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Getting a late start this morning! Before I begin I am thrilled to announce the very lucky winner of the exquisite bowl from Bonny Neiman. Bonny also wanted me to extend her heartfelt thanks for all of the wonderful comments you all left! Congratulations goes to…..


Liz@ Infuse With Liz January 27, 2014 at 3:45 PM

Oh my what a wonderful offer! I know I could find that beautiful bowl a home in my house! Thank you both for the chance to win it! I’ve gone over and signed up on her email but I don’t do Instagram as of yet!

Please contact me here to provide your shipping details! Thank you Bonny for such a gorgeous and generous giveaway. Click here to see her fabulous collection of beautiful home furnishings.

Moving along…….As most of you  know I have very recently started accepting sponsors/advertisers on my blog. Call it “finally getting with the program” but I have decided to take on a handful of sponsors to start (all carefully selected) and that are in keeping with my own aesthetic and/or interests. Design, fashion, beauty, architecture, stationery, all my favorite things!

Anyone who has been following me also knows me to be a “product junkie”!I do love my products. I had heard about Nerium through someone and when I was contacted about becoming a sponsor I was intrigued and further blown away by some of the before and afters having used this “miracle in a bottle”.  I get very excited over new skincare.  If you like skincare like me, this is a product worth knowing about and trying. I think it could be the “next big thing”! All kinds of celebrities are using and buzzing about it and you know they have a million and one things to choose from……

Nerium  has also graciously offered a giveaway of their product. One lucky winner will get to try it for herself. Details are on the bottom of this page.


 Nerium is a successful young company with ground breaking  patented natural products made entirely in US using the Nerium Orleander plant.  Nerium uses no pesticides or does any animal testing, our products are gluten free, paraben free and dermatology tested. Nerium is an age-defying product giving you real results, so incredible you will see some results in less than a week.


1. What makes Nerium so unique?
Nerium is made using a patented process from the Nerium Orleander plant. The product was accidentally discovered.

2. What kind of results can you expect to see with Nerium?
Nerium was tested at ST & T a third party clinical trial company over a 30 day period. The results they saw using high tech facial imaging in 30 days were amazing. Ranging from improvements  such as emerging lines 27 % fine lines 46% and deep lines 33% and in some cases improvements were as much as 60%. Men and women are seeing dramatic improvements to forehead, neck, eyes, skin tone, enlarged pores, age spots and deep wrinkles. Most over the counter anti aging creams yield  a 2 to 5% improvement, Nerium averages  30 % or more.

3.How do you use Nerium and how often?
Nerium AD is used daily. Moisturizer in the morning and treatment at night. These two products can replace everything you are currently using other than a cleanser.

4. How do I order Nerium?
Go to my website by clicking on the link. You will follow the guides giving you complete control of your order, We do offer a 30 day money back guarantee. You will also learn about any specials that are being offered.

5.How will I know if Nerium is working?
We ask everyone that uses Nerium AD to take a before and after photo  just so you will see your own real results. The product was designed for all skin types.

Ready to see a few before and afters

OK so how to win this miracle in a bottle?

First you need  to visit Nerium’s site, come back leave a comment telling me what excites you about it.  Click here to visit Nerium.

If you want a second chance, like them and  leave them a comment on their Facebook page (be sure to mention you are from The Enchanted Home. Click here to visit Nerium’s Facebook page.

I will announce a winner on Monday morning. Thanks for stopping in,  thank you Nerium and welcome aboard!

If you think you are well suited to The Enchanted Home and share my design aesthetic, contact me for rates and sponsorship opportunities.

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sydney85 on

Wow! Those before and after photos look amazing. I would love to try products where I need just one product in the am and one in the pm and I could clear up my bathroom vanity.

Kristen Shomer on

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Emily on

Tina I need all the help I can get. At 49 I am starting to see things I never had like tiny lines and frown lines. This product sounds incredible! I would love to try it and if I don’t win I just might need to purchase it. Thank you for introducing it to you. I was excited to see the befores and afters and the celebrity endorsements. Crossing my fingers.


Kristen Shomer on

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Liz@ Infuse With Liz on

I was just checking in on your new post and was so excited to see I had won the give away on your blog from Bonny! Thank you so much to both of you! I will send you my address immediately!

New York State of Mind on

I am excited about the Results…being a forty-something empty nester I definitely need a pick me up and I think this product could be perfect! Thank you for the fun give-away!

Kristen Shomer on

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Anonymous on

The results around the eye area are so wonderful! I’d love to try this product.

michelle b. in nc

Kristen Shomer on

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Victoria on

Tina if those before and afters are real and not altered I am a believer!!!!! I will first see if I win, if I don’t I may just need to buy this, I am also a product junkie and have drawers of stuff that promise to be the magic bullet. So far the closest I have gotten is Peter Thomas Roth’s products which are great but there is room for improvement, haha.
I will go to Facebook now. Hope you both have a lovely weekend.


Kristen Shomer on

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Debra Phillips on

this product junkie is excited to learn about this product.
what i liked on their web site? the before & afters, amazing tina!

Kristen Shomer on

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Gina Lueck on

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andrea boyle on

I love there such great results after only 90 days!!

Kristen Shomer on

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andee B on

The product looks amazing, and only 2 creams!!

Gina Lueck on

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Anonymous on

The before and after pictures are really amazing ! I would like to try this product. Thank you for introducing it.

Gina Lueck on

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peggybraswell on

love the before + after photos on their website + bring it on! + would love to win a chance thanks

Karena Albert on

Tina, this winter has been especially hard on my skin! I love to see that the company pays it forward in their Success for Teens initiative.
The Arts by Karena

parkerpprk on

Ok I may have to try this. I hate those stubborn little lines but I don’t want to do Botox or surgery!

Gina Lueck on

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Merlin on

I’ve been “seeing” more information about this product recently. Why Not!?!? franki

Nancy on

Wow, the before and afters are amazing, particularly around the neck….that’s my big problem area!

Nancy W.

Sally on

This sounds very exciting. This is the exact time of the year that I start trying new things. How do I order?

Gina Lueck on

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Betsy@ coastal-colors on

Wow, these results are amazing! What a wonderful alternative to cosmetic procedures. I love the fact that this is only two creams! Congrats to Liz on winning your giveaway form Bonny!

Joan on

My dermatologist just recently said that Botox and/or surgery are the only effective methods. I would LOVE to prove her wrong! Most exciting is that these fabulous results were obtained by using a product with natural ingredients. Thanks for the giveaway! Joan

Danielle W on

I love that the site said it was paraben free! I would love to try it.

Gina Lueck on

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Anonymous on

I am very excited about the results shown on Nerium’s website, particularly the improvement in the skin texture of the neck. As my 55th birthday is right around the corner, this excites me that there is hope without surgery! Thank you!

Anonymous on

Gotta get me some!

Gina Lueck on

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Kathy on

I have been using Nerium for over a year now and it does work ! Also my 82 year old Mom has too and it makes a difference. I have only used the night treatment and found the biggest results in my neck. I was without it for a month and started noticing a difference when I didn’t use it, so I ordered some more. I just turned 61 in December and that can be quite devastating ! Thanks Tina for introducing this to everyone.

sandy w on

Wow, before and after pictures are amazing. Could definitely use the help on my neck. If it works, would be a great product to use. Would love to win this to try.

Gina Lueck on

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Michele F. on

PS – If you don’t happen to win the free bottle here, there is an EASY way to get it free…I can help you with that.We also have a promotion on the daycream right now, with an opportunity to get it free as well!

Terry Moore on

Really? The results speak for themselves. Wow at almost 56 my neck is calling its name!

Marilyn *Pink Martinis and Pearls* on

I too am a product junkie as I have 5 Perricone products, 1 Jo Malone and Argon oil on my night stand as I speak. That’s kind of embarrassing isn’t it? I’m always open for the latest and greatest. Count me in! Thanks! πŸ™‚

Angie at Home on

Oh my gosh, the neck photo is amazing.. and since my neck is looking more like a turkey’s waddle; I need some help. Thanks for the great giveaway.

Gina Lueck on

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Carolyn Bish on

The before and afters are AMAZING! I would love to win these products for me and my husband. I’m 43 and am starting to notice changes in my skin. I’d love to head off any wrinkles. My husband is 14 years older and is a real mans-man and this regiman is so simple even he would use it!

jerri on

Loved the neck before/after. Would love to reduce the lines/dimples in that area!

Barbara on

Would love an opportunity to try this amazing product.


Richard Patt on

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Dwyn MacKenzie on

My husband and I have used Nerium for over 18 months and the results are impressive; tighter skin, lots of sun damage reversed, no more crows feet and even my deep wrinkles between my eyes are thinner. We love both the day and night cream. Yes, we joined as Brand Partners, and distribute the product and any Nerium Brand Partner can help you!

LilyBiscuit on

First of all, the before and after photos are amazing! I love that the product helps with multiple issues like both pores and wrinkles! Crossing fingers. thanks πŸ™‚

Amy on

Tina, love the sounds of this product! I would love to win and probably will buy it even if I don’t. I take my skin very seriously so am always looking for a great new product. The before and afters are really impressive. Have a nice weekend! Go Broncos! Sorry had to include that we are diehard fans:-)

christy on

Hi Tina, this sounds too good to be true! I cannot get over the results. Read over it on the website and it sounds like a really fantastic product. I sure would love to win it. Thank you for the intro!

Connie on

Hi this product looks terrific especially in this cold weather. Skin takes a beating

Anonymous on

Tina, Amazing before and after photos, love that you can replace all other products with these two! Fingers crossed that I am the lucky winner! Pam Bartholomew

Anonymous on

I’ve heard some really good things about this product and I’m excited to try it!

Camille G on

I’d love to banish my turkey neck like the “after” photos on their site.

Anonymous on

Hi Tina- This product looks amazing! I just spent about a half an hour on the website. I’m 52 and read up on a lot of skincare regimens–Nerium is a product I definitely want to try, and might consider becoming a distributor. Winning the Nerium would be fantastic. Thanks for the opportunity! -Deborah

Scribbler on

This would be fabulous if it works, but I suppose the only way to know is to try. In the last couple of months, I have tried three products, all of which I returned, so I had to pay for the shipping even though I was credited for the product. They did not perform as advertised. I will say that the concealer products you told us about do work beautifully. So — it would be nice to win and see!

Karen Johnson on

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Erwin Mercer on

This sounds like the product I have been searching for. I look forward to trying it very soon. Thank you Tina from The Enchanted Home.
Martha Mercer

trudi on

Dear Tina,

This looks like a great product-I would love to try it!
Trudi R.

laurie carpenter on

Living in the subtropics we fight the effects of sun damage no matter how much sunscreen one uses. At 59 I am fighting brown age spots & seem to be losing the battle despite skin peels & regular facials. I would love to give this product a try & trust Tina’s recommendation. Thanks for the opportunity.

Sue Malizia on

I’ve been noticing more wrinkles near my lip line and neck…well, since I’m turning 60 this year it’s expected but the pictures are amazing so I’d love to win and try it for myself. πŸ™‚

jeanne on

hope it works Tina, the reviews are not that great on Amazon, jeanne

LilyBiscuit on

I am upset!! I have received emails from 2 sellers of this product now stating they got my information from this blog!!
How are they getting my email??

Anonymous on

When you visit the website there is a box to check if you do not want emails. Please check it if you do not want emails. Thank you for your interest.

Sandy at You May Be Wandering on

The before and after photos are remarkable! At this point I will try anything to undo all the sun damage I did to myself growing up at the beach!

Have a fabulous weekend, Tina!! xoxo

Maggie Rozinski on

This product looks wonderful and I am especially interested in it as I use only skin care products that are paraben and gluten free due to health concerns. Thank you Tina for sharing information on this product!

CiciBianca on

This looks amazing. Would love to try it!

Cheryl on

I would love to try this product on my neck! Thanks for the info, and opportunity to win product!

Castles Crowns and Cottages on

Good morning Tina! The snow and early morning commutes have kept me away from the computer, so I missed this post yesterday, but I am so happy to see how your blog continues to inspire and now is a source for more information that is expanding into different genres. Your blog is the perfect place to showcase such great items!

Wishing you a warm weekend as you enjoy doing what you love, inside your snug home!

DownTheLaneWithDaisy on

The beforehand and after pictures are clear evidence that this is a special product. I would love to win this. I would love to freshen my skin and eliminate tiny wrinkles. Thanks, Tina

Anonymous on

WOW! A facelift in a bottle…what a fabulous find! Carol P.

Carol on

I am a bit skeptical about the claims of this product. However, if I won, I would certainly give it a try and hope to be proven wrong!

Karen on

Hi Tina. This product looks amazing! Love living in Arizona but the sun takes its toll over time. Would love to give it a try and put an end to injections. .. ouch!

carolyn baylor on

This sounds soooo incredible. Thank you for letting us know about this product. Of course I would love to win. Your blog is the best!!!

karen phillips on

Oh my, I have been looking for a product like this! The thing that motivated me most were comments from the before and after users. Ms Box’ comments really touched my heart. Thank you for sharing this product with us.

Kathy Chandler Weddings on

This product sounds fantastic! I love that it addresses wrinkles, discoloration and texture. Taking care of my skin is very important to me ~ thanks for sharing such a great product!

Anonymous on

I would love to win this product! It sounds too good to be true and I would love to try it! Kim

Fernanda Clifford on

The before and after pictures are unbelievable and I would love to try it out.

pballard on

I visited the before and after shots and I like the before and after shots. I am going to be 42 this month and am noticing the wrinkles and dark circles around my eyes.. Thanks for the chance.

Betty on

The “afters” are amazing! Would love to win. Great giveaway.

michele on

i need to try this product–throw me in that hat, beautiful blogger!


ozscot on

Would love to try this product – in particular the effects it has on a collapsing neck! Thanks for reviewing it on your lovely blog. Do they post to Australia?

Anonymous on

Tina this sounds too good to be true, but I am more than willing to try it. I take my skin very seriously and am always on the lookout for the next big thing. Please include my name!

Elise A.

keshakeke on

I like that this product addresses multiple concerns at once, including: wrinkles, discoloration, and texture. All of which I need! I liked them on FB and left a comment!

Anonymous on

As I finish yet another product that promises amazing skin, I am ready to try another!! Great before and afters…Ann

Meg S on

Those before and after photos on their site are amazing! That’s enough to make me believe in it.

Anonymous on

I just have to try this miracle product – the before and after pictures are really amazing. I went to site and I’d like any and all, a day and a night cream! What a great ‘give away.’

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