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Color crush- white on white and a giveaway!

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Hi everyone! Hope you have had a wonderful week, over here it’s been an insanely busy week. The arrival of my porcelain container and the incredible response to it has kept me beyond busy, had a cousin visiting from out of town, a few obligations this week, a sick relative in the hospital, a dough […]

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It’s a whiteout…….inside and out!

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Hi there, wasn’t planning on posting today but given that we are bracing for a major blizzard apparently one that could make it into the history books, I figured what the heck, especially if the cable lines go down, at least you will have a new post from me in the meantime:) So here we […]

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Pinterest Pretties Part 3…White Living

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Hello there, cloudy and drizzly over here. A perfect movie day. Going to go see The Other Woman with a friend, perfect movie matinee day…looks like a fun, silly girls movie:)? So remember I said every few weeks I will do a “Pinterest Pretties” post featuring one of my boards and some of the favorite […]

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