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I got several emails about people wanting to know what “camera” I used…well surprise surprise, every picture shown was taken with my iPhone or iPad!! Can you believe it…..the iPad in particular takes really great pictures. I had left my camera at home, though my sister had hers, it was easier to tote the iPads and iphones than it was a big clunky camera. Who knew!

Hello from the beach! I am sooo relaxed happily cocooned on my computer at this charming beach house while it rages outside (remnants of the hurricane) but thankfully by tomorrow it will be a distant memory, great day to stay in though and catch up on all I have missed! I hope you got to see my round 1 highlights from Charleston, if not click here. So after charming Charleston, we hit a few places along the way en route to Savannah. I will cover those on my last post/installment of my southern road trip series. (part 3).

As I said in my earlier post, the charm and kindness of the southern people did not go unnoticed. Everywhere we went, I felt that southern hospitality for which they are famous. Whether we were in a top restaurant or sampling in The Savannah Candy Kitchen (and suffice to say we were there more than once) the friendliness and warmth of the people was heartwarming. We enjoyed taking our own tours the most, walking and driving down little streets snapping away and to say we ate ourselves throughout the south would not be an understatement, afterall that’s part of the fun!

From shrimp n’ grits to pralines to gumbo and key lime pie…all I can say is it was mighty good!!!!? Plus it was like sensory overload with the beautiful architecture, lush landscapes and amazing history of Savannah. We so enjoyed visiting the many beautiful squares that make Savannah, America’s first planned city, so unique. So enough of my gabbing, time to share and show you some highlights. Here we go….


My top picks for Savannah-


The Andazz_ A newer hotel, very modern and ironically really not my normal speed but I have to say I was really impressed. The rooms were very modern but really clean and efficient, they had a terrific farm to table restaurant that had a beautiful array of all kinds of great food choices. Service was super efficient and very friendly and best part is the location is fabulous!!

Walking and touring the city– By far the best part, so many amazing things to see…totally flipped over every single square, they were so beautiful draped in moss and so lush and just brimming with all kinds of history. Taking a look at all the beautiful old stately homes, The Slave Market and Museum, we even did a ghost tour (cheesy I know but we couldn’t resists after all we were tourists:) The gorgeous old homes were a big highlight for me, one as pretty as the next. Then you add the lush hundred year old trees draped in their moss, and it looks almost like a movie set! Had to see the famous “Forest Gump bus bench” , Mercer House from Midnight in the Garden of good and evil, and finally iconic Forsyth Park.

Food– Does a “meal” of pralines and candy apples at the Savannah Candy kitchen count? LOL just kidding, sort of. OK seriously…..really loved Olde Pink House, its a “must visit”, classic, elegant, Southern food at its best. I will not elaborate on this but suffice to say you couldn’t; pay me to visit Paula Deens Lady and Sons, nothing short of a disaster which was a bummer as I really wanted to like it. A total letdown. BUT there was one silver lining at Paula’s place…the sublime Key Lime pie which was truly out of this world (I must find the recipe)!! Breakfast at The Andazz was a total delight….something for everyone and everything we tried was really delicious and so fresh. We were sooooo bummed about missing our lunch at Ms. Wilkes Dining Room, supposed to be amazing (next time)!

Retail Therapy– Who doesn’t like to do their part in helping out the local economy! We found a few really darling shops in downtown Savannah (somewhat off the main strip) as there seemed to be lots of name brand/national chains and that really didn’t appeal to us on the main strip. There were a few boutiques that we both thought were really cute, and reflected that sophisticated slightly preppy style that is so big down there. Also there was a World Market which for me was really exciting……as I had never been to one. Paris Market was a really fun and charming store, it was a great cross between feeling like you were in a beautiful shop in Paris and going back 40 or 50 years…a must visit.? Many of my retail pictures shown here are from Paris Market.

As always I took way too many pictures so this is a fraction of them, but I chose the best for you and hope this shows you Savannah in the best light. It really is a wonderful and elegant old Southern city that should be visited at least once!

These are listed in no order whatsoever, so the hotel pics, home pics, shopping and food pics are all mixed in as one, enjoy!? A part 3 will post in a few days with all of the rest of my Southern road trip (lots more southern goodness to come)!




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?So that is my picture heavy recap on beautiful Savannah. I hope you enjoyed it and hoped to include a little something for everyone. My next and final post on my trip will feature a few stops to other neighboring areas which I loved as well…..until then! Hope everyone enjoyed their July 4th, it was soggy and waterlogged over here but there was something ironically cozy and fun about being ensconced in a beach house while the storm raged on. Today the sun is shining brightly, and it is a welcome sight! Enjoy your weekend, and thank you for stopping by!

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There is so much charm here, Tina, and the gray and muted tones of the buildings, the misty fountain in grays and white, and green gardens and all the cobblestone….MY GOODNESS what a treat for my weary eyes this morning! Too much fourth of July has left me spent, but traveling vicariously through your post is just what I need this morning. Gorgeous photography (not just snapshots) with your ipad! WOW!

Listen, you had briefly mentioned that you think “you just might have to” participate in my Europe link party….is it a solid yes? If so, I’d be super pleased to know, so I can put you on my list. It would be a week commitment to leave up a post from July 18-25. You would visit others, enjoy, and have others come to visit you. Are you in? Let me know either way.

You’d be a smash sensation as always! Many hugs! Anita

Hello sweet Tina!! It’s still raining here but the skies look brighter. Hopefully you have sunshine by now. LOVE the pics – scrolled through them 3 times. Forwarded your link to the Mister telling him I want to plan a trip there. Hope you have a wonderful weekend filled with sunshine!

Your photos brought back wonderful memories of a trip to Savannah & Charleston two years ago. You have a talent for capturing the essence of these charming cities … thank you!

Tina great images, I love the Paris Market and an always entranced by enchanting doorways and entrance gates.

The Arts by Karena

Thank you for sharing our beautiful city with eveyone!!! So sorry you were so close to Mrs. Wilkes and were not able to enjoy her delicious
food and true southern charm!! I am delighted you dined at The Pink House it is a true gem in our city!!!!

What wonderful pictures of Savannah, Tina. I’m going to plan a trip there soon, so this post is going right in my travel folder!

That you took these pictures with an iphone & ipad is simply amazing! My 14 year old daughter will love seeing all the different pictures in and outside. I do think it will an encouragement to her. Thanks for sharing your wonderful trip.

Every time I see Savannah, I think it is time for another visit. I lived there for a few months a long long time ago, down in one of the old houses on Jones Street. There is no other place like it.

Tina, you hit on our two favorites?Olde Pink House?we attended a wedding there and went back 2 more times to eat during our stay. The food was so delicious. Oh my, I’m still thinking abut the Grilled Pork Tenderloin with Bourbon Molasses, Sweet Potato with Pecan Vanilla Butter and Collards! SIGH!

And the Savannah Candy Shop?brought home boxes of goodies for the rest of the family!

Glad you had a wonderful time,

Looks like a fabulous trip – one that I am dying to make. Thanks for sharing your picks – I see a few spots I could get into some trouble. Going to check out part 1 now!
Have a great weekend!

I like Charleston very much, but I love Savannah. It’s so southern…sultry…sexy. Thanks for the memories. Beautiful photos.

Lovely pictures! My husband and I drove up/down the East coast several years ago, and Savannah was one of our favorite places to visit. We stayed in the historical district, so a lot of your pics of the residential area really bring back memories! Absolutely beautiful.

Thanks for sharing.

We stayed at The Andazz hotel in February. What a wonderful hotel!! Definitely a stop next time we are in Savannah!

Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures, very much hoping to visit Savannah one day. Have a wonderful Sunday!

Hello again, I’ve been following your blog for quite some time. We’ve chatted a few times via email. I’d like to ask you a few questions. First, have you made it to the Eagle Tea Room? Second, are you Jennifer Brouwer? Lisa Ferguson posted a picture of you on Facebook a few days ago, and my goodness that picture could have been me. My mom, husband and I all were amazed at the resemblance. On a final note, I enjoyed this post so much and would love your permission to post on my Pinterest board on Savannah which is sadly empty. I’ve been there so many times and taken pictures but alas, none are digital. For me, going to Savannah is like “going home”. Happy travels, Shiree’, Joy of Nesting.

Two of my favorite cities in the whole world – just love the charm of the homes and the history of both. Your images are amazing! We were in Beaufort during the category 2 hurricane that ripped through, but fortunately we only had minor damage to our house. We closed the hurricane shutters and ironically, felt very safe. We awoke the next morning to bright sunshine and beautiful skies. Enjoy your trip!!

Hi Tina, Welcome back! Just catching up myself after some time away. I’m glad you had such a lovely trip and that your inner Southern Belle got to come out to play. A southern location has been tossed out as a possibility for our annual girls’ trip next year, so I’m so glad that I feel like I have the definitive guide here from you! Looks like soooo much fun, beauty and yumminess. Hope you’ve enjoyed your time in the Hamptons, too. XOXO

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