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Hello and happy Thursday  to you. So, it was funny I was going through my draft box of various ideas, mood boards, reiterations of products, hundreds and hundreds of them and a few really stuck out at me (well, maybe more than a few). And this made me start thinking again about potentially putting these into action.

I would love to know your thoughts, you are always such a great focus group and your ideas and opinions really help me to shape what’s to come! My mind is always racing with new ideas, onto the next big thing and often I have to restrain myself so you help me to keep things in check:)  But some ideas are most certainly worth running with, will be curious as to what you think, a giveaway at bottom for your time:)




FALL THEMED DINNERWARE This was a concept for fall themed dinnerware. Truth is its late to be thinking about fall, but I could do it, it would not necessarily be for the wholesale market as they start so early but for retail, I could get it done in time. Thoughts? I am always looking for a beautiful classic fall pattern and honestly have yet to find one I really love.



MONOGRAMMED TRAYS Had a few samples done of these and thought they were so pretty but as often happens, I got sidetracked with something else and this fell to the wayside. I am thinking of offering these as a one time sale, they come in a rectangular version as well as round. These are floral handprinted monograms. Love it for display, entertaining or what a great gift! Thoughts?


HURRICANES Does anyone remember these gorgeous intricate metal hurricanes I had samples made of? I almost forgot about them but have fallen in love with them all over again. What do you think?



WICKER CHIPPENDALE TABLES So the top is an end table which we got 20 of and we sold out almost right away. I am thinking of doing a one time sale on the wicker coffee tables. They are just too large for us to store and we are already busting at the seams. Thoughts?






ORMOLU BASES At one point I shared with you these ormolu bases which can really dress up/elevate a jar or vase. They would be offered in a few sizes and a. couple of different styles.



BAMBOO FRAMED PRINTS Thoughts?And I played around with these gold bamboo framed prints, thinking to offer them as a pair so as a grouping of four. Is there too much out there like this? I think the one factor that could set this apart is pricing. I feel like my pricing due to the fact that I import my own product could be substantially less. I do love them, thinking more of an antiqued brass finish or do you like the shiny? I am torn! Thoughts?


POP UP OUTDOOR PILLOWS We did a popup outdoor pillow event last summer that was a big big hit. Should we do it again? If so,  we would do it next week. Let me know what you think. These are gorgeous, affordable and for the outdoors! There are many many collections and colors, a lot of value for the money. Want to hear your 2 cents.


THE LATTICE DOG BOWL Who remembers this? I really liked it, played around with a few iterations of it. I am thinking of revisiting it. It’s so unique and for any lattice/fretwork lover, this is the ultimate bowl. Plus its elevated and pretty enough to use in even formal spaces, thoughts?

Below were prototypes (not finished product) but it gives you the idea


PORCELAIN CHRISTMAS TREES We did really well with these. But then they kind of got overshadowed by our Chinsoeiries Christmas trees. I still love the porcelains ones so much and have many of them to sprinkle around the house during Christmas. They are really substantial looking. We only have 2 or 3 left. Should we bring these back?


NEW STYLE/COLOR PROVENCE PLANTER I remember loving how this came out then once again it fell to the wayside, this color is so pretty and this would be a new style for us. On the other hand, this is also a large item and we are pretty packed in the warehouse yet I really love these (seems to happen a lot)  Thoughts?


BAUBLE STOCKINGS Who remembers our Bauble stocking collaboration? These beautiful mini needlepoint stockings are collectors items. This was our collection from 2 years ago, which we sold out of. Should we bring back a new collection this year? This is something we would need to decide on very quickly,I love mine and think they are very special. I am torn and need your input! Thoughts?

COLORED URNS/PEDESTALS Just as soon as I said we are discontinuing the colors, we get a batch of both retail and wholesale orders for them. What do you think? Should we keep stocking these or just stay with the natural?


To enter  the giveaway, just participate in all the polls above and leave a comment on this post telling me the item or two that you the most enthusiastic about!


Well that should give you something (pretty) to chew on! Thank you for weighing in and therefore greatly helping me with my decisions. Because if it was up tot me, I would do it ALL! I think I will do a part two of this as there are other ideas/concepts I would love to share with you and get our opinions on. Thanks for stopping by, until. next time….



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This is a great idea to feel out the market. I am particularly thrilled with the Christmas trees and the monogrammed trays. Your items are always so well curated.

You definitely have a lot on your plate Tina! First Grandchild on the way! A Warehouse filled with wonderful and amazing items! Your are so creative! Lots of eye candy and I love it!!

No rest for the weary:) The creative process is like my therapy. But of course family always first. We need to keep evolving as we do away with somethings, we will continue to expand on our best selling categories.

Love the outdoor pillows. And please add matching (solid) seat cushions to your offerings!

I missed out on the porcelain Christmas trees. I would love to collect them this year and share them with my daughter in laws as well!

The pillows are really pretty patterns and can still be used on covered porches and sunrooms. Love the bamboo framed pictures. Both are classics. Dog bowls are a nice step up for the pups!

Love the Christmas stocking. Would like to see some new patterns. But, everything is special!

I always enjoy seeing the items you are considering, it always gives me ideas for sprucing up the decor in my home. Love your use of such soft color ways

You always have wonderful new additions. I think the pre sales are wonderful and then you don’t overcrowd your warehouse and keep inventory in line. The pillow fabric combinations are great….would love to see them asap.

You are a very busy lady and adding more inventory with your new ideas is going to be a lot to take on, and don’t forget the new grandchild coming! I thought you were trying to streamline your warehouse?😂 Although, I love a lot of the above items! My favorite are the blue & white Christmas trees!

Thankfully i have a team of 11 behind me. We are doing away with some categories and continuing to expand on others like tabletop,porcelain, wicker, etc….we always have to keep things fresh and new, even if down the road I step down.

I really really love the outdoor pillows! Please consider making a larger size for comfort and for pretty! I also love the wicker cocktail tables, but they would be tricky with glasses and cups staying stable. Your beautiful trays could solve that problem!

The pillow collections are so beautiful! Love the wicker coffee tables too! You always provide something extraordinary that can’t be found elsewhere!

Love the bamboo framed prints, I think they would go with a lot of different decor styles. Tina, have you ever thought of doing a set of three, multi-sized, porcelain ginger jar, actual kitchen canisters? Ones that are big enough for a 5 lb. bag of flour (or most of it), a 4 lb. bag of sugar and a third for rice, coffee or whatever. With lids that seal with the rubber gaskets. Maybe even plain options plus patterns, even mix and match. I bake a lot and always wish I had something more attractive, because my kitchen is open to the family room–where I already have some of your other porcelains and silver displayed!

Funny you say that. We actually have some samples being made up of that very thing! Stay tuned!

I’m most interested in the blue and white Christmas trees. They would look adorable over the holiday season!

I just LOVE the lattice green planter / naturally it didn’t score as highly but the design and that soft green are unique. Thanks for letting me say my opinion/

Tina, the ormolu bases are gorgeous. They would elevate (in more ways than one!) the look of so many of my existing jars and urns. Wooden bases are lovely, too, but the metal is spectacular. Keep your creativity unleashed; you are decorating my home one fabulous piece at a time!

Please do the pillow pop up. Love the blue prints. Also patiently, kind of, waiting on cabbage plates. Hoping that blue is still in the works!

Great assessments! I’m excited about the Christmas baubles and the colored pedestals- love the green.

I really love the prints and would definitely buy. I’ve been looking for something like that and love your prices! So it’s a big “yes” from me!

Love the porcelain trees! Very pretty and fits in well with all decor!
Monogramed trays are nice and a nice gift for someone who has everything!
Pillows are beautiful!
Thank you for a great post!

Would love some fall dishes with antlers on them!!! Loved going through these items and voting!

I love the monogrammed tray… a perfect nursery gift or for your own personal use. And the porcelain trees are a must!

My outdoor pillows need to be refreshed every year and you offer a beautiful selection. I love the variety of patterns!

I love the pop up pillow idea. I’m always on the hunt for a great family of pillows and your eye for color and pattern is unmatched.

I appreciate that you ask your followers for their opinion. It shows a good business head and also that you care about your customers

As I look at results, your audience knows its taste. Should actually call them your fans. Good job

I love the smaller wicker coffee table and those lovley ormalu bases. I will start saving for it today!

I love the idea of floral monogrammed tray- could do on vanity with perfumes etc !
Please do the outdoor pillows – I refresh frequently and love your elegant patterns
Also really love the green Provence planters – would look perfect with hydrangeas to greet everyone when come to my front door!

I love the fresh look fall plates! Not sure about the leaf, though…….
I love anything in a bamboo frame!!! And love the wicker tables too!!!

These were mockups, not a final draft by any stretch. More of a concept. Anyway won’t happen this year, but possibly next!

You are very creative! I think the ormalu bases are lovely and would elevate the look of any of the jars. I love the pillow collection idea. It would be great if you could offer a matching bench cushion when you order a set of the pillows as a one time purchase. I would like to see the Christmas Stockings in some new designs, they are really beautiful. Thank you for sharing all your creative works with us, it’s a pleasure to be part of your sounding board.

am I allowed to say how much I love it all? but I am most excited about the floral monogram trays, the fall dinnerware, and those gorgeous hurricanes… I would order all three in a heartbeat💙💙

This poll was very on the fence for me. I liked some tried and true throw backs that you are considering. My problem is where to stow the seasonal items. I think I have just too much so maybe I should have a sale myself. LOL

I get it…as someone who does not need a single thing! I love seasonal items but yes, there is the storing of them. We are only carrying very specific items for the seasonal category (items that have proven to be top sellers).

I love the fall dinnerware. It would be a nice touch to a more casual dining area or a hunting lodge.

Everything is so beautiful, I can’t wait for the outdoor pillow event to happen they’re all so amazing! I could see holding off on the plants for the giveaway planter and use it as a wine bucket first!

Thank you for allowing us to give our input on your beautiful products.
As I am entertaining more, I like the monogram tray. I like the simplicity and clean lines, yet it is elegant.

Still love the soft blue urns and pedestals. Hoping to include one or two in my new family room.

Pretty things but I would advise against adding too many additional items to your product assortment – especially at a time when you are trying so hard to streamline your inventory. Your offerings are lovely, but keep your focus on the big picture and be very very discerning. You and your staff will not only be thrilled with the results, you’ll have more fun as you go thru the process! Best wishes from a retired retail executive.

This is expanding on existing categories. We are discontinuing some categories but growing others like tabletop, wicker, porcelain, etc…we still need to move forward even if eventually I am not at the helm:)

I’m so excited about the pastel urns and pedestals. They are so elegant and would look beautiful in my master bath with a Boston fern in it. I love the combination of blue and green together.

Love,love, love the green lattice planter!
It would look great in anyone’s landscape. So pretty!

Love,love, love the green lattice planter!
It would look great in anyone’s landscape. So pretty!

Love the colored urns and pedestals and the Porcelain trees. I missed the trees last year, so I would like to get the last year’s patterns too.

Your creativity is amazing and what a blessing that you get to put into production all those wonderful ideas of yours!

You are so talented. I love so many things here. The fall dinnerware is beautiful and hard to find.
Love the dog bowl-stand. The colored wicker is beautiful and that monogrammed tray would make a really beautiful gift.
I bought all your stockings last year so you get my vote to bring them back!

Oh also love the brass hurricanes, very elegant.

I LOVE the ormolu bases. I was disappointed that it did not get a large percentage from voters and therefore will be nixed. It elevates whatever is place on it.

Love the gorgeous wicker chippendale tables! They are stunning! Also, the adorable lattice dog bowls! So cute and pretty to have out!!

Hi Tina!
You carry such beautiful items and at wonderful prices especially the Provence planters. They are so classy and elegant. The pillows always give a fresh vibe to any seating area, just love them and the ormolu bases are a true find. Thank you for working so hard to provide such lovely things for our homes.
You’re amazing!

I’d love to be able to buy your products in Australia as delivery costs from overseas are sometimes almost the price of the item. Love the prints and the Christmas trees.

I enjoyed participating in the survey! Such an array of beautiful things! I’m marvel at how you have compiled s so many lovely items! I would love to see the pop up outdoor pillow collection! Also love the Christmas trees and the darling bauble STOCKINGS!

I love the wicker chippendale coffee tables. They would add warmth, texture and interest to any room. I would love one in my house if there was room.

It’s great to check on trends on tastes. Ilike the lattice dog bowls, in different heights. The colored urns are great for weddings and large festivities!

I love the gold bases. They are gorgeous and can elevate any porcelain jar or ginger pot. No one else stocks then and these you have done are gorgeous!

I love the rattan coffee table! I would contemplate using it even in my Florida reconstructed condo. Super cool!

Love the pillow pop-up! Hard for me to mix and match patterns and appreciate the work you put into doing that!

The chippendale coffee table and porcelain Christmas trees, what i am most excited about however are the new bar carts in high gloss lacker! Can’t wait!!!

Hello, Tina,
Everything that you are thinking of offering again is outstanding.
My two favorites are …
~ the Ormolu bases … I can think of many lamps and bowls that I would like to use these with.
~ the bamboo framed prints. I would prefer the antiqued brass finish.
Thank you for asking us what we think.

Wish you would consider a brown Toile fall dinner plate series. The only thing out there is the animal Spode that is great but everyone has. Maybe something reminiscent of brown antique transfer ware from England that is so hard to come by.

I love all your offerings! But… I especially love the wicker urns and stands; so wish I had a place for them! They’re just so quietly classic.

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