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Hello there…. Over here its positively balmy….40 degrees!! Woo hoo we will take it! Is everyone pumped up for Superbowl? I admittedly am not a huge football fan, its more about the food if I am to be honest. We are having a few friends over and I am just going to prepare a table full of tapas, no big heavy dinners, just fun finger foods. How about you?

It’s? been a while since we have done this steals and deals routine, but my brief hiatus does not mean I have not been working “behind the scenes” at snagging some fabulous goodies!!
I am was excited to get back to work and doing what I love best, finding gorgeous things! And when I can find them at really fantastic prices, its a double treat. So as I have always done I am offering these beautiful finds (limited edition) for exceptional below retail prices.I was hoping to carry these as regular stock in my online shop but there isn’t enough to do that so I am offering up these really exceptional limited time deals.

Everything is subject to availability, most I have multiples of but some things go really really fast and this is it. I have numbered the items so that you can refer to the item number when emailing me. Ready to see the pretties?

Here we go……

These pieces are just exquisite…they remind me of beautiful vintage pieces you might find in an antique shop. They have been replicated off of fine antique dressing table pieces, I am adding mine to a few living room vignettes they look great on top of books. Just gorgeous….

1. Gorgeous vintage looking set of three vanity jars. I just love these, this is a brand new style. They look old and important. The lids look like a creamy mother of pearl with a gorgeous soft gold French wreath design. Beautiful swirl milk glass makes these so pretty.? Cannot think of a prettier way to dress up a vanity or dressing area than with these! Set of 3 $60.00

2. LOVE this vintage glass and silver leaf box. What a beautiful box to have on display in a powder room, vanity or ladies dressing area. I can think of so many uses for it! Box is $42.00

3. Another fabulous set of three vanity jars.? The fabulous etched glass, monogrammed lid and old world silver detailing make these look like precious antique jars. Last time I had these I sold out within a day. Just beautiful, love the etching on top of the silver. Set of 3 $65.00

GORGEOUS planter sets, all come in sets of 3. So reasonable!! Great to have on hand for gifts and the sizes make these so easy to place in vignettes around the house. I also show them with the beautiful preserved boxwoods (from my online shop). Think they look fabulous!!

4.I always keep planters on hand. Whenever I am going to someones house its really ups the ante to put a regular plant into one of these as opposed to the standard run of the mill planters. These are just always great to have on hand. Beautiful hand detailed planters, set of 3 $50.00
?Dimension: 8.75Dx7.5H; 6.75Dx5.5H; 5.25Dx4.25H

5. Beautiful soft baby blue anduze style French planters. Set of 3, adore these, the color is fabulous and these are great for topiaris or moss balls. Dimension: 8Dx9H; 6Dx8H; 6Dx6H Set of 3 $60.00

6. Same Anduze planters in white. Love the three sizes…..just wonderful to have on hand! Set of three $55.00
Dimension: 4Dx5H; 5Dx6H; 7.5Dx9H

7. How great are these? I have put one aside for my daily mail, these are as perfect to use as planters as they are for gift baskets or for chic storage bins. At 3 for $58.00, it’s? steal! Dimension: 10SQx8H; 8.75SQx6.75H

If you want to purchase anything just email me at Tell me what item number(s) you want and I will invoice you. I expect all invoices to be paid within 24 hours. Please note all offers are subject to availability. Also a few reminders….

Don’t forget to visit this post to enter the wonderful giveaway of the newest product in skincare, Nerium ,click here to enter!? Winner to be announced Monday morning.

?Love your kitchen?? Then send your pictures in for the KITCHEN LOVE contest! Details below….

My new contest is called Kitchen Love. A subject near and dear to our hearts, the heart of the home. Send in your pictures of your kitchen or it can be a snippet of your kitchen, something that makes your kitchen special and beautifully yours. I cannot wait to start getting the entries! Rules are-

Max. two pictures per entrant
They must be your pictures (not taken off the internet)
Please send your pictures to
You must put Kitchen Love in subject line to insure it is received and included
I am accepting pictures as of today and the deadline is Feb. 8th
The contest will begin Feb. 10th and run for two days.
The lucky winner will receive a beautiful large Spanish olive tray, a gorgeous addition to any kitchen.

Thanks for stopping in! Wishing everyone a wonderful and relaxing weekend and if you are doing anything Superbowl related….enjoy!? Talk to you on Monday!

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