, and we added some new hydrangeas too. This is my favorite pastime, in warmer months—I love being outside and I’m so enjoying the longer days. Looks like you are off to great things. Bravo! Enjoy and wishing you a Happy June.

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