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Happy Saturday to you. I don’t know about where you are but over here they are predicting one heck of a nasty day…including cold rain, high winds and then get this eventually a wet driven SNOW! Yes you read right, its not even Halloween and they are talking snow! Up north and west, they are predicting boatloads of the white stuff, as in up to one foot! Huh? What IS going on?

Anyway, this is one of my random posts….a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Many of you wanted the names of the fabrics I featured on Thurs. post (the library fabrics) as well as the lighting sources so I included that information. The sconce is from Decorative Crafts.?Then some pretty spaces and pictures of fun things that just struck a chord for no real reason at all.

What are you up to this weekend? Here, the normal chauffeuring of my son to various things, two house appts. dinner plans with friends (I hope, hubby is a little under the weather) and hopefully will squeeze in a movie. Tomorrow we are invited to a private art auction which I would love to attend, weather permitting (its upstate CT) so we will see!

Anyway, wishing you a happy Saturday and relaxing weekend!

This is where I wish I was flying off to today…….really have a Paris bug lately.
Someone parked so close to my car, I couldn’t get in yesterday, had to go through the passengers side door!!! Can you imagine? I am not 16 anymore. I wish I had this card to leave on their windshield…should get a stack of these.
How scrumptious is this chinoiserie? The colors make my heart sing…literally.
Isnt’ this such a charming home? Love the?colors, the pale blue gray is so French!
You know my fondness for antique mirror, love seeing it in a foyer!

And this living room made my heart race………..soooo pretty! Love the color palette.
Just ordered this plaid down coat, thought it was cute for every day…and looks really toasty!
This is such a great pattern, isn’t it? Love the mix, so vintage-y.
Loving this flatware for every day….so pretty!
Something about chocolate brown walls makes me melt.
I really LOVE these fabulous moss covered walls and that delicious dark dark green velvet sofa!
Which of these two benches do you like at the end of a bed for my room?

The fabric details from Thursdays post-
Ralph Lauren Essington Paisley in Green
Ralph Lauren Hunting Manor Paisley in Loden
Love this pattern of these Tory Bruch makeup bags, this is “so me”
And last, this is sooo clever! You take cookie batter, turn a cupcake pan upside and fit the cookie dough just around the cupcake part, ?and bake. You get “cookie cups” and fill them with ice cream! How cute is that? Not to mention sinfully delicious!

Yea, I know this was kind of mean to post something?this good and this easy on a Saturday morning…a morning where technically you probably could make ?the time to make these, and a morning that you know your kids would crown you worlds greatest mom and baker if you did! What are you waiting for?? ?Told you this was random! Enjoy your Saturday, and hope its a great one!


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Good morning, Tina!

YUM! Cookie cups! So clever! Love the idea!

I know… snow???!!!! We’re in the same situation here. It’s sunny now, but it’s supposed to change. Not ready for snow, just yet! πŸ™‚

Wishing you a fun weekend and I hope you make it to the art auction!


Luciane at

Good morning Tina- random and can rant anytime on random things, love your take.
Love your fabrics, your new jacket (who makes it) and thanks for sharing the fabric names.
The ice cream bowls are really cute, have to keep it in mind for my 6 year olds bday party next month, am sure it would be a hit.
Also for the benches, I like them both a lot but see bench #2 at the foot of a bed in a great fabric. Have a nice weekend and hope you don’t snow, that is crazy.

I LOVE a random post! Great idea for the cupcake things! LOVE that idea and so will the kids cuz you KNOW I am gonna do that for the grands!

I really love that foyer AND the RL fabric. And that coat? I would love it on you! On me it would look I was an overstuffed piece of furniture looking for a place to be plopped…and that’s all I’m saying about that! xo Diana

Had to laugh at the parking card! Some people are clueless!! The bench at the foot of the bed I guess depends on if there is a footboard~I think I would go with the straight bench but I love the cane back one more! And thanks for sharing the RL loden green fabric name, that was beautiful! I will be dog sitting for my son today~adding his chihuahua to the mix with my shih tzu and pitbull!! Should be an exciting action packed day with no time for baking.

That card is so funny. I love it and could use it myself for the horrible drivers in my town in CT. Your fabrics are so pretty, Ralph Lauren never fails to make the most beautiful things.
The cookie cups are such a great idea, I will have to give that a try one day.
The French house is so pretty, not too big but just right, and you are right the colors are just so French.
Paris not to make you jealous but we are going on Nov.22nd and staying through Thanksgiving, going wtih my entire family all 16 of us to celebrate my parents golden wedding anniversary. Can hardly wait. XO

Dying over that chinoisirie, do you know who makes it or where you found that picture? AH MA ZING!

I love the spaces you’ve shown, especially the chinoiserie, and the tapestry in the living room.
My daughter has a very similar coat, except hers is belted. She loves it.
I can’t say which bench would look best at the end of your bed without knowing the shape of your headboard, but, both selections are beautiful.
Have a lovely day, Tina, despite the forecast for snow!
~ Wendi ~ xo

Hi Tina, Here I sit drinking my Slimfast and you show us cookie cups with ice cream and chocolate! LOL. I like both benches but I can see the second one working better at the foot of the bed. Try to stay warm and dry today.

Hi Tina, I keep the Paris bug, chronic problem. I think the same driver parked next to me at one time, not nice! Love your new jacket, great for everyday. I love it has a hood for rainy days. Love both the benches, maybe the one without the back for the end of the bed so you don’t block the view of what I know will be an incredibly beautiful made bed. How about the one with the back for a seating area? I love the cookie tip, will do this when my grandson comes to visit, great idea. Enjoy your weekend Tina……..

The French Hutch

I’m just stopping by new blogs today and thought id say hello. We should be receiving some snow today in the Lancaster Pennsylvania area which will be the first time since 1972 that it has snowed this early in fall. Richard from the Amish community of Lebanon Pennsylvania.

Love the Tori Burch bags and the cookie cups!! Just wondering why you never post any pics of you home now or yourself…..only pics of things you like from other places. Your “dream home” is beautiful….but is it yours really?? I just starting to get a weird feeling about this blog. Have a great Saturday!!

I was in a random kind of mood today as you’ll see from my post! I have to get those cards made up for my husband – he hates bad drivers of any kind! Loved that french exterior and pinned it for my collection of exterior ideas for the future! πŸ™‚ I just saw those cookie cups on pinterest – definitely have to make those – not sure if I’m more motivated to see my kids eyes light up or for my own benefit! πŸ™‚

Love you blog! I am having Paris withdrawal right now; haven’t been there in 15 months. Who makes the coat? not Burberry or RL (already been on their sites looking for it). Have a trip to England in December and that would be perfect. Here in Houston, no need for jackets like that!

Got me at “you suck at parking, seriously”. I about laughed off my chair. Thought, i want those. Then thought, oh no you dont, im the worse parker ever, & horrible at backing up:)

I am glad I’m in the south! If you have a foot board I would go with the backless bench, but oh how I adore the cane backed one. Cute coat, but I am with Diana, I would look overstuffed in that. Love those fabrics. What are the sources for that gorgeous flatware?

Cookie cups look delicious; leaning toward the backless bench (I own the middle one), but it depends on the style and height of you bed. Love the flatware. I have a collection of hotel silver with a similar look. I hope your plans are not hindered by the weather and that your husband feels better. Have a great weekend.

Hey I just ADORE this post. So much beauty all in one place. Starting at the top, that card is so great, would love a stack too, lots of bad drivers in my neck of the woods.
Then that chinoiserie is so beautiful. Ditto French house, reminds me of a few of the homes around here in Birmingham.
Also am a fan of the antiqued mirror, very old world.
LOVE your jacket, can you share where you bought it?
Headed to Lake Tahoe in Dec. and that would be great to have to take along.
Last, those cookie cups, what a fantastic idea. I will have to make those, my kids would flip (and so would my husband come to think of it). Have a great weekend, hope you don’t get too much snow.

Happy Saturday! I love the plaid coat. I’ve been hunting for a down jacket too. They seem to be all the rage. Oh, and the faux fur is so much fun! I just bought a pair of after ski boots trimmed in fur (totally fun!)

Before I can tell you which bench I woould choose, I would want to know how tall your bed is. The one with the back is very pretty!

All the best, Cindy

Such a good Saturday morning post! Would love to know the source of the flatware patterns! Love the first bench but it might not be the best fit for the foot of your bed…depends on several things…you can always use it SOMEWHERE and put the plain bench at the foot. Oh: and this is a great blog and I don’t feel funny about it AT ALL!
Thanks, Tina!!!

When you finally move into your new home you can just pretend you’re visiting Paris πŸ™‚ It wouldn’t be so far off! LOVE the photo of the charming French home…it reminds me of Chateaux La Canorgue in the movie A Good Year. I’ve always wanted a pea gravel driveway.

I’ll be making those cookie cups for my hubby. It’s a great way to take our King Arthur gluten-free choc.chip cookies and kick-em-up-a-notch πŸ™‚ Thanks for all the random musings!

You always make my day. No matter how low I feel you always make me smile. Love the cards! Need a few dozen of them where I live. No respect for your car by anyone here. Just guns & pick up trucks, booze of course! Got to move! Would love to find a home like the french one in your blog. Too late now, too old. Love, love, love the things you have chosen. Go with the backless bench. Your faithful follower!

I love love your randoms….especially lovin’ the cute card and I just may have some of them made, too. :)))

Now, please excuse me..I need to make cookies on the BACK side of my muffin tin…while Mr. Sweet goes to the store for……ICE CREAM…yum

I love the card ~ the other day I came back to my car and someone had parked so close it was really hard to get out, and I was thinking I needed a violation pad, like a policewoman. I could site people for parking violations, fashion violations, rude behavior, unbecoming acts…we all need a customized pad!

LOVE the cookie cup idea!!

This was a great post! I had to do the same thing the other day at work…go out the sliding door of my minivan because the person on either side couldn’t park right! I’m a teacher and I’m cursing under my breath these da_n teachers can’t park!!! I was so annoyed! Anyway…love those benches you are picking for the ned of the bed. I like the ones with the back if it fits good. I have a bench at the end of my bed that doesn’t have a back. I’m going to bake oatmeal cookies today! You inspired me the other day! Those just happen to be my favorite cookies and since I ran 14 miles today…hey I can handle the extra calories today…by thew way my run was awefull…I donated blood on Wednesday and felt very sluggish today. The whole time I’m thinking to myself why am doing this? Anyway I hope the cookies make me feel better! have a great weekend Tina! Hope your hubby feels better!

Love you blog!

What is the brand of the coat? I’ve already looked for it on RL and Burberry! Not there!

I showed the picture of the French house to husband and said “this is what I want our next house to look at”.

Can’t wait to see you finished home…but is a home ever really ever finished?

please let me know where you bought the jacket; heading to London in mid December, may need something like that to keep warm but don’t need it here in Houston!

Random and wonderful! I’m laughing at that parking card…this just happened to me as I was meeting a friend at her club for lunch…A man, (not a gentleman), parked so close to me and I was still in my car…There was no way I could possibly open my car door…It reminded me of one of my favorite movies, You’ve Got Mail…”even now, I don’t know what I should have done.” —or something like that. Perhaps just oblivious! I’m envious of your snowy weather…it’s 73 and sunny again!

Tina- can you please please tell me where you got that great looking coat/jacket? I love it. Looks like Ralph or Burberry but cannot locate it.
Also love the card, what a great souvineir to leave crappy drivers!
And, that flatware is beautiful. Ditto the cute makeup bags but I need to know where to get me that coat!
Hope its not snowing too much over there…here 70 and sunny.

I came back out to my car one time and the person next to me not only had parked within two inches of me, but was sitting in his black windowed car and tried to ignore my knocking on his hood to get his attention. He moved his car (a bit) then got out and really….I thought he was going to attack me! He acted as though I was the one in the wrong and started to lecture me. I was so dumbfounded I literally couldn’t speak but just drove off!!! I was shaking… So, yes, beware of strange drivers!

Hello! Happy Saturday! I hope that you are not getting any snow! We are getting lots of rain and terrible wind. Crazy weather.

I too am dreaming of Paris, I cannot wait to step off the plane for my first cup of cocoa and a yummy piece of cheese, and maybe a crepe, and that is probably the first hour!

I love the second bench, very pretty. I thought those fabrics we Ralph Lauren, so classic and iconic.

Enjoy your night! Looking forward to hearing all about your weekend adventures. And if my old feble mind could remember I would know if I commented to you about the macaroni and cheese, I must be tired, anyway it is the easiest and best way to make it!

Take care, stay warm, stay safe. Enjoy your art evening if your husband if feeling better.


Hi Tina, Happy Saturday to YOU!! I love your random thoughts!! Always fun to get into your brain! I know we would become fast and furious friends if we lived closer to each other. I like the way you think!! Happy Halloween weekend, Kathysue

My goodness, what beauty here in this post, such delicious images!!

That parking card is something, but there are people who “do not see past the end of their nose”, as so wisely stated in Mary Poppins.
I just always thank God I am not one of them when I encounter a situation such as this.

Stay warm and safe in this weather…and in October, yikes!!
We are not strangers to this here in Minnesota, but even we do not want it this early…sorry you are going through it!

Sending good wishes your way,
– Irina

Love your coat and hope you get it by the time the snow comes! Love the bench with the back for your bedroom but it depends if you have a footboard, and love the parking card! We were boxed in by someone last weekend. Luckily there was a curb behind us so we could use the 4 wheel drive to back up on the grass and get out, but sheesh! that card would have come in handy!

What a great post, I love random….a little this and a little that. That picture of Paris was perfect and I love the bench with the back! Oh and the cookie idea…just fab! Have a great weekend and enjoy the snow!

The first bench. Love it. Don’t know what you are looking for in a bench but I’d design a room around that one. The first photo of the mixed silverware pattern. Where can I get that?

Love, love, love the parking card! Someone parked next to me yesterday as I was waiting in my car reading and they had the entire lot to choose from. No reason for them even to park in my aisle. Not only did they park so close that they had trouble getting out and in from their side, they backed in and stayed in the car with their radio blaring and windows rolled down. I totally did not understand. lol!

Keep warm. I cannot believe it is snowing where you are. It was in the 80’s here today. Go figure! πŸ™‚

Oh, I forgot! I like the first bench for the foot of your bed. That is, of course, as long as it’s not obstructing your sight line to the TV (don’t know if you’ll have one in the bedroom) or the view of the toasty fire in the fireplace.

How clever are those cookie cups? I will try them when our family comes in for Thanksgiving.
Love that chinoiseire paper, colors are so pretty. Love dark brown walls too, just painted our study that color and it looks really good. Now have to work on furnishing it!
Hilarious card, please print me a stack too, drivers are worse than ever.
Can you tell us where you got the coat and the first set of that flatware? Love them both.

Wow you did post a little of everything but it’s nice it’s like having a chat with a friend. We received nearly two feet of snow yesterday and into last night, unheard of this time of year and hopefully it will melt fast. My hubby is down with a cold too so I’m making him his favorite pumpkin cookies today since I’m not going outside! I’ll have to try those cookie cups. Enjoy your Sunday!

Hi Tina, lovely post, lots of lovely stuff! Funny, my friend sent me that picture of the parking card and I thought the same thing, I should make myself some, because, well, there are a lot of aggravating people out there! In fact I thought I should start a business, with different styles of cards for different applications, lol!

Hi Tina: Loved the card. The girls and I are going to Paris over Thanksgiving so we are very excited. If you have any tips, e-mail me. I too would love to know the source of the Chinioserie wall paper. The cookie cup cake holders are brilliant.

Dear Tina,

That was so kind of you to stop by, thank you!
I hope you are staying warm and cozy today..

A lovely Sunday to you,
– Irina

Tina- first time writing you, am a newer subscriber. My sister is a devoted follower and I can so see why, I now am addicted too!
I wanted to tell you that you are a very good writer, do you do all the writing or is someone helping you out? I also love how you mostly do house design but branch off into other fun things too like fashion and food and travel. To me, it makes it very intersting and lets us know more about you.
You have incredible taste, are you a designer? I have assumed you are, and love the 1st bench but dont’ see it at the foot of a bed, maybe a sitting area or in a breakfast nook? I love the card, I would love to find some of those, i seem to always park near the really bad drivers:-)
Hope you didnt’ get snowed in, my parents live in Boston and got hammered.
Last we are leaving for Paris next weekend, going to a wedding (one of my husbands best friends from college) I am so excited! Any special restaurants you recommend? Will only be there for 5 days and 2 days are taken up with wedding festivities, but if you have any suggestions would love to hear them! Thank you-

Wow, Tina! You have it pretty much covered here!
I love the first bench! Love, love. I love the mirrors too! Someone had instructions for making antique glass son their blog and i thought I saved it. Anyone remember who?
Tory is a favorite in our house.
The fabrics are so gorgeous. Ralph can do no wrong here.
Beautiful post.

Definitely the caned bench as the other one is soooooo predictable and seen everywhere!
Can you please tell us where the bench is from? I think you have posted that before.
Cute jacket!

Hope you didn’t get hit too hard by the storm Tina, but I’m afraid you might have! Love everything in this post, but especially those cookie cups. So unexpected and easy! I ate cooking, even baking, but I might actually do those πŸ™‚

I absolutely love that cookie cup idea, how clever I have to try that. You have a lovely blog and I enjoy the eclectic post πŸ™‚

Hi Tina,

We just landed in the south yesterday from France!….and we are happy we didn’t have to change planes in the northeast!
Paris is still there and their Oct. weather was stellar!
Love your blog…and the cookies cups.Yum! But, as another blogger mentioned.. it’s Slim Fast for me..Janey

Great post. Love your jacket that chinoiserie, the flatware and the TB bags. The card is really really funny and I could easily go through a stack a month with the horrible drivers in my neck of the woods. Thanks for the laugh.

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