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Hello and happy Friday. Hope you are doing well. Thanks so much for the excellent and very kind feedback on my post with polls 2 days ago (click here if you missed it). I love connecting with my readers and keeping you in the loop. I will share the results of the polls and general thoughts in a separate post.

It was such a wonderful validation of The Enchanted Home and of the company I have been fortunate to build and am still building! We are at an interesting and exciting inflection point but the best is yet to come. And yes, I will continue blogging likely until I am old and gray:)

I like to share life’s happenings via photos taken on my phone every now and then, so here is a recap of the good and pretty lately……



Shoemakers son no more….loved getting a beautiful bounty of Enchanted Home goodies!


Its’s peony season and these have been blooming fast and furiously…this was my loot from the other day. I have not gone out to cut more since poison ivy abounds and I am highly allergic, so until its pulled (happening this week) I am laying low

Peonies the size of saucers

I put them in one of my many containers and spread the beauty around the house


Theres nothing they don’t looks fabulous in, especially blue and white

Night out at a local restaurant that has the best cerviche

My Earth Angel roses are blooming like mad!

Got a bunch of New Guinea impatiens to plant into my urns


Put four of our garden seats on the tennis court, how pretty is the bench framed by the blooming climbing rose

Another color!

And how about this clematis…

A few recaps from Memorial Day weekend

Dinner with friends over the holiday weekend, love a good seafood tower!

Cocktail time

More peonies…

Our sunroom is such a great feel good space, I love crashing in there after a long day

Newly placed bird and blossom fishbowls

Peonies again!

Out to dinner with friends with my darling Pamela Munson bag, adore this bag,….goes with everything

Beach at low tide

Our gorgeous new leaf fishbowl, love this pattern


Summer on a plate


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And that’s a wrap for this Friday, hope you are off to having a wonderful weekend. And hope the sun is shining, the flowers are blooming and the birds are chirping. I am enjoying our 75 degree days, the 80’s not so much:) Summer is short though and I hope to make the most of it. Until next time……

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Love your sunroom! What is on top of the sofa cushion to protect the seat? I love it!

So much beauty!! Can you believe it? Tomorrow is June first?
Our peonies came and went so fast—but hydrangeas are starting to bud.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Ps you have inspired me to update our basketball court and add lines and net for pickleball. Should be fun!

Peonies and ants!! I never bring these flowers into the house. How do you avoid the problem with the ants ?

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