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Hello my friends! I am back from my southern road trip and had an absolute blast. I realized I truly am a southern belle at heart ( I do have southern blood on both sides so it’s no surprise). We had such a marvelous time. The only complaint…the intense heat/humidity, not good for “the hair”. A hat can fast become a southern girls best friend:) We packed a lot into 5 short days and next time around, we hope to have an even more leisurely schedule to allow for even more exploration!

First stop, we headed to Charleston…… which is such a beautiful, elegant quintessential southern city. I have added my comments and observations to my short travel list below but it is a city that has been beautifully preserved,? with it’s classic, elegant style successfully infused? with today’s modern conveniences. Loaded with lots of wonderful shops, antiques stores,? and restaurants… is a city that is a lot of fun to explore on foot but admittedly we did our share from the confines of my air conditioned car:)

We managed to take a lot of pictures…you know me and pictures there is never ever such a thing as “too many”.? I took note and very much enjoyed the kindness and hospitality that is very much the way of the southern people…service always friendly and aimed to please. I will divide this trip into? three posts,? given the amount of pictures that we took.

So today it will be part 1, first a few notes (exclusively my opinion) and then a? barrage of photos that hopefully captures the essence of the lovely charming Charleston! Then we will move onto Savannah with a snippet of Beaufort, Bluffton, Kiawah and Palmetto Bluff (my future home when we are ready to retire).

If you have specific questions or want to know more about my observations, feel free to email me at [email protected].? I am not here to bash any establishment but this is an honest and accurate account, the good and the bad…thankfully it was almost all good!! Certainly nothing a bowl of gumbo or a praline or two can’t cure:)

A special thanks? to Sandy of You May Be Wandering who helped me book my hotels and gave me all kinds of amazing tips and travel recommendations. She is the ultimate travel agent and I cannot sing her praises enough! Click here if you have a trip in your future!


Hotels, restaurants and things to do…….


Planters Inn– by far my favorite of the two hotels we stayed in. Elegant quintessentially Southern, beautiful, gorgeously appointed with fine antiques and oriental rugs, it has that small boutique hotel feel that almost makes you feel like the houseguest of a fine southern family. It was absolutely spotless and traditionally decorated, the rooms were luxurious but understated and super elegant, has all the modern conveniences but without compromising the hallmarks of being a stately, well appointed traditional hotel.


Charleston Place– Unfortunately a disappointment, but hopefully not a lifelong one! They are in the process of a major renovation (very much needed). The newly renovated rooms are on the higher floors and as I do not take elevators we were in one of the older rooms. It felt tired, the hotel is much larger, and almost has an upscale convention-y feel to it (to me). The room was pretty but not pristine, there were many signs of how much a renovation is in order. It was a larger hotel and more commercial feeling. Just lacked the polish of Planters Inn. Great service and responsive management who absolutely? aimed to please…am sure when the renovation is complete, it will be wonderful. (remember I am also a bit of a germaphob and a little OCD)


Husk– Progressive, great dining, good fresh food, lively atmosphere, fun energy and well located. Go!

Hominy Grill– Overall our fave:) Awesome food, great casual setting, southern flair with a twist, there is a reason we went back twice (w0uold have gone a third time if we were there longer)!

Hanks Seafood- Good, popular place, I had a great meal, my sister had to get hers back twice! Came back twice just lukewarm, but the flavors were good, liked the atmosphere and it had a nice energy. Service was slightly lackluster here, such as our waitress upon serving our food talking about whether we think the “fish eating your calous pedicure” is worth all the hype???? Huh?? Talk about losing my appetite!

Charleston Grill– Great food, really yummy, absolute recommend

Palmetto Cafe- (in hotel) for breakfast….fantastic…one of the best breakfasts I have had in a long time.

King St– loaded with all kinds of shops. We were there to seek out only those exclusive to Charleston, was surprised at how many mainstream brands there were which held zero appeal to me, I loved the antique shops and small boutiques….found a few goodies to take home:)

The Slave Market-Iconic so its a must see even if you feel you have seen enough hand made sweet grass baskets to last you a lifetime:) It is incredible to read up on the history there, to think it was a slave trading depot of sorts prior to the Civil War. The Slave Museum was equally fascinating.

Rainbow Row– This iconic strip of residential beauty is a must see.

Plantations- We visited two, located outside Charleston (about 20 min( Magnolia and Middleton. It was said that Magnolia has one of the most beautiful gardens in the country, I was frankly a little disappointed. We kept walking in the sweltering heat looking for that “aha” spot where it lived up to it’s name, and it did not. The house also was not the typical plantation one expects when you think of when you hear the word. I preferred Middleton, it was very stately, but no doubt the history of both places was fascinating to hear about.

House looking– Definitely a highlight was taking walking and riding tours to see all of the beautiful old Charleston homes. So utterly charming, I am a sucker for a pretty doorway and entrance, and give me something with ivy and beautiful planter boxes and I get weak!



So that sums things up in a nutshell, a lot of wonderful memories to relive. Here? are some of my pictures (yes that’s right SOME of what I took). Enjoy……



016 IMG_2392 IMG_2401 IMG_2402 IMG_2410 IMG_2413


rainbow row IMG_2417 IMG_2422 IMG_2426 IMG_2428 IMG_2430 IMG_2434 IMG_2435 IMG_2437 IMG_2438

IMG_2603 IMG_2573 IMG_2555

IMG_2547 IMG_2548 IMG_2549 IMG_2550 IMG_2559 IMG_2561 IMG_2563 IMG_2566 IMG_2567 IMG_2570 IMG_2574 IMG_2575 IMG_2579 IMG_2581 IMG_2583 IMG_2585 IMG_2591 IMG_2600 IMG_2601 IMG_2603 IMG_2605 IMG_2606 IMG_2608 IMG_2610 IMG_2611 IMG_2612 IMG_2618 IMG_2620 IMG_2622 IMG_2623 IMG_2624 IMG_2625 IMG_2627 IMG_2628

IMG_2845 IMG_2846 IMG_2851 IMG_2852 IMG_2853 IMG_2857 IMG_2858 IMG_2859

Sorry I now realize, I should have forewarned you that I was going to be showing you some mouth watering pictures of some pretty amazing food!


So…those are just some of the highlights from our stay in beautiful picturesque Charleston. Many many laughs, bad hair days, walking and driving tours, amazing meals, shopping excursions, and? too many calories to count later, we have the memories of a wonderful southern road trip to enjoy and cherish…until our next one.

And we have decided there will most certainly be one, sooner than later:) Thank you for stopping by, really missed being here. Part 2 to come in a few days, with more southern beauty to share. I am headed to the beach later today off and on for the next few weeks but will be working from there, so look forward to playing “catch up” on all I missed while I was away. Wishing you a wonderful and safe? holiday weekend!



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Thank you for sharing! Great reviews! The photo of the man with dog on lap is like a painting! Summer does come early down here, but I’ve already acclimated, and I never did well in heat! I think it has been more humid in the northeast this week than has been in Savannah! Have fun at the beach!

Looks like a really fun and delicious trip. I have never been to Savannah but your photos make me want to take a trip. It reminds me of New Orleans.

What great pictures, they look out of a travel magazine. Haven’t been to Charleston in years but last time we were there we stayed at Planters Inn and I just loved it. I think your observations were spot on. It has become such a foodie city, I think I need to get back and do remember that intense heat. I wore a hat all 4 days that we were there!
Looks like you had a lot of fun, thanks for sharing your highlights.

What fabulous pictures, Tina!!! I literally want to catch the next plane to Charleston after seeing these…especially those of my all time favorite – Hominy Grill. Thank you SO much for the shout out…I am always happy to help plan trips…as you know, it is my passion. I can’t wait for part two of your trip!! Have an amazing 4th of July at the beach!! xoxo

Noticed that you had one of my favorite southern snacks- boiled peanuts. What did you think? I love them but my NE bred hubby does not care for them.

Dearest TINA! YOWSA! I have not been that deep into the south, but had great friends from Raleigh whose accents intrigued me and hospitality enchanted me. The husband used to call me, Miss Anita….how darling is that!

THE SHOPS!!!!! THE FOOD! And the horse and buggy carriages…it is all a southern dream, and I am so happy you enjoyed yourself! Your photos are Tumblr worthy and are gorgeous. Welcome home! Anita

What a treat, to enjoy your beautiful pictures and travelogue. We are planning a very brief weekend in Charleston next spring, and I will keep your recommendations on file. Many thanks for sharing.

Wow Tina! Love your photos! It’s been too long since we’ve visited the South and I miss it. The food.. oh goodness, don’t get me started! We have family in the area and I’ve been wanted to take this tour so I will book mark your posts for future reference. Touring the plantations is one of my favorite activities. If only those walls could speak.. I enjoy imagining the the scene, the clothes, the women .. and their dresses! Have a wonderful weekend ahead. We are heading out of town (in a couple hours!) so I’m glad I saw this prior to leaving. It will be nice to get away from the building stress. xxL

Tina I have always wanted to visit Charleston and with two of my favorite friends enjoying the city recently it is at the top of my list. The architecture is simply dreamy and takes me back!

New Feature at The Arts by Karena

Tina, the trip sounds perfect! Charleston is a favorite place of ours to visit and although I am familiar with many of the places you mentioned I have never been to Husk. That is now on my list of places to try.

I am looking forward to more of your adventures!

Have a safe and happy 4th of July!

Tina… loved the honest reviews. The pics are so gorgeous! Really portrays the taste and warmth of the area. Sent your link to the Mister and said I wanna go here! Sent it to Sista too. How fun that you got to enjoy such a wonderful experience with your Sis. Hope you have a great 4th!

Thank you Tina, as well as all of your terrific readers that gave such great advice about things to do and see in the south. I am leaving on a similar “Southern Road Trip” in 2 weeks, driving from Washington, DC to Palmetto Bluff and back. We will visit Savannah & Charleston as well. I took note of your advice, as well as advice from your readers, and look forward taking them/you up on many of the suggestions. I can’t wait for Part 2!

…oh tina…every southern girl knows the three essentials to have in the summertime (or on a deserted island)…an adorable hat…fabulous sun glasses…and a great lipstick….so happy you enjoyed our south…blessings laney

How fun to hear and read over your highlights, great picture taking too. What kind of camera was used?

We stayed at Planters Inn and felt the same, it was amazing and so personal. Loved Hominy Grill too, what great home cooking they serve, and that coconut cake brought back great memories:-)

Can’t wait for part 2 and 3. Loved this post as it brought back many fond memories but boy do I ever remember that sweltering heat. We were there in July and it was EVEN hotter if you can imagine!

I love following your blog and as a California mom with a daughter starting college in South Carolina I couldn’t wait to read your Charleston recommendations. Have already fallen in love with the city and all that southern hospitality. Can’t wait to get back in a few weeks with your list in hand. Looking forward to part 2 as Savannah on the travel list as well as all your other stops. Thanks for sharing!

I lived in Hilton Head for seven years and went to Charleston and Savannah alot. The Hominy Grill has always been a must every time we visited. I have naturally curly hair, so I totally understand the bad hair that goes with visits to these cities.

Have been visiting Charleston for the past ten years and love it every time.
Always someplace new to eat and shop. I’ve been to most of the places you mentioned
and your comments are spot-on.

I have only been twice to Charleston . And LOVED it ! Reading your post and seeing the gorgeous photos makes me yearn for another visit – hope sooner than later !
Tell us about the coconut cake … I may have an entire one sent to Maryland !
You bring smiles to all of us . Merci .

I live 30 minutes from Charleston so I really enjoyed your post. It’s a lovely city and I’m so glad you enjoyed your visit.

Enjoyed your lovely pictures. I am a Southerner, but have not been to Charleston or Savannah. Both are on my travel list & I will keep all of your recommendations in mind! Happy 4th of July!

I’m homesick and not even from South Carolina! Tennessee is my original home state. You captured so much in your photos. Thank you for sharing. Happy 4th!!

So beautiful. I love the gentility of Charleston. A good friend from SC introduced me to “bald” peanuts. I had no idea what bald peanuts were but I was willing to give them a try. Hmmm. Didn’t care too much for BOILED peanuts. Lovely post; look forward to your next set of photos.

Tina- I am a new follower of Enchanted home and was thrilled to find your wonderful photos and travel commentary on Charleston. My husband and I visited Charleston for the first time last year and quickly placed it near the top of our list of favorite American cities. As a native New Yorker who has not spent much time in the South, discovering iconic Charleston was a revelation! Our only regret is that we did not take nearly enough photos to describe the beauty of the place to others- You have happily remedied that problem for us. Thanks so much!

Tina, Having just subscribed to your fabulous blog, I was pleasantly surprised to find Charleston featured. As a local, we are so very proud of the depth of history in our everyday lives. Strolling South of Broad at dusk, shopping on King Street or dining at one of our many of finest eateries; we all partake and never tire of it. We are a port city having enjoyed the influx of visitors over the years, we always welcome those from ‘off’. Ya’ll come back soon and we will toast with Sweet Tea the day of your arrival! DeAnn Carroll, Charleston, SC

So very jealous!
we had a trip planned to Charleston to visit College of Charleston with my son this past year.. it was during all that crazy weather they had.. snow and such. They whole state closed down! We had to cancel and have not had a chance to reschedule! Now I’ll add all these places to the list for next time. (We actually had a few of these on our list already!)
happy 4th!

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