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Hi, and happy Saturday to you. Sorry for the slight delay,? was having some technical difficulties this morning. First off time to announce the lucky winner of my Enchanted home contest. With nearly 1200 votes (thank you)! I am delighted to announce the winner of the $100 prize is…..

Jeanne who submitted this gorgeous picture with 189 votes!



An honorable mention goes to Erin who was not far behind with 183 ? votes…


Please contact me at [email protected] and a big congratulations to Jeanne! Thank you to all the entrants, to me they are all winners, and I so enjoyed each and every picture.


Well, its been a good…and bad week. I was fighting something off and on all week (turns out its allergies), cracked my iPhone AND iPad two days apart, and got a touch of poison ivy!!! Can you imagine? THEN? the doozy is that I did a number on my knee again, it buckled and I fell down the stairs. Bad. Really bad.? On crutches and in bed!!!!!!

Not fun…and it threw a big wrench in my plans for the weekend. I was invited to the uber glamorous and fun event, Super Saturday in the Hamptons? today but with my knee cannot go (I am lucky to be able to make it to the bathroom). Really bummed but? maybe it’s God’s way of saving me from getting aggravated from sitting in hours of traffic, who? knows! Really hoping that if I do everything? per my doctor’s orders, I will start feeling better in the next few days. Fingers and toes are crossed!! Thank goodness? I have my computer and Pinterest (if you don’t follow me it’s a great time to start, I am on a serious pinning binge)!

On top of that my tole line came in, which is MAJOR. Can you imagine, it’s in the warehouse after months of waiting in major anticipation and there is nothing I can do about it! This is so frustrating. Hopefully by Monday I can hobble my way there, cannot wait to start unearthing all the pretties, you will be the first I share it with, I promise.

Now the good news….a friend brought over lunch on Friday since I was incapacitated,? so I set up a little table for two and had fun doing it. When stuck inside hobbling around (did this before the big fall) , might as well find the joy in the small things, right? Here are a few snapshots of the setup-



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The other good news….on Wed. I got together with the most delightful group of Northeast based bloggers, what a fabulous, accomplished, intelligent and exceptional group of women they were! Sandy of You May Be Wandering? and I planned it (well Sandy did more of the planning and did a heck of a job).

I provided the blue and white teapots as little favors and Sandy got the gorgeous green hydrangeas so we made little centerpieces, then Jeanne of I Dream Of thoughtfully made the most beautiful placecards with little goodies tucked inside, a chic luggage tag from Cynthia and Carolyn of The Buzz,? Sue from The Zhush added the finishing touch by giving everyone a beautiful set of coasters. A beautiful setting, great food, goodies to take home, lots of laughs, stimulating conversation, does it get better than that? I don’t think so! Can’t wait for the next one:)


The bloggers luncheon-

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The icing on the cake…a very generously sized bananas foster!



And finally I got in the most recent copy of? The Cottage Journal,? it is a winner of epic proportions! You know I love fall and the other day when it was sweltering and my poor hair looked like a limp mess, I suddenly had a longing for the crisp dry air of all. This magazine could make a fall lover out of anyone. Trust me, you will want to get a copy. So many beautiful and inspiration images…..I snapped a few with my iPhone! Click here? to subscribe.


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So there you go….a wrap up of some what has happened this week. It will be a very quiet weekend, with me in bed with my crutches and computer (and huge stack of magazines of course)! The news is too depressing to watch but I do keep all those in harms way in my prayers, it is so incredibly devastating what is happening in our world. I wish you a wonderful day and fabulous weekend,? do something fun for me:)

Until Monday my friends…….


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Hi Tina first off so sorry to hear of your knee injury. What a week you have had. I really hope you are better, my husband is an orthopedic surgeon and the #1 thing he sees is people pushing themselves too soon after an injury, I know you are a bundle of energy but I really hope you will take it easy!

These lunches are incredible! They have your name all over them, I see your “signature”. Just beautiful. I may need to copy for my ladies luncheon that I am hosting in late Aug. for my club, hope you don’t mind.

Last I finally got to see what you look like! I clicked on the Polyvore project link above and was so excited to see your picture, my goodness you are beautiful! You should have your picture on your blog Tina. Feel better and hope you are back on TWO feet soon!

Oh Tina,
So sorry to hear about your knee. What a wonderful person you are to see the goodness of life, especially when bad things happen. I have a wonderful book to send to you that I just read and found inspiring and restorative.
Thank-you again for the beautiful blog lunch and it was so good to meet “enchanting you.”
Feel better, rest and in time you will be back on your feet.
Patricia (aka pve)

I am sorry to hear about your injury. Please rest and take good care of yourself. I am sure all of us here in blog land wish you a speedy recovery!

Beautiful Tina, what a bummer to have hurt your knee again. Do rest and take good care of yourself, everything can wait but health comes first.
Loved the highlights, the blog luncheon was great and loved your table for two. You really have the magic touch.
Take care of yourself sending healing thoughts your way.

Feel better, I have been plagued by sinus infections and allergies for some reason this month so I know exactly how you feel. Take care of your knee and get plenty of rest. I would love to see more of Jeanne’s house, it looks gorgeous or know if she has a blog.

TINA! I am hurting just thinking about how you must have fallen, and badly, as you say! My friend, I wish you healing and safety! You have many lovely stairs to climb! With my on and off imbalance, my little stairwell to the bedroom upstairs is becoming more difficult!

And on top of that, poison ivy? You really need a break, but you keep on going so generously with your time. How exciting however, to meet up with Sandy and other dear blogger friends! Congratulations to the winners of the photo contest – it was FUN! Anita

Feel better Tina, knee injuries stink, I had an ACL sprain from tennis a few years ago and it really ruined a few weeks of my summer. Its not fun but resting and icing will pay off I promise.

The tables are so beautiful. Lucky ladies to have dined at a table you set, you are a real master. I just love how fresh the blue and white looks next to the green. And I will get that magazine, I also love fall.

I certainly can sympathize with your knee pain! Do what your doctor tells you, and enjoy the down-time. The computer and magazines will certainly pass the time. I think I read about a dozen books on my computer the fist two or three weeks after my TKR, as well as caught up on ever design site that ever was!

Tina I just know you will be back on your feet very soon! So many great things happening, the blogger lunch, what a treat and experience to meet the ladies! Your lunch for two! You always do it up right. I emailed you that my package has not arrived, would you check on it when you are up to it?

The Arts by Karena

oh tina, i am so sad to hear about all the mishaps. i know how hard it must be for you to stay still as your knee heals. prob a God thing where the stillness is going to lead to prosperity for you in some way. i LOVE what the luncheon looks like! invite me to the one or i’d be happy to donate mini seascapes for the attendees. i love that you were so detail oriented, and it looks utterly elegant and tina-esque.

love to you.


Oh, Tina I am sorry to hear about your knee, I am sure you will be up and around very soon. I can’t wait to see the new pieces you have, maybe we can teach Teddy how to unpack boxes! rest and enjoy your down time.

Hi Tina, I am so very sorry for your struggles this week, its apparent you have a ton of energy and a beautiful talent and I know you must be so frustrated knowing your Tole line has finally arrived (selfishly I can’t wait to see it) but please take care of yourself πŸ™‚ I follow you on Pinterest also, so I am definitely looking forward to all of the goodies you Pin. I will be praying for your expedient healing, have a beautiful and peaceful weekend πŸ™‚ Debbie

My best suggestion for your knee is to order a Tommie Copper Compression Knee sleeve and wear it day and night!!!!
It provides the best support and pain relief and will keep your knee stable when walking. Ice is your next best friend
20minutes on 20 minutes off.
Trust me I am an expert having had a serious fall in 2012 and 6 operations later still walk with a cane and wear the Tommie Copper
knee sleeve everyday and night. They have a website so look them up and order one you won’t be disappointed I promise.
Take care,
Rose Mary

I have an old knee injury that flairs up sometimes and it started hurting (or I just noticed it more) while reading your post. You poor thing. I love your table for two. So special …good to enjoy simple moments like that with a friend. Take care, Tina.

Hi Tina, what a shame about your knee. That can be so painful, I hope you have it wrapped and are icing a lot. Motrin helps too or a good anti inflammatory. Good luck, sounds like you are doing all the right things.

These tables have me drooling. The table for 2 is perfect what a lucky friend to be treated to such a beautiful table and the blog luncheon looked fantastic and so elegant.

Now you have me longing for fall too. Cannot wait to see the tole line but you must get better first!

Hi Tina how fun to finally get to see your pretty face! I saw you on the Polyvore feature, you are gorgeous and so much younger than I expected. I would love to see more of you. I am sorry to hear of your bad week with being sick and your knee, that is terrible. Hope the rest will pay off and you will be back on your feet soon so you can unpack that tole, I am dying to see it.

How fun to see the highlights from both lunches, both had that unmistakable Tina touch, beautiful! Feel well,

Hello Tina dearest,

Firstly Im so, so sorry to read of your knee troubles and fall..that is one of my worst fears, the stairs. Do take care and rest all you can, hopefully your family are looking after you. Bless your heart usually it is you who does so much for everyone

I love all the pictures from your luncheons, and I can tell how much you all enjoyed meeting up…It is lovely to feel part of such an occasion, and makes me wish very much that I could start to write like all you talented ladies do.
The contest was fabulous and a very talented winner was crowned ( I voted for Jeanne)
Hopefully the sun is shining for you, get well soon

Sending love to you xx

Tina loved seeing all the pictures of your luncheon. Your trademark was so evident and beautifully presented, no surprise! I love the table for two…how special. Sure hope you are feeling better today!

Hi Tina! Oh no, oh no! Your knee? Crutches? How terrible. Hope you are up and around soon! And poison ivy and cracked i-gadgets to boot? Rats! Crossing fingers that the week ahead is much, much better. Loved seeing more photos of your lovely lunch – I now feel almost like I was there (no bananas foster, though!) Hopefully one of these days I’ll be able to join you lovely east coast ladies for lunch. And of course I would love to show you around Seattle! Take it easy this week! XOXO

Oh No!!!! You have had a doozy of a week and I am so sorry to hear about your knee (and that poison ivy). I hope you are up and around very soon. Take it easy. I have had a knee reconstruction so I definitely know how rough it is if the knee isn’t working.

Loved, loved, loved meeting you and being a part of such a lovely gathering. It was one of those magical afternoons that just went by way to quickly! We will absolutely need to do it again. Perhaps a fall gathering, since that is your favorite season. That Cottage Journal looks heavenly.

Sending healing thoughts your way!!!
xoxo Elizabeth

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