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Hi there, hope you are well. First off the winner of the raffia placemats/coasters is


Please email us your name and address so your prize can be on the way!


Hope you are having a great weekend. Here, its been nonstop. Friday was hectic, work, a quick game of pickleball, 2 late day meetings and dinner. Saturday was my husbands bday and at first we were supposed to go out on the boat with 3 couples to CT but then due to the extreme weather, we got together locally as a group of 10 friends who have known each other a very long time at the club. It was a fun night and it was exactly how he wanted to spend his birthday. Nights like that highlight the importance of dear and treasured friends.

And speaking of old friends,  sadly today, we are going to a funeral, that of a very old friend who was only 57. She was suffering horribly but it is so sad to see someone go that early, and someone who I had a lot of history with. Life is unpredictable and many times, doesn’t seem fair. Later today a friend has invited a few couples on a boat so that will be a nice way to end the day. Busy, busy but I guess thats what summer is all about. Onward to my post…




1 A BEAUTIFUL GARDEN TOUR We were part of a beautiful garden tour that featured 4 homes. It was a hot but beautiful summer day and it was so enjoyable to speak to garden enthusiasts who came for a visit. On top of that, my friends and I got the chance to visit 2 of the 3 other gardens which was such fun. Here are the highlights….


And then we took a quick ride to see a few of the others, that ranged from a beautiful lakeside retreat, to an incredible horse farm complete with darling goats to a waterfront contemporary with beautiful views…

2 SUGAR RUSH BAKERY This is a bakery on Long Island owned by the loveliest woman, Jeanne. Not only is she incredibly sweet but she is mega talented. Her sugar flowers make me want to smell them…she is amazing.

She, if you remember was the one you made me the most exquisite lily of the valley sugar arrangement which is still in my curio cabinet. I will soon be hosting a baby shower and am going to use her for the cake, so stay tuned. Here are some of her amazing creations! Click here to visit here on Instagram

And look at her sugar paste flowers…incredible!


3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST A beautiful round of pretty pictures that caught my eye this week……


4 A WONDERFUL AND ELEGANT HOUSE TOUR This was fun, I am a big fan of Augusta Cole (an event planner) and had contacted her in fact when we were going to have the wedding in June, she was booked so perhaps next spring!

5 GREAT LOOKING WOVEN TOTES In case you haven’t noticed I have a thing for raffia, cane, wicker, etc…not only for home furnishings but for shoes and bags too (and hats!). It is classic and so sharp looking. Here are a few totes I found recently that are amazing for chic summer dressing.

Love this good looking white cane wicker tote from Tuckernuck. I am a tweaker (I buy things and tweak them as to how I think they should look) I ordered this one but am going to have the straps made shorter. Click here

This is great looking too with the added detailing of the pearl border, makes it a little elevated Click here

And of course this is my go to almost every day tote which I absolute love and get tons of compliments on, click here

6 PILLOW POPUP IS COMING! I loved reading over your many responses from my post last week about some potential new items. Very helpful and I will do a longer follow up post on the results very soon.It was unanimous that you wanted to see the pillow popup again so I am thrilled to announce we will hold it this Monday! So mark your calendars, as  these are some of the prettiest and well priced outdoor pillows you will find. Heres a sneak peek-

This will start tomorrow at 9am!


7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY There are so many days when multiple things come up and I immediately think I need to make this my Sunday question. I am one of those people that often wherever I am, strangers will often ask my opinion on things. It even happened to me once at a local jewelry several years ago,  from Jennifer Lopez! I did not realize it was her as she was really dressed down and did not look like her normal glamorous self…but this happens with ordinary people too. I guess it’s a compliment? So the other day I am in a store and this woman I would guess in her early 70’s is in front of me in a short line, she has in her hand to purchase, a tank top  with an appliquéd flower literally the size of a basketball. REALLY BIG.

We are in line and she turns around and asks me what do you think of this, is it too much? Now I can see she likes it because here she is about to purchase it and who am I to tell her not to. On the other hand I “didn’t get it” at all and frankly there was no age that I thought it would be appropriate for. So I laughed and said “well the flower is really big” and then “its a definite look”. I didn’t know how to say I thought it was a no for me,  so tried to do so subliminealy.. How do you handle such encounters? For the record, she didn’t press on and told me she was going to take it home and try it on with skirt. She was happy and I was happy she didn’t ask me to elaborate:)



Second and last day to save 25% off off ur entire porcelain collection! Use code- summer

Click here to see collection (subcategories are on the left)

And that is a warp for this Sunday. I hope you all have a wonderful day and great end to your weekend. These summer weekends are going by fast, before you know it, we will be in July! I was actually at a dept store a week ago and saw them starting to bring out winter jackets! Creeps up on us fast. Thanks for stopping by, until next time…..

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My husband and I attended the garden tours. Your garden and grounds are beautiful. It was a hot day but the breeze off the water made it bearable. Thank you for opening your gardens to us. Loved the lattice bar. So beautiful in person!

Beautiful post. We were on the garden tour! Your home and grounds are breathtaking. I was so sorry I didn’t get to meet you, next time I hope.
Great news about the outdoor pillows, I will be online tomorrow morning to look. for it, my patio needs them desperately.
Funny about your incidents, people do that to me too (ask my opinion) I try to be honest but also diplomatic, as to not be insulting.
It is flattering that people look to you to ask your opinion, at least I take it that way. Those cakes! Wow, is she local? I hope so!

Bringing cupcakes for dessert next weekend. Going to try decorating them like the Sugar Rush Bakery did.
White icing with some petite blue flowers and a touch of greenery.
We got slammed here with those powerful thunderstorms that rolled in here last night. Power company restored our area this evening and now the clean up begins. Thankfully we have a generator. Lots of leaf litter around and hope your amazing garden was spared.

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